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Peyton Manning - The All Time Quarterback in the NFL - plays for The Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning

6-5, 230
8 years in the NFL
DOB: 03/24/1976












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2005 - P.Manning
























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2005 Totals









Peyton Williams Manning
 (born March 24, 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana)


The Indianapolis Colts Starting Quarterback

Preceded by:
Jim Harbaugh 


Succeeded by:  none

Peyton Manning is known for being the best at his position; he was the best in high school, the best in college and he is rapidly becoming the best in the NFL. He burst onto the scene as one of the most successful rookies ever to suit up in the NFL and people have followed his career ever since.

Manning is a very astute learner. He is not afraid to take advice from someone else, which has been the key to improving every year. He took the Indianapolis Colts from worst to first in only his second year. Despite a porous defense, the Colts have remained a threat, due in large part to Manning's passing. As long as Peyton suits up for the Colts, they are a threat every time they play.

Peyton Manning is one of the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet. Being a wealthy athlete has not changed him in the least. Manning is a very cerebral person. Unlike those who get by on their raw athletic talent, Manning has honed his skills by studying film and becoming a student of the game.

He is the son of former New Orleans Saints quarterback Archie Manning and Olivia Manning, and the older brother of current New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. Peyton played college football for the University of Tennessee and was selected by the Indianapolis Colts as the first overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft.

Manning holds numerous passing records,
 including the record for touchdown passes in a single season
(49 in 2004)
and consecutive seasons with over 4,000 yards passing (6 from 1999 through 2004.).

Career Notes   Honors   College   Personal


Manning was selected first overall in the 1998 draft and has started every game in his NFL career, missing only one snap due to injury and many others due to large leads. He was the NFL co-MVP in 2003, sharing the honor with Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair. In 2004, Manning became the highest-paid player in NFL history at the time, signing a $99.2m contract for seven years with a $34.5m signing bonus, which averages out to $14.17m annually. Under the contract, Manning is also eligible to earn an extra $19m in incentives.

Manning is widely viewed as an elite NFL quarterback, and some sportswriters and scouts already consider him a future Hall of Fame inductee. In scouting reports, he is known as a "pure" pocket passer, with prototypical size, a strong arm, excellent touch, and nearly perfect mechanics. Manning reads the field extremely well, and is one of the few quarterbacks with complete freedom to change a play at the line of scrimmage. He is well known for his frantic hand gestures and shouting before the play while calling out audibles. Unlike some modern quarterbacks, Manning is not known as a "scrambler" and is not very mobile if the pocket collapses, only rolling out to search for receivers.

After many football insiders criticized Manning for being 0-3 in the playoffs, he won his first NFL playoff game against the Denver Broncos on January 4, 2004. Manning's Passer Rating in the Colts' playoff game against the Broncos was a perfect 158.3. The next week, his rating against the Kansas City Chiefs was an impressive 138.8; however, he posted the third lowest passer rating of his career - 35.5 - in the AFC title game against the New England Patriots, throwing four interceptions in a 24-14 loss.

In 2004, Manning had one of the greatest regular seasons a quarterback has ever produced, putting up 4557 yards, a 121.1 quarterback rating, and 49 touchdowns, surpassing the legendary mark previously held by Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino. His quarterback rating in 2004 also surpassed the previous single-season mark of 112.8 set by Hall of Fame San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young. In addition to his individual achievements, Manning also led the Colts to a 12-4 record and their second consecutive AFC South division title. As a result, he was a near-unanimous selection for the 2004 NFL MVP, was named NFL Offensive Player of the Year and Pro Bowl MVP. However, the Colts' 2004 season ended in Foxborough for a second straight year with a 20-3 loss in the AFC Divisional Playoff game against New England when Manning played his worst game of the year, recording a season-low passer rating of 69.3 and posting a season-low 3 points of offense. It was Manning's seventh consecutive loss to the Patriots in Foxborough, MA.

When the 2005 NFL season started, it was an entirely different story. The Colts’ defense has vastly improved over the previous years, and coupled with Manning’s passing game and Edgerrin James’ running game, the Colts have had one of the best seasons of any team in recent years. In week 9, the Colts, at 7-0, came off of their BYE week and faced their rival who had denied them the chance for the Super Bowl several times before, the Patriots, whose standing was at 4-3, at Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Massachusetts, defeating them in a clear cut victory: 40-21. The Colts finally ended their 10 year losing streak at Foxborough, with Manning ending his heavily criticized 7 game losing streak against the Patriots. In week 15, Manning and the Colts played the San Diego Chargers at home in the RCA Dome. The Colts had been playing for an undefeated season, going 13-0 before this game. However, the Colts played a sub par game against the Chargers and fell short of the win; the score was 26-17.
(As a note, if they had succeeded in going undefeated, they would have been the only team to do so in the modern NFL regular schedule. When the 1972 Dolphins went undefeated in both regular and post season play, the regular season was only 14 games long, compared to the 16 game season NFL teams have today.)

 Peyton came in second in voting for the 2005 MVP award to Shaun Alexander (19 to 13, out of 50 voters), ending his streak at two years.

In the sports media, Manning has often been criticized for not winning big games against specific teams, such as the Patriots in the NFL and his 0-4 record against Florida in college. He is sometimes compared to Dan Marino, another quarterback who put up great numbers but never won a Super Bowl. Others make the case that it is still too early in his career to make that claim and that the Colts' oft-shaky defense is a bigger factor in the losses. It could be said that this is one of the most contentious topics in football today.


Career (Individual)

Although only in his 8th NFL season, Manning already holds a number of individual career records:

    * Consecutive seasons with 4000+ yards: 6, from 1999–2004 (Dan Marino is the only other quarterback to have had 6 4000-yard seasons, though not in succession)

    * Consecutive seasons with 25+ TD passes: 8, from 1998-2005 

    * Games with perfect passer rating: 4 (includes 1 playoff game; most perfect games of any QB since passer rating was created by the NFL in 1973)

    * Only player to pass for 3000+ yards in each of his first 8 seasons in the NFL.

    * Manning has started every game since he has been in the NFL, a streak currently at 128 games, the longest career-opening streak for a QB.


2004 Season

During the 2004 season Manning had a spectacular campaign and broke several single season passing records, including:

    * Touchdowns: 49 (previously held by Dan Marino with 48 in 1984)

    * Passer rating: 121.1 (previously held by Steve Young with 112.8 in 1994)

    * Consecutive games with at least 4 TD passes: 5 (previously held by Marino with 4 TDs in 4 consecutive games in 1984)

    * 5 TD passes in 4 different games in less than 12 months (previously held by Marino)

    * First QB to throw 10+ TD passes to each of 3 different receivers in 1 season (14, Marvin Harrison; 12, Reggie Wayne; 10, Brandon Stokley). The Colts are the only team ever to have 3 WRs with 10+ TDs in 1 season.

