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Misc. Info

Who is Mijne?

Yup yup, that's me. Mijne. I don't know how I came up with that name. Anyways...about me! I'm currently a Sophomore in high school. My hobbies include: Acting, Singing, Writing and Archery. Just your basic theater person :)

How did the RPG get started?

Well, I LOVE musicals and writing and stuff, and my favorite musical just happens to be CATS. So anyway, there are, believe it or not, Cats RPGs, and I've been involved in those, for a couple years now. I've also even hosted a few. So, I've always loved the whole "fantasy world" thing, and I LOVE the Lord of the Rings movies. I can't wait to read the books! So I based some of the things on the RPG on what I've seen on the LOFR movies. That's why you'll notice some similarities. And my fav "species" are the elves, if you can't tell :) I'm not a completely hard-core fantasy RPG person, but I do enjoy it, and I'm on my computer alllll the time.