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Welcome to Eagle Wings Farms!

Welcome to Eagle Wings Farms!
We are located on 187 scenic acres in Sperry, Iowa and are home to some fantastic (we think) horses!
We are proud to offer American Paint Horses, American Quarter Horses, and American Indian Horses for your consideration!
Come on in and have a good look around!

Three of our broodmares have a lot of Foundation QH in their background, and one of them is Wisecomp bred, so we are hoping for some awesome babies from them when they are ready! Some of the bloodlines that you will find here include: Two Eyed Jack, Kid Clu, Impressive, Country Graduate, Painted Robin, and more, so be sure to check out Our Mares page!
Our horses are more than just show animals, or breeding stock, they are bred and trained to be great all around horses that are capeable of going from the show ring to trail rides, and beyond!

Each horse is started at their own pace, and is never rushed. If the horse isn't ready for something, we wait for them to be ready rather than chancing ruining a good horse!

We are co-owned by Debra and Christopher Welch of Westerville Ohio, and Matthew Martineau and Julie Spotted Eagle Horse Cooper of Sperry, Iowa.
Julie is the primary trainer/breeder and she specializes in hard to handle and problem animals.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!

Be sure to check out our links to other pages as well!

Want to see what is available for sale? Be sure to check out or For Sale page for current listings!

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