    * Although not an NFL record, Manning threw 6 TD passes against the Detroit Lions on November 25. It was the second time in his career that Manning achieved this (also in 2003), and he has been the only NFL player to throw 6 TDs in 1 game since 1991.

With Marvin Harrison

Manning and Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison hold a number of QB-WR tandem records:

    * Completions: 664 (set in 2004; previously held by Buffalo Bills QB Jim Kelly and WR Andre Reed)

    * Yards: 10,034 (as of November 13, 2005; previously held by Kelly and Reed)

    * Touchdowns: 94 (set October 17, 2005; previously held by San Francisco 49ers QB Steve Young and WR Jerry Rice, with 86)


Manning owns the 6 best seasonal passing yardage seasons in Colts history (4,413, 2000; 4,200, 2002; 4,135, 1999; 4,131, 2001; 3,739, 1998; 3,611, 2003). He also owns the 5 best seasonal passing marks for attempts (591, 2002; 575, 1998; 571, 2000; 547, 2001; 533, 1999), the 6 best for completions (392, 2002; 357, 2000; 343, 2001; 331, 1999; 326, 1998; 316, 2003) and most games with TD pass (15, 1998; 15, 2000; 15, 2002; 14, 1999; 14, 2001). He is the first Colts QB to throw for 4 TD passes twice in a season since Unitas in 1966. Manning led the NFL in passing yards (4,413) and TDs (33) in 2000. He topped the AFC in yards in 2001. Manning was 20-25-314, 6 TDs at New Orleans 9/28 to set the club record for most touchdowns, breaking the record shared by QBs-Gary Cuozzo (11/4/65 at Minnesota) and Gary Hogeboom (10/4/87 at Buffalo). Six TD passes were one shy of the NFL record and it marked the first time since 1991 an NFL QB threw for six in one game (Mark Rypien, Washington).

Started 16 games for sixth consecutive season

In 2003, posted finest season to date with 379-566-4,267, 29 TDs/10 ints., 99.0 rating

Earned Pro Bowl honors for 4th time and won Associated Press Co-Most Valuable Player honors (with the undeserving Tennessee QB-Steve McNair)

Was AP NFL All-Pro First-Team, Sporting News NFL Player-of-the-Year, Sporting News NFL All-Pro Team, Pro Football Weekly All-AFC and All-NFL Team, among other honors

Peyton joined Colts QBs-John Unitas, Earl Morrall and Bert Jones as AP NFL MVPs
and has started first 96 games of career, the most by any NFL QB to start a career
96 consecutive starts eclipse the prior club mark for a Colts QB (92, Unitas)

consecutive starts rank 2nd-most among active NFL QBs (189, Brett Favre, Green Bay) and among all-time leaders (189, Favre, Green Bay, 1992-03; 116, Ron Jaworski, Philadelphia, 1977-84; 107, Joe Ferguson, Buffalo, 1977-84)

has taken every snap in 88 of 96 games, missing 65 snaps (only one snap due to injury) during career

has taken 6,035 of a possible 6,100 career snaps, with consecutive snap streaks reaching 1,631, 1,590 and 1,205

Peyton Manning is the only NFL player with 4,000+ passing yards in five consecutive seasons (no other NFL QB has more than three consecutive 4,000+ seasons)

is 1 of 8 NFL QBs with multiple 4,000+ seasons (6, Dan Marino, Miami, 1984-86, 88, 92, 94; 4, Warren Moon, Minnesota/Houston, 1990-91, 94-95; 3, Dan Fouts, San Diego 1979-81; 3, Favre, Green Bay, 1995, 98-99; 2, Steve Young, San Francisco, 1993, 98; 2, Drew Bledsoe, New England, 1994, 96; 2, Kurt Warner, St. Louis, 1999, 01)

is only NFL player with 3,000+ yards in each first six career seasons, and six consecutive 3,000+ seasons is streak that ranks among the NFL's all-time best

Manning (2,128-3,383-24,885, 167 TDs/110 ints., 88.1 rating, career) has completed more passes and thrown for more yards in a career-opening six-year span than any NFL player

167 scoring passes rank only behind Marino's 196 over a career-opening six-year span

in club history has produced the six best seasons in attempts, completions and yards, the five best seasons in games with a touchdown pass, four of the best five seasons in completion percentage and six of the eight best seasons in touchdown passes

counting playoffs, has amassed four career perfect rating games (10/22/00 vs. New England; 11/10/02 at Philadelphia; 9/28/03 at New Orleans; 1/4/04 vs. Denver), the most by any NFL player since the rating system was created in 1973

Peyton has directed 16 fourth-quarter comeback wins and 10 fourth-quarter game-winning drives

had four game-winning drives in 2003
(at Cleveland 9/7, at Tampa Bay 10/6, at Buffalo 11/23 and at Houston 12/28)

set club record for most touchdown passes in a game at New Orleans 9/28/03 with 20-25-314, 6 TDs

was 25-30-290, 5 TDs vs. Atlanta 12/14/03 to become fifth NFL QB since 1970 NFL Merger with five or more touchdown passes in a game twice in a season (Fouts, San Diego, 1982; Marino, Miami, 1986; Moon, Houston, 1990; Jim Kelly, Buffalo, 1991)

was 22-26-377, 5 TDs vs. Denver 1/4/04 in Wild Card playoffs to become only NFL player with three 5+-TD games in one season (including playoffs)

joined three other NFL QBs with perfect post-season rating games (Don Meredith, Dallas, 1967 Divisional Playoffs vs. Cleveland, 11-13-212, 2 TDs, 52-14 win; Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh, 1976 Divisional Playoffs at Colts, 14-18-264, 3 TDs, 40-14 win; Dave Krieg, Seattle, 1983 Wild Card Playoffs vs. Denver, 12-13-200, 3 TDs, 31-7 win)

became 11th player in NFL playoff history with four TD passes in a half - five TD passes fell one shy of NFL playoff record (QBs-Daryle Lamonica, Divisional Playoffs, Oakland vs. Houston, 1969; Steve Young, Super Bowl XXIX, San Francisco vs. San Diego, 1994) and tied touchdown totals accomplished by Sid Luckman (Chicago, 1943, NFL Championship), Lamonica (Oakland, 1968, Divisional Playoffs), Joe Montana (San Francisco, 1989, Super Bowl XXIV), Kurt Warner (St. Louis, 1999, Divisional Playoffs) and Kerry Collins (NYG, 2000, NFC Championship)

directed Colts to 38-35 OT win at Tampa Bay 10/6/03 with 34-47-386, 2 TDs/1 ints., guiding club to 38-point second half, including 28-point fourth quarter with scoring drives covering 73, 75, 12, 58, 85 and 76 yards

