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Dancing Ladies

A whole lot of dancing

<bg sound="images/lust4sex.wav">

HELP!! I can't hear the MUSIC!!
(the music might take a while to load, it's a big file)
for a little something else that is odd... Dance of the Demons

the music on this page is a modified file fromTHUMPER

and help came from the maker of Lovepet's home on the Web.

This Offensive Dancing Pages Web Ring Site is owned by Wolven Chaos.
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One day somebody showed me the HamsterDance and I liked it. So I decided to do a page inspired by it. I came up with two ideas and started to work on them. One was this one, the Dancing Ladies.When I was almost finished with this page, somebody pointed out that this particular theme was done already. Since I had put so much time and effort into finding animations and getting this page done, I did not let that stop me. I felt I had to make this page better than the one that was shown to me. Apperently that is what I've done and now The creator of the inferior "Girlie Dance" tells me i ripped off his page. The animations are different (except for the common ones that can be found anywhere), and the music is not really the same is it. Compare the two pages if you will and decide for yourselves.

This "Girlie Dance" is at

If you find my "Dancing Ladies" to be a rip-off and you support the other fellow, e-mail me at
If you happen to agree with me and you say it is not a rip-off, e-mail the creator of the "Girlie Dance" at