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Prep Girl Maker.. ::©VenuzStarz::

1.) Drag your appropriate clothes/body to where you want to make your doll, and make sure everything on it is the way you want it to look
2.) Press and hold down your PRNT SCRN button located to the right of your F12 key for 5 seconds, then remove your finger.
3.) Go to a paint program (regular paint located in Programs; Accesories; Paint) and click VIEW at the top. You'll notice it says PASTE, so click that. A window will pop u that says, "Image Larger then clipboard, enlarge bitmap?" click YES.
4.) Locate the rectangle in the upper left hand side of your screen in your toolbar. Click it, and cut out your doll from the screenshot.
5.) While it's highlighted, go back up to VIEW and click COPY. Then go to FILE, NEW, but when it says SAVE? click NO. When your new screen comes up, go to View once more and click PASTE. Your doll will appear if you did it right. Resize your pallette to how big you would like it around your doll. Enjoy!!!

It's as simple as that! If you want your doll in the gallery then email me at ... Enjoy, and Doll On!

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