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Iowa map goofs redux

This is a list of goofs I have seen on the 2004 and 2005 state maps. This list includs mis-marking of highways, lack of mileage between certain points, "leftover" mileage not deleted after the decommissioning of state routes, mileage that didn't add up between stars (and, in some cases, mileage that was counted in two different directions), and mileage that didn't break up on each side of a town. I also point out places where a smaller-text number could be added in areas, or where a red number (between starred points) could be added. (I figure that omissions in areas where numbers might not fit aren't technically goofs, but noted them anyway.) This page lists most of what I sent to the DOT in 2004. The list is separated into categories, with text for things that WERE changed for the 2005 map (plain text), things that were NOT changed (bold), things I didn't have on the original list (bold italic), and additional comments in italics. ((Year) indicates first map year this was an error, if known.)

A lot of these are tiny things. But I like the Iowa map, I think it's an excellent product, and I'm a perfectionist. And there are some moderately noticeable mistakes and "highway residue" from old routes on the map.

Oldest non-mileage errors: Ogden interchange (built 1964/marked as partial 1981); US 34/71 "secret" interchange (1970s); US 30 expressway/freeway in Ames (1991)

Oldest mileage errors: IA 3 in western Cherokee County (1970s-80s); not combined on US 63 after IA 57 was truncated (1981); not combined on IA 2 after IA 25 was truncated (1983); not removed on IA 3 after IA 134 was decommissioned (1990)

Omaha-Council Bluffs (miscellaneous); black mileage in Vinton (delete circled)

Page put online 3/29/05; last updated 4/27/05