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                                Address: BP. III. Külso Bécsi út 369.
Photos taken by the author on June 2002.

Established: in 1922 by the Óbuda Jewish community and opened from the 31 year old rabbi dr. Schreiber Ignac. He was unfortunately the first engraved Jew in this cemetery, because he was hit 3 days later by a car.

Other important graves:
     - Moses Münz rabbi, he was the community leader until 1831.
     - A  newly cleaned monument was erected for the 149 killed patients in the
       Maros utca
  Jewish Hospital. Nazi Hungarians killed all the people in beds and
      the doctors, nurses on 21 th January 1945.
    - Gravestone for the victims of the Hungarian Holocaust: the last operation of
      Adolf Eichmann
 to collect Jewish people for the “Fussmarsch”, to march in the
      direction of Vienna for forced works.  

The cemetery is already used for the services today.


Pictures from the Óbuda Cemetery

Gravestone for the victims of Maros utca Jewish hospital

Gravestone of rabbi Schreiber Ignác 

Gravestone of rabbi  Münz Mózes

 Gravestone for the Torahs.  

Victims of the Óbuda Brick factory  

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