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June 28, 2003

Back By Popular Demand!!!!

My Two Cents!!

What a great night for a race!! Not to hot, not to cold, not to windy, not to still, Mother nature was very good to us tonight.

Well to start the night Sigourney track did a wonderful job of setting the stage, 18A Driven by Brian Allison and 20 driven by Clint Little, took center stage with Old Glory flying proud as the crowd listened to our National Anthem.

If I am calculating right we had about 60 cars to entertain 7 heats, and great entertainment it was.

If I could give out a prize for the nights best, or most comical blunder tonights award would go to car number 02 for his expert landing on the tires to show the crowd what a car would look like if it were meant to teeter totter in heat number 5.

Then in heat number 6, we had a photo finish race between car number 88 and B4, great racing guys... the battle kept us all on the edge of our seats....but it was B4 to take the checker.

None of us like to see any cars on the track roll.... but when they do, they make a great conversation peice... especially when a car rolls in his heat.....comes back wins his consulation race, comes back to the main and takes another roll making it a two time roll for the night,

this imaginary trophy would go to the driver of 1R, where he did exactly that.

And the final roll award goes to car 3E for his side roll in the C-main.

I want to congradulate all the drivers tonight, as well as thank them for their great show of entertainment and talent. .

Again you put on a great show for all of us fans, we look forward to the next race in What Cheer, Good luck to each and everyone of you!!

Be sure to follow the winner link below to see a short interview with tonights winner. Also click through the short picture viewer below and enjoy some high lights of the night.

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Main Winners
34Z 22X 20 84
19 29J 14 7M
7R 3 042 79M

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