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August 23, 2003

My Two Cents!!

As everyone knows, Ed Fogle of What Cheer, and driver of 5F took a bad hit on the track tonight, and was taken by ambulance to the Sigourney hospital....I spoke with a family member after the race, and she told me that Ed was being transported to Iowa City....and she will keep us informed as to how he is doing....if anyone would like to send Ed a speedy recovery card I will try to get the information needed and post it on the message board.....As soon as I have an update as to how he is doing I will post it on the message board. Also, I would like to let Ed, and his family know, our prayers and thoughts are with him.

Tonights race, as usual was very entertaining. We had some great racing in the heats, then the consies put us on the edge of our seats as usual.....Then out come the mains....The track was in great condition tonight and made racing very competitive. The tires make a great conversation peice, not many of the drivers like to admit they got hung up on a tire....but to see it on the www they can't deny 31H and 42 I have proof that you were caught lounging on the tires... our third victim for the tires (but I missed the photo chance) 34Z, was seen with his car sitting on the tire, but in slow motion landed on its side seconds later... nice smooth landing 34Z...... All and all it was a great night...

Start Over

Main Winners
20 32J 88H 69 3F
53P 3E 15P 79M 93
33T 45 3 2N B30

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