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                                                               PTA Meeting  9/30/03


1.     Call Meeting to Order.

2.     Introductions ­ Cathy and Board.

            PTA Mission.

3.     Thought of the Day ­ Jen Gulick


4.     Executive Board Reports.

A.    Membership ­ Lori

217 members ­ broken record of last year (193)

Ice Cream party successful.

             B    Phillips Pride/Fun night/Family Activity Kerrie and Heidi.

1. Phillips Pride:

17 dozen T-shirts sold.   Long Sleeve Shirts for sale $9 for child $10 for Adult.

Pride Day last school day for each month, incentive for classroom participation

Door decorated and treats home.

Two rooms Ford and Brandt 100%.

Oct. 31, Nov. 26 and Dec.19th Next pride days.

                  2. Spirit Shop

                           Open 1 time per month week of pride day.

                            Set up in front of the office.  Suggestion box available.

                  3.Family Event (Fall).

                            Sleepy Hollow Thurs. Oct. 23rd.

                             Family Hayrack rides 5:45 rides until 7.  After 7 marshmallow roast.

                             Coat $6 per person, 3 and under free.

                              May have multiple rides if possible, flyer to come home and tickets sold.

                   4. Family Event (Winter and Spring)

                              More to come.

                   5. Fun Night ­ Feb.6th

                               Sign up for committee to help plan.


       Fall fundraiser done.  $14,000 plus. (our profit)

       Phillips one of only DM Schools to increase revenue.

       Oct. 23rd Fundraiser delivered.

D. Treasurers Report-Renae

        Balance 9/30 $17,941.86.

        Oct. meeting will have printed report and we will approve budget.

E. Book Fair- Jen and Laura

         10/15 and 10/16

          Buy one and get one.

5..5th Grade y Camp update-Mr. Pugh.

           September Collage of pictures

           39 kids, 2 fathers and 4 staff overnight in Boone. 

6. Planners and Folders.

           Purchased by PTA

           Planners for 4th and 5th grades (same as Goodrell)

           Homework Folders given to all students.

7. Connie Boesen ­Guest Speaker

            Elected to school board and donated Applicious treats.

            Parent Involvement.

8. Get Acquainted and treats.

9. Committee Reports.

A. Literacy Army-Chris Buetner.

       Volunteers needed to read with children who are having struggles with Reading. 1hr. a week.

        Training session before.

        Committed volunteers because kids depend on volunteers.

        B. Reading Adventure with Dad ­ Linda and Judi B

     People volunteer to dad role.

     Thursday Nov. 20th 6:30 (Book Week).

      Volunteers Needed. Decorators, moms are needed to help.

      Featured in Family and Parent magazine in Nov.

         C. Drama Club ­Susie Ranall

      3rd and 4th graders ­ 32 kids.

      1st performance at end of Oct. for student body.

     Meet Monday after school to 4:15.  Volunteers welcome.

D.Web Site- Kevin Gogety.


         Upcoming Events., Lunch menu.

         Email address:

10. New Business

A.Bylaws and Standing Rules.

     Bylaws governed by state and Natl.

     Motion to approve: Judi Breese

      2nd: Susie Randall  Approved

     Standing Rules: Minimum of what our PTA will do in the year.

     Motion to approve: Laura Razor

     2nd Becky Hutchins approved

     Change wording on RIF:  Cindy McIntosh.

B.    Weekly Readers ­Becky Hutchins

Motion to approve weekly readers for k-5, will be used in classrooms $1311.00.

All teachers want readers.

2nd Brian Harmon.   Approved.                               


Brainstorm Session:


11.  Next PTA Meeting 10/21 6:30.







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