Colts became first team in NFL history to erase 21-point deficit in a game's final four minutes

was 27-36-401, 1 TD vs. NYJ 11/16/03, his club-record 4th career 400+ game (Colts are 4-0)

against Carolina 10/12/03, reached 150 career touchdown passes in 86th career game, marking 3rd-fastest game pace to 150+ career touchdown in NFL history (62, Marino; 84, Favre)

was 4th-fastest to 100 TDs, taking 56 games (44, Marino; 50, Warner; 53, Unitas)

Manning (24,885 in 96 games) is bearing down on 25,000 career passing yards the fastest paces to 25,000 yards are Marino (92), Favre (107) and Moon (107) reached 20,000 yards in 78 games and only Marino (74) reached the plateau faster

Manning (1998-03) is only NFL player with 25+ touchdown passes in six consecutive seasons, breaking prior records of Marino (5, 1984-88) and Favre (5, 1994-98) and has 20+ scoring passes in six consecutive seasons and owns six of the 16 20+-TD seasons in club history (6, Unitas; 3, Jones; 1, Morrall), but only Unitas (1959-60, 65-66) and Jones (1980-81) were able to exceed 20 touchdowns in consecutive seasons

streak of six consecutive seasons with 20+ touchdown passes is T3rd-best in NFL history (10, Marino; 10, Favre (current streak); 6, Len Dawson)

has six consecutive 3,000+ seasons and owns six of the 12 3,000+ seasons in Colts history (3, Unitas; 3, Jones)

streak of six consecutive 3,000+ seasons is 2nd-longest active NFL streak (12, Favre)   the other all-time streaks of cons. 3,000+ seasons between Manning and Favre are: 9, Marino; 7, John Elway; 7, Bledsoe; 6, Boomer Esiason

in 2003, Manning (67.0) topped own seasonal club record for completion percentage (66.3, 2002), while missed producing the 3rd 100.0+ seasonal rating in Colts history (102.5, Jones, 1976; 100.7, Jim Harbaugh, 1995)

Manning (1999, 2000, 2002, 2003) has 4 double-digit victory seasons, passing Unitas (3) and Jones (3) as only Colts QBs double-digit victory seasons as starter

has engineered Colts to 400+ points and 5,000+ net yards in four of past five seasons (423, 5,726 in 1999; 429, 6,141 in 2000; 413, 5,955 in 2001; 447, 5,874 in 2003)

from 2000-03, had 17,011 passing yards, the 2nd-highest four-year total of any NFL QB and also owns 3rd-highest total at 16,879 from 1999-02, while Marino owns best total at 17,212 (1984-87)

has 68 games with 20+ completions, most in Colts history (33, Unitas)

has 167 TD passes in 96 career games, an average of 1.7396 per game, the 2nd-highest average per game of any NFL QB with 150+ TD passes (1.8021, Favre, 346 TDs/192 games; 1.7355, Marino, 420/242; 1.4813, Kelly, 237/160; 1.4219, Montana, 273/192; 1.4033, Fouts, 254/181; 1.3990, Moon, 291/208; 1.3902, Fran Tarkenton, 342/246; 1.3744, Unitas, 290/211; 1.3728, Young, 232/169)

Manning (54) ranks 2nd in Colts wins as starting QB (118, Unitas; 47, Jones)

since 1970, Manning is 1 of 5 NFL starting QBs who were 10 games below .500 and eventually had a record equaling or exceeding 10 games over .500 (Troy Aikman, 14 games below .500 (3-18) to 29 games over .500 (86-57): final starting record 94-71; Young, -14 games (3-17) to +45 games (94-49): final record 94-49; Bert Jones, -12 games (3-15) to +16 games (42-26): final record 47-49; Trent Dilfer, -11 games (8-19) to +10 games (49-39): current record 51-43; Manning, -10 games (5-15) to +10 games (49-39): current record 54-42

Manning (51) is T1st in regular season starting wins by NFL QBs from 1999-present (51, Favre; 50, McNair; 43, Rich Gannon; 43, Brad Johnson; 43, Donovan McNabb; 35, Warner; 35, Kerry Collins)

in every even-yeared season of career (1998, 2000, 2002), Manning has taken every snap from scrimmage

the only other QBs to take snaps with Colts during Manning tenure are Steve Walsh (21 in 1999), Mark Rypien (22 in 2001) and Brock Huard (22 in 2003)

Manning and WR-Marvin Harrison have combined for 68 TD plays, 3rd-most in NFL history (85, Steve Young-Jerry Rice, 1987-99, San Francisco; 79, Dan Marino-Mark Clayton, 1983-92, Miami)

Manning and Harrison have combined for 621 completions and 8,331 yards

the NFL record for most completions and yards for two players is 663 completions for 9,538 yards for Jim Kelly and Andre Reed

has 20+ completions in 68 of 96 games

has TD passes in 85 of 96 games

has 50.0+ completion percentage in 92 of 96 games, 55.0+ in 81 games and 60.0+ in 65 games

Colts have scored 30+ points under Manning 28 times

has produced 100+-yard receivers 37 times in 96 games

holds 94:12 red zone TD:int. ratio

has taken every snap in 88 of 96 games

has 200+ passing yards 76 times, 250+ yards 51 times, 300+ yards 24 times, 350+ yards nine times and 400+ yards four times

Colts have produced 5,000 net yards in club-record six consecutive seasons (5,116, 1998; 5,726, 1999; 6,141, 2000; 5,955, 2001; 5,616, 2002; 5,874, 2003)

has engineered 6 of the eleven 5,000+ net yardage seasons in the club's 51-year history

has 25 100+ rating games (Colts are 21-4)

24 300+ games rank 2nd to Unitas (26)

has 17 career 50+-yard TD passes

has hit seven different receivers 25 times in career and 8 different receivers seven times

has 23 3+-TD games

88.1 career rating ranks 5th in NFL history (97.2, Warner; 96.8, Young, 92.3, Montana, 88.3, Jeff Garcia)

has been a part of four offenses featuring a 4,000+ passer and 1,000+ rushers and receivers (1999, 2000, 2001, 2003), a feat that has been accomplished only 21 times in the NFL's 84-year history

the club's three consecutive seasons (1999-01) with such an offense is unprecedented in NFL history.

