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Let's think like a fish!

 Have you ever noticed that when you are on the bank, the best place to fish is out in the middle?
Then when you are in a boat the best place to fish is at the edge.

  When we set out to match wits with a fish we are not starting out on a good foot.
Let's look at it from the other side for a moment as if we are being humaned for by a fish and see what would work.
You are sitting on your sofa watching TV when something the size of a hickory stump slams into the roof of your house.  SLAM!
Now there is a big hole in the ceiling with a big rope hanging through with a big weight and hook on it.  On the hook is a big ugly plastic Big Mac.

What is the first thing that you do?
It might be your living room but you are not going back for a while.


Now let's say you are walking across a parking lot and you see a twenty dollar bill.
After you pick it up you see another and then another.
It will not be long before you are running around excited and help is starting to come from everywhere.
Soon the National Guard is called in to control the crowd.
Then with little notice one of us is hooked and quickly pulled away.  Then another and yet another.
Soon we will catch on and run away.  Now the fish has a stringer full of humans and is ready to go home.


 I hope that they don't ever get that smart and I hope we get just a little bit smarter than we are.

The point is that if you will think like a fish then you stand a better chance of catching one.
If you can get your bait to the fish without the fish knowing it
you will catch fish. 


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