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June 28, 2003

Cory is no stranger to the winners circle. First time I talked to Cory was last year at Barnes City, he was 2002 points winner.

I hustled to catch up with a very happy driver after the race tonight and he was more than happy to answer a few questions for me.

I asked Cory how long he has been racing? This is Cory's 7th year racing figure 8.

My second question was: What inspired you to get into figure 8 racing?

Cory said he owes his interest of figure 8 racing to a friend he worked with years ago. He enjoyed watching his friend race 4 races a year in Barnes City, so after he graduated from high school they threw a car together and time progressed to bring him to this point in his racing hobby. Cory says thanks to the 02 car, George, for influencing his interest in figure 8.

I then asked Cory, if he has any special attraction/meaning behind his number? He said, 34 has always been his favorite number. But mostly because he drives a Z34 Lumina.

I asked Cory if this was his first A-main win, all though I already knew the answer to the question, he informed me that this is his first A-main win this year.

My next question was, Most memorable Race Event? All though he did not have a specific race come to the top of his mind, he said all the races that are competitive rather than walking away are exciting.

After exchanging a couple raceing memories, Cory remembered a race in Barnes City last year where him and 9Z were running neck and neck and he took the checkered less than a quarter panel in front of 9Z.

Words of wisdom to racers from Cory is just have fun with it!!

Special thanks to all of his sponsors and his pit crew, with out them he would not have the car that he has.

Great racing Cory!!! We look forward to a great year.

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