2003: Started 16 games and was 379-566-4,267, 29 TDs/10 ints. for 99.0 rating

earned Pro Bowl honors for 4th time of career

produced 4th double-digit seasonal victory total, most in club history

produced highest personal seasonal QB rating and set club mark for completion percentage (67.0)

had 20+ completions in 14 games and in 18 of past 20 outings

had 200+ passing yards in 14 games

was 27-43-211, 2 ints. 9/7 at Cleveland, directing game-winning drive for 45-yard FG with :01 left in 9-6 win

win marked club's fifth consecutive opening-day triumph

was 14-21-173, 1 TD vs. Tennessee 9/14

was 21-33-216, 2 TDs/1 int. vs. Jacksonville 9/21

was 20-25-314, 6 TDs at New Orleans 9/28 to set club record for most touchdown passes in a game

won AFC Offensive Player-of-the-Week honors and posted third career perfect rating (158.3)

was AFC Offensive Player-of-the-Month for September

was 34-47-386, 2 TDs/1 int. at Tampa Bay 10/6 to direct club from 35-14 deficit in final four minutes to 38-35 OT win

Colts became first team to erase 21-point deficit in final four minutes of a game

led second-half scoring drives of 73, 75, 12, 58, 85 and 76 yards

was 23-34-293, 1 TD/int. 10/12 vs. Carolina

directed late 75-yard TD drive to force OT

was 22-30-269, 3 TDs vs. Houston 10/26

was 23-37-266, 1 TD/int. to produce 23-17 win at Miami 11/2

was 28-45-347, 2 TDs/ints. at Jacksonville 11/9

was 27-36-401, 1 TD vs. NYJ 11/16, his club-record 4th 400+ game (Colts are 4-0)

was 26-42-229 at Buffalo 11/23

led club from 14-3 fourth-quarter deficit to 17-14 win

was 29-48-278, 4 TDs/1 int. vs. New England 11/30 as club rebounded from 31-10 deficit to tie contest before falling on late failed chance at Patriots' one-yard line

was 22-34-228 at Tennessee 12/7 as club produced seasonal sweep of Titans to gain foothold for division title

started 93rd consecutive game, breaking John Unitas' record for Colts QBs (92)

was 25-30-290, 5 TDs vs. Atlanta 12/14 to become only fifth NFL QB since 1970 NFL Merger with five or more touchdown passes in a game twice in season

won AFC Offensive Player-of-the-Week honors

was 12-23-146 vs. Denver 12/21 to snap streak of 10 games with 22+ completions, the 2nd-longest for most consecutive games with 22+ completions since 1970 (11, Warren Moon, 1991-92)

was 26-38-220, 1 TD/int. at Houston 12/28

led comeback from 17-3 fourth-quarter deficit for win

hit WR-Brandon Stokley on TD pass to tie contest with four minutes left, then directed 65-yard march for 43-yard FG at gun to win AFC South title

ranked 1st in AFC attempts, 2nd in NFL, 1st in NFL completions, 1st in NFL yards, 1st in AFC touchdowns, 2nd in NFL and 2nd in NFL rating.

POST-SEASON: Started 1/4 vs. Denver, 1/11 at Kansas City and 11/18 at New England

was 22-26-377, 5 TDs, 158.3 rating vs. Denver to set club playoff mark for most single-game scoring passes

teamed with Stokley (4-144, 2 TDs; 31t, 87t) and Harrison (7-133, 2 TDs; 46t, 23t) on TD tosses

87t play set Colts playoff record for longest completion (75t, Unitas-to-John Mackey, Super Bowl V was prior longest play)

had 3rd 5+-TD game of season (6 at New Orleans; 5 vs. Atlanta) and 4th career perfect rating, 2nd of season (at New Orleans)

joined three other NFL QBs with perfect post-season rating games (Don Meredith, Terry Bradshaw, Dave Krieg)

became only NFL player with three 5+-TD games in one season (including the playoffs)

became 11th player in NFL playoff history with four TD passes in one half

five TD passes fell one shy of NFL playoff record (Daryle Lamonica, Steve Young) and tied totals accomplished by Sid Luckman, Lamonica, Joe Montana, Kurt Warner and Kerry Collins

won NFL Offensive Player-of-the-Week honors

was 22-30-304, 3 TDs, 138.8 rating at Kansas City for 2nd consecutive 300+ yards/100+ rating game

teamed with Harrison (6-98), WR-Reggie Wayne (6-83, 1 TD; 19t), Stokley (4-57, 1 TD; 29t) and RB-Tom Lopienski (1-2, 1 TD; 2t) to guide passing attack

led club to scores on six of eight possessions, failing to score only at end of half and end of game

finished game with nine career playoff touchdown passes, besting prior club mark of Unitas (7)

became 5th player in NFL playoff history to start playoffs with eight or more TD passes without interception (11, Montana, San Francisco, 1989; 9, Young, San Francisco, 1994; 8, Troy Aikman, Dallas, 1992; 8, Phil Simms, NYG, 1986)

was 23-47-237, 1 TD/4 ints. at New England.Manning, a four-time Pro Bowler (1999, 2000, 2002, 2003), produced totals in first five seasons that rank among best in NFL

is only player in NFL history with 3,000 passing yards in each of first five seasons and only Colts QB with five consecutive 3,000+ yards seasons

owns five of 11 3,000+ passing seasons in Colts history (3, John Unitas; 3, Bert Jones)

streak of five consecutive 3,000+ seasons is 2nd-longest active streak in NFL (11, Brett Favre, GB)

the other all-time streaks of cons. 3,000+ seasons between Manning and Favre are: 9, Dan Marino; 7, John Elway; 7, Drew Bledsoe; 6, Boomer Esiason; 5, Elway; 5, Jim Everett; 5, Jim Kelly; 4, Steve Young

Manning (20,618) joined Unitas (39,768) as only Colts QBs to throw for 20,000+ yards

is only QB in NFL history to throw for 12,000+ yards in 1st three seasons

in 2000, became 5th QB in NFL history to throw for 4,000 yards in consecutive seasons (Favre, 1998-99; Dan Fouts, 1979-81; Marino, 1984-86; Warren Moon, 1990-91 and 1994-95), while joining Marino and Fouts in 2001 as only QBs to do it three consecutive seasons

in 2002, became only QB in NFL history with 4,000+ yards in four consecutive seasons

four career 4,000+ seasons are tied with Moon for 2nd-most in NFL history (6, Marino), while Favre (3), Bledsoe (3), Young (2) and Kurt Warner (2) are only other players with multiple 4,000+ seasons

