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RPG Rules and Basics

Yes, there are some rules and basic to the RPG that I must ask you to follow and know. If you can't, I'm afraid I'll have to ban/delete you from the RPG. But don't worry, I'll give you PLENTY of warning beforehand! And yes, I'll try to follow them as well! ;)


-Do NOT play someone else's character, even if you have their permission. This shouldn't even have to be a rule, but I've seen it happen before, and it can get quite annoying. So, whether directly or indirectly, just don't.-

-Swearing is fine by me, as long as it's not directed at other RPG'rs. However, the board might bleep out some choice phrases.-

-Sex happens in storylines, just don't let it get out of hand. I don't need details, and neither does anyone else.-

-You MUST post enough during the week to appease the RPG, Mijne. There's not a specific amount, but if you're not doing enough, I'll warn you.-

-If you'll be gone for a long period of time (a week or more) please email me at to tell me. However, if you'll be gone frequently, it just won't work out.-

-Don't piss off other RPG'rs intentionally. Not only does it make everyone mad, but I'm the one that has to settle it, and no one likes an angry Mijne to put up with.-

-You MUST follow the Posting Format! (See below) I'm strict about this one!-

-No E-slang. Some of that stuff is just too hard to decipher.-

-No one-line post. Use your imagination. Besides, if RPGing is work, then why are you here?-

-This RPG could be rated up to a PG-13 or even an R level at times. You've been warned!-

-Stay within your character's species/class limits. A lone faerie could not beat up a large ogre by themselves, or a High Elf would not easily become friends with a Human Commoner.-

-Your character may not have any magical powers, unless you ask when you register them by email.-

-You may not post as your character until I have replied to your application email and have said you can.-

Posting Format

(Pretty simple...Please follow it!)


*Actions/Descriptions go in here*
-Talking text in here-
~Unspoken Thoughts in here~

In this RPG, either LIVE or POST/LEAVE is accepted!

Out of Character (OOC) posting is fine, and done quite often. Just please use your username, or if it's in a post, indicate the OOC part in parentheses.

Creating a Character

Each RPG'r has an unlimited supply of characters! Lucky you guys! All you have to do is email me at with the following information:

By applying for a character, you are confirming you have read/understood all rules, and have also read through the Species Descriptions page.

-Your username, age, and gender-
-Your character's name-
-Character's Species (AND Sub-Class if applicable) & Gender-
(See the "Species Descriptions" on the Main Page)

-A brief description of your character (physical, personality, etc.)-
-Where your character mainly resides-

-If you can find a reasonably sized pic that could represent your character, please attach it to your email! Pics are not required, but I'd REALLY prefer if you had one.-

Deleting/Killing a Character

It's up to YOU to do either of these. (Unless you're banned...See "Rules" above) If you decide to do either one, please email me beforehand, so I know it was planned. If you never get the chance to play a character, or just don't want it anymore, just email/tell me, and I'll delete it. You also have the option of killing it in a storyline. This is all up to you. You may NOT have your character kill/majorly injure another RPGr's character if you haven't gotten permission. Once your character is dead (Unless it's a part of the storyline, and TELL me), it may not come back to life. This isn't a zombie RPG! ;)


If you have any questions concerning the rules or the RPG, please email me at I'm happy to help and I try to check my email once a day!

You can also leave an OOC post for me on the board. Just please put "ATTN. MIJNE" in the subject box, so I'm sure to look at it first.