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Jeff,Sashia and Baby Emily

Our newest edition, Emily born 7/11/2006.We are very proud grandparents.


Our Angels

Mike,Colline and Mattie
Matthew and Bo in the box

Mattie and Me
Mattie and Daddy
Joshua 6
Trish 8
Justine 2 1/2

My name is Colline and this is my family. Mike and I met a little over 3 years ago. Sept. 29 2001 was our first date.We went to the last stock car race of the year. He was 30 and I was 29. We both have children from pervious relationships. We got married June 6th of 2003. We are very much in love with eachother and our children. We now have a son together and he is now 18 months old. So we have a very busy life between the kids and eachother. We are very out going people and enjoy life and sharing it together. He is my soulmate and now that I have him I couldn't imagine my life without him. I love sharing the ups and downs with him because he understands me and never judges me. He is always there when I need a shoulder or when life gets a little rocky. Just can't tell you enough about my husband. We have had our ups and downs with eachother but there will never be another man like my husband.Just an update, we became grandparents in July.My son, Jeff, and our soon to be daughter in law, Sashia,had a hard time but she is here and fills our lives with joy. One more we can love and spoil but we can send the granddaughter home to dad and mom. Well this is the start of our family page. So come back soon..I will add more as we work on our page..

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