Manning (1998-02) has 20+ TD passes in five consecutive seasons, extending his club record

owns five of 15 20+-TD seasons in club history (6, Unitas; 3, Jones; 1, Earl Morrall), but only Unitas (1959-60, 65-66) and Jones (1980-81) were able to exceed 20 TDs in consecutive seasons

has 20+ TD passes in five consecutive seasons, ranking behind Marino (10, 1983-92), Favre (9, 1994-present) and Len Dawson (6, 1962-67) for most consecutive 20+-TD seasons in NFL history

Manning (1998-02), Marino (1984-88) and Favre (1994-98) are only QBs with five consecutive 25+-TD seasons

85.9 career rating ranks 8th-best in NFL history (98.2, Warner; 96.8, Young; 92.3, Joe Montana; 89.9, Jeff Garcia; 86.7, Favre; 86.6, Otto Graham; 86.4, Marino)

has started first 80 games of career, the most to start a career by any NFL QB

80-game streak is 3rd- longest among current NFL players for most to start a career (112, RB-Eddie George, Tennessee; 96, OT-Tarik Glenn, Colts)

80-game start streak is 2nd-longest at QB in NFL (173, Favre) and ranks among NFL's best ever (173, Favre, 1992-02; 116, Ron Jaworski, 1977-84; 107, Joe Ferguson, 1977-84; 95, Marino, 1987-93; 92, Unitas, 1958-65; 89, Roman Gabriel, 1965-72)

Unitas (92) owns longest starting streak in Colts history, while Jones (46, 1974-77) is 3rd

has produced 42 career starting wins, 3rd-most in Colts history (116, Unitas; 46, Jones)

starting record is 42-38 despite starting career 3-13 as rookie in 1998

23 wins as starter from 1999-2000 led NFL

has won 10+ games in a season three times (1999, 2000, 2002), T1st among Colts QBs (Unitas, 3; Jones, 3)

has 138 touchdown passes in 80 games and in 2001 became 88th QB in NFL history to reach 100 career TD passes

reached milestone in 56th career game (the fastest streak in terms of games played to reach 100 touchdown passes is 44 by Marino; the 2nd-fastest is 50 games by Warner; the 3rd-fastest streak is 53 games by Unitas; the 5th-fastest now is 62 games by Favre)

Here is how Manning stands in reaching 100 career TD passes with all other QBs taken with the first overall pick in the NFL Draft since 1970: 69 games, Bledsoe (1993 draft); 78, Steve Bartkowski (1975); 83, Elway (1983); 91, Jeff George (1990); 93, Vinny Testaverde (1986); 100, Troy Aikman (1989), 101, Terry Bradshaw (1970); 103, Jim Plunkett (1971)

Manning tossed 121 touchdown passes in his first 70 games, the 4th-highest total in NFL history for that span of games (167, Marino; 124, Favre; 122, Unitas)

Manning (1,749-2,817-20,618, 138 TDs/100 ints., 85.9 rating, career) has completed more passes (1,749) for more yards (20,618) in a career-opening five-year span than any NFL top 10 career passing yardage leader and any QB taken first overall in draft since 1970, while scoring tosses (138) rank only behind Marino (168)

has ranked among NFL leaders in attempts, completions, yards and TDs over past five seasons

leads NFL with 20,618 passing yards and 138 TDs from 1998-2002 (Favre is second in both categories with 19,694 yards and 132 scores)

became 96th NFL QB to pass for 15,000 yards with effort at Baltimore 12/2/01, his 59th career game (only Marino (56) reached that plateau in fewer games)

reached 20,000 at Cleveland 12/15/02, his 78th career game, second only to Marino (74), while Bledsoe is 3rd (83)

owns five best seasonal passing yardage seasons in Colts history (4,413, 2000; 4,200, 2002; 4,135, 1999; 4,131, 2001; 3,739, 1998)

owns five best seasonal passing marks for attempts (591, 2002; 575, 1998; 571, 2000; 547, 2001; 533, 1999), completions (392, 2002; 357, 2000; 343, 2001; 331, 1999; 326, 1998) and most games with TD pass (15, 1998; 15, 2000; 15, 2002; 14, 1999; 14, 2001)

owns four of five highest completion percentage seasons in club history (66.3, 2002; 63.7, Jim Harbaugh, 1995; 62.7, 2001; 62.5, 2000; 62.1, 1999)

had six 70+ completion percentage games in 2002 and became the 1st Colts QB ever to have three consecutive 70.0+ completion games (74.0, 37-50 vs. Tennessee 11/3; 78.2, 18-23 at Philadelphia 11/10; 76.3, 29-38 vs. Dallas 11/17; Total: 84-111-898, 7 TDs/2 ints., a 112.4 rating)

Peyton is 1st Colts QB to throw for four TD passes twice in season (2000) since Unitas in 1966

has 20+ comp. in 54 of 80 career games, ranking 1st in Colts history ahead of Unitas (33) in career 20+ comp. games

has TD passes in 73 of 80 career games to rank 2nd in Colts history in games with TD passes (144 in 206 career games, Unitas; 68 in 98 career games, Jones)

has had 50+ comp. pct. games in 76 of 80 games, 55+ comp. pct. games 66 times and 60+ comp. pct. games 50 times

Colts have scored 30+ points 21 times under Peyton Manning's direction

has produced 100+ receivers 49 times in 80 games (eight different receivers), while 12 Colts QBs and 11 different receivers from 1990-97 were only able to produce 23 such performances, a span of 128 games

career Red Zone TD:Int ratio is 78:11

has taken every snap in 74 of 80 games

took all 982 of team's snaps in 1998 and 958 of team's 979 snaps in 1999 for a 2-season total of 1,940 of 1,961 plays (he took 1,590 cons. to open career)

took 1,205 cons. snaps in 19 regular season games before streak ended at NE 9/30/01 (QB-Mark Rypien saw action for 16 plays at NE 9/30, for 2 plays vs. NE 10/21, for 1 play vs. Miami 11/11 and for 3 plays vs. SF 11/25, giving Manning 1,003 of the team's 1,025 snaps)

took every snap in 2002 for 3rd time of career (also 1998, 2000) and has a consecutive snap streak of 1,409 entering 2003 season

has taken 5,017 of 5,060 possible snaps from 1998-2002

the only other QBs to take snaps from scrimmage during Manning's career are Steve Walsh (21, 1999) and Rypien (22, 2001)

