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Softball is almost over, just 3 games left for JV, then the rest of the summer is free!!! Good Luck Varsity Girls at Urbandale!!!!
Church camp is comin up July 26th til August 3rd!!!! Aren't yall ready?!? This year is gonna be awesome, gotta take the fans and everythin to keep gets hott down there, and yeah i'll prolly have like 2 or 3 suitcases....its rediculous, but oh well! I have to be prepared, and have whatever I need/want! I love you all from camp and I miss you!!!!! See you soon!!!!!
School starts the birthday is the 19th, that means no late night partying.....I might be havin a party, i'll get back to you!
Hey! Here's shoutouts to most of my friends! If Youre not in here and want to be let me know! Love, Steph P.S. Click on the flag/eagle at the bottom of the screen!
~*~Emily~*~ You are awesome, youre here for me no matter what and youre so sweet! I Love ya, and you better not ever move away cause If I ever need anything I can just walk to you! And tell your mom thanks for those cookies! They were the best Ive ever had!
~*~Jamie~*~ You are the most polite person I have met in my entire life! I dont know what I'd do without ya around...and whats gonna happen 2nd Semester..and we wont have PE together?!? No more makin fun of Eric (tinky winky) or beatin up on'll take the fun outta PE..But were gonna remember these days no matter what!
~*~Liz~*~ You are the best cousin in the world! I Love Ya Tonz! We have so much fun together, I wish we lived closer, and when you can drive this summer its going to be a blast! Youre always here for me when I need ideas...and I will always be here for you! And when I get married, youre my maid of honor...SCREW maria, Ive known you longer...and I want you to be mine! Keep in touch!
~*~Liz K~*~ Hey sweetie! You are so much fun to hang with! I'm skippin 4-H this year, but maybe I'll join up next never know! Well, have fun with Rob! And stay outta trouble! And oh yeah, Im comin over during Christmas break! LYLAS!
~*~Alex~*~ Me and you have so much in common! We should go hang out sometime! If you ever need anything, I am always here for ya! We should go out to eat sometime and then to the movies, just a girls night out! Call me sometime! LYLAS
~*~Megan~*~ Hey sweetie! Youre a lot of fun to hang out with! Whats the next movie gonna be?!? Lets sing along...HAHA! And we still have to go out to eat with our moms..remember?!? Call me sometime! Love Ya Tonz
~*~Kaitlyn~*~ We dont do much anymore, call me sometime so we can go hang out, LYLAS!
~*~Brad H~*~ Hey Hunnie Bunnie, youre pretty cool, but youre never online anymore(those damn jobs...), and if you are youre either bust or away, so email me sometime and stay cool! The best disney movies are TLK and TLK2:SP!! Don't be too naighty with your girl!
~*~Patrick~*~ Keep your band together, and when Im not sick Im gonna come sing with ya! It might be a little outta tune, but thats ok! Right?!? We can practice... And im still upset you didnt say anythin last year to me at th mall...jeez how! Stay cool!
~*~Nate~*~ According to you, Im the BEST out of everyone, and I'll always believe you no matter what, sorry for blowing up on ya that one time! Youre fun to talk to! Try to stay away from those girls!
~*~Zach~*~ You clumsy little thing you! JM, I'm the stupid ass right?!? And when are we gonna go to Mexico?!? It's been a year almost since we talked about goin....we better figure it out soon! Youre a lot of fun to talk to, and dont be trippin over everything! I'll miss seein ya at AL next year...don't party too hardy, with all you college folks now...
~*~Eric~*~ NOT HALLOGAN EITHER! But hey buddy, thanks for bein here for me, you are awesome! Stay cool and I'll talk to you later! Love Ya like a Brother!
~*~Jimmy~*~ Hey Buddy!!!! Texas was a blast this summer, but I'm sorry too! You and Jenna are so cute together, its like you look like a couple that will never part and I hope its true! But I will talk to you Later! LYLAB!
cLiCk HeRe FoR uR oWn MuSiC!