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July 19, 2003


I caught up with Donnie after the race tonight, I swear he had a smile from ear to ear......I doubt you could have taken it off with a crowbar..not to mention several of his pit crew and friends were in total joy!!

I asked Donnie a few questions and here is how it went.

Donnie was second place points winner in What Cheer last year. I asked Donnie how long he has been racing?

He informed me this is his 3rd full year.

I asked Donnie if his car # 19.. has a special meaning to it?

Number 19 was his Dads number when he used to race.

I asked Donnie how many times he has won the A-main feaure?

He was quick to answer this is his Second time. All though he is no stranger to winning... he has had several B-Main wins.

Donnie felt this was a tough race and very stressful he was up against a lot of talent.

And my final question.... Any words of Wisdom?

Donnie said: Race....don't get stupid....don't get mad.. you can't race well if your mad... and by all means HAVE FUN.

Great racing Donnie!!! We look forward to a great year.

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