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Species Descriptions

These are the ONLY species of characters you may play. Choose a Species and Sub-Class (if listed for your chosen species) for each character you apply for. Your character MUST stay under the abilities/restrictions for each Species and Sub-Class.

Elves - Tall, slender human-like beings that rule and inhabit Western Illya. They are mostly a peaceful people that greatly respect nature. However, when threatened, they show their great warrior skills. Each Sub-Class has their own specialty weapon. Elves are immortal. If you chose to play an elf, keep in mind that they would be quite old, and should show their wisdom in how they act.

High Elf - High Elves are the largest type of elf, when it comes to physical traits. They have a silverish color to their skin, and all have violet eyes. Their weapon of expertise is the sword. They generally believe that they are the best and most superior Elf Class, and tend to frown upon Woodland Elves. The entire Elvish Hierarchy is made up of High Elves.

Woodland Elf - Woodland Elves are the elves that appear most human-like. In fact, they are often mistaken for them, when their ears are not visable. Woodland Elves are most comfortable in wild forest terrain, but can live anywhere. Their weapon of expertise is the bow and arrow. They are often discriminated against by the High Elves, so they don't normally trust them. Woodland elves are pretty easy going, and can learn to get along with humans.

Humans - Humans are...well, human. I think you should know about them :). They are mortal, and rule/inhabit most of Eastern Illya. They are usually pretty peaceful, but their greed usually takes over, making them want to gain more Western land. This causes conflicts with the elves.

Lord/Lady - This class makes up the Human hierarchy, so there are very few. This class also regards themselves as the best class in all of Illya, as they believe humans are the superior species.

Commoner - Most humans fall under this category. This is the most common class. Farmers, Artisans, Wizards/Enchantresses, Warriors and other workers are included in this class. These people are usually friendly, and hard-working.

Ranger - This class is made up of humans that spend their lives wandering around Illya, seeing where chance will take them. They are extremely easygoing, and the most friendly human class. Elves hold no grudges against this class, since many of the Adventurer class live in Western Illya, and join forces with the Elves. They are very stealthy, since they know most of the land and their surroundings.

Faeries - Faeries are small, playful beings with the ability of some magic, and flight. They are immortal and inhabit all of Illya. There are different species of faeries, these being: Woodland, Fire, Water, Air, and Dark. If you choose to play one of these beings, their personalities should be pretty playful ;)

Centaurs - Centaurs all live in Duvic, in the center of the Amber Sea. Centaurs differ in personalities, much like humans, and are mortal.

Dwarves - Short beings that resemble humans. They mostly live in the mountains, although their cities have never been discovered. This is most likely because they are probably located deep underground. Their personalities are generally quite friendly, not extremely intelligent, and stubborn.