Colts have had 5 cons. seasons of 5,000+ net yards offense
(5,116, 1998; 5,726, 1999; 6,141, 2000; 5,955, 2001; 5,616, 2002),
finishing with a seasonal-record 6,141 net yards in 2000, the only time in club history the team has surpassed 6,000 net yards

Peyton has engineered five of 10 5,000+ seasons in club history (6,141, 2000; 5,955, 2001; 5,726, 1999; 5,616, 2002; 5,236, 1976; 5,206, 1980; 5,116, 1998; 5,108, 1983; 5,008, 1967; 5,006, 1985)

has passed for 200+ yards in 62 of 80 career games, 250+ 42 times, 300+ 20 times, 350+ 7 times and 400+ 3 times

Behind Manning, the offense has amassed 300+ net yards 63 times in 80 games, 350+ 40 times and 400+ 17 times

WR-Marvin Harrison has been on receiving end of 527 passes from Manning

in 76 games, the duo has hooked up for 7,059 yards and 58 touchdowns

Harrison's 58 hookups with Manning rank as most active TD duo in NFL, the 2nd-most active in club history (63, Unitas-Raymond Berry) and the 5th-most in NFL history (85, Steve Young-Jerry Rice, San Francisco; 79, Dan Marino-Mark Clayton, Miami; 65, Jim Kelly-Andre Reed, Buffalo; 63, Unitas-Berry, Colts)

the 58 Manning-Harrison scoring plays from 1998-2002 mark the 2nd-highest total of any QB-WR tandem in a five-year span in NFL history (59, Young-Rice, San Francisco, 1991-95)

the duo has hooked up 9 times for 50+-yard TDs

9 50+-yard TD receptions rank 3rd in Colts history (17, Lenny Moore; 13 John Mackey)

Harrison held 13.1 yds/rec. avg. on 14 TDs (14-183) 1996-97 prior to Manning, but holds 25.0 yds/rec. avg. on 58 TDs (58-1,449) 1998-present with Manning

Harrison has totaled 35 of his 37 career 100+ games with Manning at QB

With 16,418 passing yards over his first 4 seasons (3,739, 1998; 4,135, 1999; 4,413, 2000; 4,131, 2001), Manning's total during that span stood as 6th-highest yardage total of any QB during any 4-year span in NFL history (17,212, Marino, 1984-87; 16,598, Fouts, 1978-81; 16,562, Marino, 1985-88; 16,482, Fouts, 1979-82; 16,422, Marino, 1986-89)

from 1999-2002, Manning had 16,879 yards, now the 2nd-most by any QB over any four-year span

has 13 career fourth-quarter comeback wins, including a club seasonal record 6 in 1999

13 4th-qtr. comeback wins rank 2nd in club history (31, Unitas)

has 19 career 100+ rating games (the club is 15-4)

has 20 300+-yard efforts, ranking 2nd in Colts history (26, Unitas)

has 15 career 50+-yard TD passes

has hit passes to 7 different players 18 times in career and with 8 different players four times (11/8/98, at Miami; 11/29/98, at Baltimore; 10/27/02 at Washington; 11/3/02 vs. Tennessee)

was 23-29-421, 4 TDs/2 ints., vs. Buffalo 9/23/01

the 421 yards marked Manning's 3rd career 400+ passing game (440, vs. Jax. 9/25/00; 404, at San Diego 9/26/99)

is only player in club history to throw for 400+ yards in multiple games

the four TDs vs. Buffalo 9/23/01 marked 3rd career 4-TD outing (vs. Jax. 9/25/00; vs. Minn. 12/24/00). 2002: Started 16 games and took every snap from scrimmage for 3rd time of career (1998, 2000)

earned 3rd career Pro Bowl bid (1999, 2000, 2002) with 392-591-4,200, 27 TDs/19 ints., 88.8 rating

directed club to 10+ seasonal wins for 3rd time in career, tying Unitas and Jones for most in Colts history

set club seasonal records for completions, attempts and completion percentage (66.3)

became only QB in NFL history to have 4,000+ passing yards in four consecutive seasons

produced club-rhdown passes stands as 4th-longest streak in NFL history

was 19-31-211, 3 TDs at Jacksonville 9/8

was 26-45-289, 1 TD/3 ints. vs. Miami 9/15

was 21-28-272, 2 TDs at Houston 9/22

was 21-34-224, 2 TDs/1 int., plus 11t rush vs. Cincinnati 10/6

was 30-40-284, 1 TD/int. vs. Baltimore 10/13

was 32-48-304, 1 TD/3 ints. at Pittsburgh 10/21 and 21-32-214, 2 TDs/ints., plus 1t rush at Washington 10/27

was 37-50-327, 2 TDs/1 int. vs. Tennessee to mark career-best single-game completions and tying club record of Jeff George (at Washington 11/7/93)

produced one of best career games with 18-23-319, 3 TDs at Philadelphia 11/10, his 2nd career 158.3 perfect rating (10/22/00 vs. NE)

hit WRs-Marvin Harrison (57t , 43t) and Reggie Wayne (27t) on long scoring strikes

was 29-38-252, 2 TDs/1 int. vs. Dallas 11/17 and 27-44-229, 1 int. at Denver 11/24

guided club on late drive to force OT, then scored on 1st drive of OT

game at Denver was only 7th of career without TD pass and ended streak of 11 cons. games with a TD pass, his 4th career streak of 10+ games

owns 4 of 8 10+-game streaks in club history (47, Unitas (NFL record); 27, Manning; 13, Manning; 13, Manning; 11, Unitas; 11, Manning; 10, Unitas; 10, Jim Harbaugh)

was 15-28-190, 1 TD vs. Houston 12/1 to produce 5th consecutive 3,000+-yardage and 20+-touchdown seasons, making him only QB in NFL history to open a career with five straight 3,000+ seasons

was 26-42-297, 1 TD/3 ints., at Tennessee 12/8

was 20-34-277, 2 TDs/ 1 int. at Cleveland 12/15 to direct comeback from 16-0 halftime deficit

was 30-46-365, 3 TDs/2 ints. vs. NYG 12/22 to notch 4th 30+-completion game of season and top 4,000+ passing yards for fourth consecutive season

was 20-28-146, 1 TD vs. Jacksonville 12/29 in producing 13th career fourth-quarter comeback win.

POST-SEASON: Started at QB 1/4/03 at NYJ

was 14-31-137, 2 ints. passing and 1-2 rushing.

