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Yellow & White Swirl Graniteware/Enamelware

Blue & White Swirl Graniteware/Enamelware

Red & White Swirl Graniteware/Enamelware

Hunter Green & White Swirl Graniteware/Enamelware

Light Blue & White Swirl Graniteware/Enamelware

Light Green & White Swirl Graniteware/Enamelware

  CONTACT INFORMATION:    Snake River This -N- That       P.O. Box 953                    Glenns Ferry, Idaho 83623      Phone/Fax: (208) 366-2437      Website:          Email: 


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KITCHENWARE: Wanting to find or add a new or unique look to your kitchen.  We have great prices on functional, durable, decorative swirl graniteware / enamelware kitchenware products.  So stop by at and check out all the graniteware / enamelware kitchenware products available.

We are a home-based business located in Glenns Ferry, Idaho. We sell a line of graniteware / enamelware on our website located at and also sell an assortment of other items by auction on Ebay. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquires you may have. You will get our personal attention on each order you place or inquiry you make.

Check out what our Ebay customers have had to say about their dealings with us by reading our Ebay Feedback or check out our current Ebay Auctions.

Graniteware / Enamelware Kitchenware, Cookware, Dinnerware, Tableware, Bakeware