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Illya World Map

1. Dramidian Forest - Enchanted forest, inhabited mostly by elves and faeries. Most of the magical creatures live here.

2. Mount Syyda - Largest mountain in the Ramaadian Range. Greatly believed to be a dormant volcano, but no eruptions have occured for centuries.

3. Ramaadian Mountains - Range of mountains and rocky terrain in Illya. Cuts much of the land into two portions, Eastern and Western. Eastern Illya is ruled by humans, and Western Illya by elves.

4. Atone River - Rapidly moving river that flows through the mountains, and close to the human city of Friane.

5. Amber Sea - Sea named after its golden hue in the northeastern region of Illya. The large island in the center is the home of many dangerous beasts, so few venture here.

6. Elvish Plains - All the plains and meadowland of Western Illya. Completely green, and rich in plantlife.

A. Dramid - Capitol city of Western Illya, ruled and inhabited mainly by elves.

B. Rucard - Small Elvish village

C. Duvic - Centaur village

D. Friane - Capitol city of Eastern Illya, ruled and inhabited mainly by humans.