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Katrina Hits

August 29, 2005
A Red Cross truck sits flooded with other vehicles in front of a hotel just off Interstate 10 in Pascagoula, Miss.

Powerful Hurricane Katrina swept through the US Gulf coast on Monday, killing dozens of people and flooding many areas.

Miles away from the eye of the storm, wind and rain pushed flood waters towards hundreds of towns and cities, including Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Hellish scenes of death, damage, and chaos wracked the U.S. Gulf Coast on Wednesday as overwhelmed authorities tried to rescue the living and count the dead amid the destruction left by powerful Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans was filling with water after an initial attempt to stop a leaking levee failed, while police fought a losing battle to stop widespread looting in the stricken city. In Mississippi, officials confirmed that at least 100 people had died in the killer storm and said the death toll was almost certain to go much higher.

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