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July 19, 2003

My Two Cents!!

If your looking for a great place to have a good time, and entertain the kids, I would have to recomend the Sigourney figure 8 track.

Last night was a great night for the kids. A yearly event put a lot of laughing smiling kids in or on their favorite race car, to take a lap or two around the track.

Later on in the evening, frisbies were thrown out to the kids, if they had the winning car number written on the frisbie they were escorted to the track where they had their picture taken with the winner of that main.

(I do have these pictures if anyone would like one please email me)

Between the heats and the features names were drawn for 4 childrens bikes donated by local businesses, I have to appologize, I did not get the names of those businesses, but would like to thank them just the same.

Then an event I found interesting, they threw out ping pong balls to a crowd of kids of all ages, the ones who had one of those balls in their possession were the proud winners of a donated fishing pole... congrats to all the winners....every child at the race was a winner.

OK Now it is race time... We had a pretty quiet night, not a lot for me to talk about, other than the fact that from my view the track looked looked safe yet fast.. great going grounds crew.

I do have a memoriable event to talk about though.... I am sitting there watching the race kind of keeping track of all the cars, when all of a sudden one was missing.. 6T took a ride right over the guard rail... landed below the track on the east end. What a dissappearing act.

The rest of the night was pretty exciting with out the mishaps of roll overs or cars catching on fire....Of course till the A-main.. You don't think we can get totally through a night with out someone entertaining us with a little side roll or something.. So in the hot seat tonight, we have car #09 who took a roll early in the A-main, and shortly after it was car #88-H who followed his lead.. Great racing to all the drivers... You are all talented.

Start Over

Main Winners
19 7R 81 18A
34Z 20 33 32J
62T 29J 13X 84

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