CAREER NOTES: 2001: Started 16 games for 4th consecutive season and totaled 343-547-4,131, 26 TDs/23 ints., 84.1 rating

was 22-32-231, 2 TDs/2 ints. at NYJ 9/9

was 23-29-421, 4 TDs/2 ints., 129.6 rating vs. Buffalo 9/23

was 20-34-196, 1 TD/3 ints. at New England 9/30 and 26-41-241, 2 TDs/ints. vs. Oakland 10/14

was 22-34-335, 1 TD, 106.9 rating vs. New England 10/21, 19-30-201, 2 TDs, 105.0 rating at Kansas City 10/25 and 23-35-325, 3 TDs/1 int., 112.2 rating vs. Atlanta 12/16

was 17-27-199, 1 TD at Buffalo 11/4 and 20-33-253, 3 TDs/2 ints. vs. Miami 11/11

was 18-28-262, 1 TD/int. at New Orleans 11/18, hitting career-long 86t pass to TE-Marcus Pollard, the 5th-longest TD pass in Colts history

 was 27-48-310, 2 TDs/1 int. at Baltimore 12/2 and 25-35-228, 1 TD vs. NYJ 12/23

was 15-28-195, 1 int. at St. Louis 12/30 and 16-30-191, 2 TDs/1 int. vs. Denver 1/6

ranked 1st in AFC passing yards, 2nd in NFL passing yards

26 TD passes ranked 2nd in AFC, T5th in NFL

had streak of scoring passes in 13 consecutive games end 12/10 at Miami and did not have TD pass at St. Louis 12/30

the 13-game streak was 3rd career 10+-game streak

hit scoring tosses in 27 straight games from 1998-1999, marking one of only 14 20+-game streaks in NFL history and tied fourth-longest in NFL history

26 TD passes marked then the 16th 20+ TD season by a Colts QB (8, Unitas - 32, 1959; 25, 1960; 24, 1957; 23, 1962, 1965; 22, 1966; 20, 1963, 1967; 4, Manning - 33, 2000; 26, 1998; 26, 1999; 26, 2001; 3, Jones - 24, 1976; 23, 1980; 21, 1981; 1, Morrall - 26, 1968)

Unitas (1959-60, 62-63, 65-67), Jones (1980-81) and Manning (1998-02) are only Colts with cons. 20+ TD passing seasons. 2000: Totaled 357-571-4,413, 33 TDs/15 ints., 94.7 rating and earned second consecutive Pro Bowl trip

set club's single-season record for passing yards, completions, 300+ games (5) and touchdowns

33 TD passes broke Unitas' record of 32 in 1959

recorded TD passes in 15 games, tying his club record 15 games in 1998

ranked 1st in NFL passing yards, 1st in NFL completions and T1st in NFL TDs

ranked 2nd in AFC rating, 6th in NFL, 2nd in AFC attempts, 3rd in NFL and 2nd in AFC comp. pct., 5th in NFL

threw career-high six 50+-yard TD passes

directed Colts offense that ranked 3rd in NFL net yards, 2nd in AFC, 4th in NFL points, 3rd in AFC

Colts had 300+ net yards in 14 of 16 games, 325+ yards in 13 of 16 games, 350+ yards in 12 of 16 games, 375+ yards in 9 of 16 games and 400+ yards in 6 of 16 games

the trio of Manning, RB-Edgerrin James (387-1,709, 13 TDs rushing/63-594, 5 TDs receiving, 2,303 yards from scrimmage) and WR-Marvin Harrison (102-1,413, 14 TDs receiving) became first triumvirate to post 4,000-1,000-1,000 numbers in consecutive seasons

led NFL in passing and James won second cons. NFL rushing title, marking only second time in NFL history (1937, Washington, RB-Cliff Battles, QB-Sammy Baugh) that one team had passing and rushing champion

was 22-32-273, 1 TD/1 int., 92.3 rating, at Kansas City 9/3 in season-opening win - at time of win, there had been eight QBs selected with first overall pick in draft since 1970 and Manning became only one to win in his debut at Arrowhead Stadium

was 33-48-367, 3 TDs/2 ints., 94.7 rating vs. Oakland 9/10

had 14 cons. completions in 1st half vs. Oakland, the 2nd-longest streak in club history (17, Bert Jones, vs. NYJ, 12/15/74)

in first career MNF game, totaled 23-36-440, 4 TDs, 143.3 rating vs. Jacksonville 9/25

440 yards set new franchise-record and eclipsed his old record of 404 yards at San Diego 9/26/99 - it marked then only 3rd 400+ game in club history (401,Unitas, 9/17/67 vs. Atlanta) and set club records on MNF for completions, yards and TDs

was named AFC Offensive Player-of-the-Week and Miller Lite Player-of-the-Week for performance

was 16-27-187, 2 TDs/1 int. at Buffalo 10/1

led the club on 42-yard drive with 1:08 remaining to set up a 45-yard game-winning FG

was 31-54-334, 1 TD/3 ints. at New England 10/8

was 20-30-281, 1 TD, 107.7 rating at Seattle 10/15

was 16-20-268, 3 TDs, 158.3 rating vs. NE 10/22, his first career perfect rating

hooked up with Harrison for 51t and 78t scoring plays

the 78t toss tied for then 2nd-longest of career (80, at Phil., 11/21/99; 78t, vs. New Orleans, 9/27/98)

20 atts. vs. NE marked only time in career he has attempted fewer than 23 passes in a game

posted 80.0 comp. pct. vs. NE becoming only 4th QB in club history (done 5 times) to post 80.0 comp. pct. with a minimum 15 attempts

was 22-33-288, 3 TDs/2 ints., 99.0 rating vs. Detroit 10/29

engineered club to 23-15 victory vs. NYJ 11/12 with 21-35-210, 1 TD

totaled 25-44-294, 3 TDs/1 int., at Green Bay 11/19

was 27-51-339, 2 TDs/2 ints., at NYJ 12/3, extending streak of TD passes to 13 cons. Games

marked 2nd-longest streak of career (27 games)

tallied 21-28-206, 1 TD, 107.1 rating at Miami 12/17

concluded regular season vs. Minnesota 12/24 by totaling 25-36-283, 4 TDs/1 int., 118.2 rating

it marked second game in 2000 he tossed 4 TDs and became first Colts' QB to throw for 4 TD passes twice in a season since Unitas (1966).

