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Levee Gives Way

A levee gives way and water floods into a residential neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana August 31, 2005 after Hurricane Katrina struck. About 23,000 refugees stuck at the New Orleans Superdome arena after Hurricane Katrina flooded the city will be evacuated to Houston under plans announced on Wednesday, as looters and high water sowed chaos.

Sept. 5, 2005 - 6:46 PM ET Update:  Louisiana officials say repairs have been completed on the 17th Street canal levee breach in New Orleans and water is being pumped out of the canal and into Lake Pontchartrain.

Lake Pontchartrain pours through a breached levee into downtown New Orleans. After the city's defenses were damaged by Hurricane Katrina, local officials feared a steep death toll and planned to evacuate the thousands in shelters.

Floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina flow through a broken section of a levee in New Orleans.
Associated Press photo by David J. Phillip

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