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Welcome to this all new section of the Black Lodge. I felt like I had to add a section to the site to share my Lynch-"obsession" with other Lynch-fans. At this moment it contains information on David Lynch's life and his movies. In a while I will add a section to it that shows Lynch's other works, like his paintings and furniture.

I'm still writing my own Lynch-biography and some movie-summaries. Untill they ready there will be a bio and some summaries on this site that come from other sites

If you find something on these pages that is wrong in some way, please let me know and I will change it.

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- Biography - Six Figures - Alphabet -
- The Amputee - Eraserhead - The Elephantman -
- Dune - Blue Velvet - One Saliva Bubble -
- The Cowboy And The Frenchman - Wild At Heart - Twin Peaks -
- Industrial Symphony #1: The Dream Of The Broken Hearted -
- "On The Air" - Ronnie Rocket - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me -
- Hotel Room - Lumiére And Company - Lost Highway -

Sources: "Images" by David Lynch, "David Lynch" by Michel Chion, "David Lynch" by Kennth Kaleta, The Internet Movie Database, Mike Dunn's Black Lodge and Twin Peaks Online

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