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My Two Cents!!

September 20, 2003

Well the season has come to an end at Sigourney track and as usual we had a great show and fantastic entertainment, all though it was a cold night after the sun went down the die hard figure 8 fans stuck it out through the shivers.

Tonights race was a specatular show of talent, but no matter how talented you are sometimes it is just impossible to avoid those big tires that tend to jump up out of no where when you least expect it, just ask the driver of 24 Butch Lester, he had not one but 2 of those little buggers get in his way, he plowed over the first one but the second one was not going to let him win, the race had to go under a red flag while the crew came over and lifted him to the ground... great racing 24. I believe it was during the last chance race that I blinked my eyes for a split second and there was 1J and 98 taking their turn side by side on the tires...I wish I could remember what other drivers spent an embarressing moment on the tires... great driving everyone.. and great show of sportsmanship..

And Congratulations to Emily DeWitt for a great performance as the winner of the powderpuff and also congrats to both Emily and Josh as they tied the knot a few weeks ago.....I wish you a life time of happiness together.

You can not forget those great group of people that you don't hear much out of till the last race of the season, the mechanics...tonights mechanics race was a great show of talent that is hidden but not totally forgotten... Kevin Greer put the checkered flag under his hood. Great Racing

Ok now on to something a little more serious.. does everyone remember the very first race in Sigourney this season?

32J, Jason Snook rolled in his heat, was put to the back of the line, came back and won his heat, went into the A-main to be the featured night winner....

Tonight.. the last race of the season...Jason again went to his top.. I was crossing my fingers for a closing season to be just like the beginning......but Jasons car just didn't see it that way...Great racing Jason.

As the season begins to come to an end, I find myself getting burnt out and ready to persue another type of entertainment......until I get to the track...even in the brisk cool of the night, and the smell of over heating radiators, the smell burning oil and rubber, dust flying every where....I then find myself thinking, what am I going to do with a Saturday night? I am going to miss the smell of those radiators... and the goofy tire landings....the gasp for air when there is a near miss in the intersection... I am going to miss all the smiles, of the fantastic group of people that I have been fortunate enough to chat with after each race......See ya all next Sigourney.

I know we have 2 races left.... What Cheer and Barnes City.....but just in case I don't get the chance to say hey......or give a little wave to everyone...I will be thinking of ya over the winter and looking forward to another great season next year..

Be Safe!!

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Main Winners
6T 84 29J 79M 98
2N 7R 18X 15R 33

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