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Care For Your Reel

Care of your spin cast fishing reel

Usually the water that sprays on your spin cast fishing reel while retrieving is not pure. Besides water residue and dust particles there are grease and oils from your hands that adhere to the reel. All these impurities should be eliminated by cleaning your spin cast reel.

To keep the outer parts of your reel clean try using a knuckle brush with clean tap water. An old tooth brush will reach the back side of the handle and knobs and a Q-Tip will clean the hard to reach places.

Before removing any of the parts of the reel select a flat working surface like the kitchen table where there is plenty of overhead light. Some people use a small tray for parts, others use an egg carton and some people use a clean white towel.

To clean a spinning reel you must remove the handle That happens when you turn the handle counter clock wise. Next take the screws from the protective plate. You can remove these screws with a small screw driver. Once you removed the plate you can inspect and clean the gears. At least once a year you should remove the old grease and oil and add new lubricants.

When adding oil and grease use a Q-Tip for grease. Make sure cover all the teeth on the gears with grease. Use a grease according to manufacturers' instructions and recommendations. Oil the outer parts of the reel like the handle, bail and anti- reverse lever.

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