POST-SEASON: Started at QB at Miami 12/30 and totaled 17-32-194, 1 TD

hooked up with WR-Jerome Pathon for 17th strike for first career post-season TD pass. 1999: Earned first trip to Pro Bowl with 331-533-4,135, 26 TDs/15 ints., 90.7 rating

rebounded from 3-13 starting record in 1998 to post 13-3 record

the 10-game improvement marked best one-season turnaround by any team in the NFL's 80 seasons

helped direct Colts to AFC Eastern Division title, and helped lead club to 423 points, the NFL's third-highest total

helped Colts tie franchise records for consecutive wins (11; 1964, 1975-76) and most wins in a season (13, 1968)

totals in completions, attempts and yards in both 1998 and 1999 ranked then as best seasonal totals in club history

was 4th-youngest QB selected for first Pro Bowl since the AFC-NFC format was instituted in 1971

Peyton Manning was 23 years, 10 months and 13 days old, and ranked behind only Marino (1984, Miami, 22-4-14), Bledsoe (1995, New England, 22-11-22) and Favre (1993, Green Bay, 23-3-28) as youngest first-time Pro Bowl signal-callers

ended rookie season with touchdown passes in 13 consecutive games, the longest rookie streak in NFL history, then extended mark to 27 straight games before ending at Cleveland 12/26

27-game streak tied for fourth-longest in NFL history (47, Unitas, 1956-60; 30, Marino, 1985-87; 28, Dave Kreig, Seattle, 1983-85; 27, Chris Chandler, Atlanta, 1997-99)

it marks one of 14 20-game streaks in NFL history

produced six fourth-quarter comebacks to set club seasonal record

helped direct club to 60 'big' plays (19 rushes of 15+ yards; 41 passes of 25+ yards)

teamed with James (369-1,553, 13 TDs rushing/62-586, 4 TDs receiving, 2,139 yards from scrimmage) and Harrison (115-1,663, 12 TDs) to produce only NFL's second offense ever that boasted 4,000-1,500-1,500 performers (1995 Detroit: Scott Mitchell (4,338)-Barry Sanders (1,500)-Herman Moore (1,686)

Manning, Harrison and James became 1st Colts QB-RB-WR Pro Bowl trio since Jones-Lydell Mitchell-Roger Carr in 1976

for second straight year, a Manning QB-led offense helped produce a 2,000+ yards from scrimmage player (2,227, RB-Marshall Faulk, 1998; 2,139, James, 1999), while Harrison produced then the 26th 100+ reception season in NFL history

ranked 1st in AFC completions, 3rd in NFL, 2nd in AFC attempts, 4th in NFL, 1st in AFC completion percentage (62.1), 2nd in NFL, 1st in AFC yards, 3rd in NFL, 1st in AFC yards per attempt (7.76), 4th in NFL, 1st in AFC touchdown passes, 3rd in NFL

90.7 rating ranked 1st in AFC, 4th in NFL

was 21-33-284, 2 TDs/ ints. vs. Buffalo 9/12/99 to gain first opening-day win, 31-14

was 18-30-223, 3 TDs/2 ints. at New England 9/19

was 29-54-404, 2 TDs/1 int. at San Diego 9/26 in 27-19 win

set Colts single-game yardage total at SD and joined Unitas (401 vs. Atlanta 9/17/67) as only Colts QBs with 400+ career games

became 6th-youngest NFL player at age 23 to notch 400+ game (4 times, Marino, Miami, 1984; 2 times, Bernie Kosar, Cleveland, 1986 and Bledsoe, New England, 1994; 1 time, Jacky Lee, Houston, 1961 and David Woodley, Miami, 1981)

54 atts. marked 3rd-most in club history (59, George at Wash. 11/7/93; 57, Trudeau vs. NYJ 9/28/86), but it was only one of those outings that produced a Colts win

had 1st career TD rush (12t) at San Diego

earned AFC Offensive Player-of-the-Week for game at San Diego, his 2nd such nomination (also 11/15/98 vs. NYJ, 24-23 win)

was 17-24-274, 3 TDs/1 int. vs. Miami 10/10

was 21-35-210, 1 TD/int. at NYJ 10/17

was 17-33-284, 2 TDs/1 int. vs. Cincinnati 10/24

was 22-34-313, 1 TD vs. Dallas 10/31

was 21-33-290, 1 TD/int. vs. KC 11/7 (with 7t rush) and was 20-35-237, 2 TDs/1 int. at NYG 11/14

was 16-26-235, 3 TDs at Philadelphia 11/21 and 23-31-198, 1 TD/2 ints. vs. NYJ 11/28

was 23-29-260, 1 TD/2 ints. at Miami 12/5

directed game-winning drive in final 30 seconds 
(16- and 18-yard passes to Harrison to set up 53-yard FG at gun)

was 15-27-186, 2 TDs vs. New England 12/11

was 23-37-298, 2 TDs/1 int. vs. Washington 12/19 as club clinched division title

was 27-43-276 at Cleveland 12/26, directing club to 10 fourth-quarter points in 29-28 win

was 18-29-163 at Buffalo ½

wins at SD, NYJ, vs. Dallas, vs. Kansas City, vs. Washington and at Cleveland were fourth-quarter triumphs

six fourth-quarter comeback wins in 1999 surpassed prior seasonal-most held by Trudeau (4, 1989)

the other seasonal-mosts in Colts history are 3 by Unitas (1958, 1959, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1967, 1970), Pagel (1983), George (1990); Trudeau (1992) and Harbaugh (1995)

the prior club seasonal-mosts prior to 1999 were 5 in 1989 and 1990 and 4 in 1992

had long completion exceeding 40 yards in 9 of 16 games and did not have game with a completion shorter than 23 yards.

POST-SEASON: Was 19-42-227 vs. Tennessee 1/16/00 in AFC Divisional Playoffs, plus had 15t rush. 1998: Was 326-575-3,739, 26 TDs/28 ints., 71.2 rating to cap finest rookie season in NFL history

set Colts and NFL rookie records in completions, attempts, yards, touchdowns and cons. games with TD pass (13) - completions, attempts and yards surpassed QB-Rick Mirer (274-486-2,833, Seattle, 1993) as NFL rookie seasonal-bests, while his touchdowns and cons. games with TD pass broke 50-year old NFL rookie marks of QB-Charlie Conerly (22, 9, NYG, 1948)

totals broke club rookie marks of Trudeau (204-417-2,225, 1986) and George (16 TDs, 1990) as well as club seasonal marks of George (292-485, 1991) and Unitas (3,481, 1963)

also set NFL rookie records with 4 300+ and 4 3-TD games

Peyton became Colts' 5th opening day rookie starter vs. Miami 9/6 and joined eight other Colts QBs who earned starts during their rookie season

joined George Shaw (9/25/55 vs. Chi., 23-17 W), Jones (9/16/73 at Clev., 24-14 L), Mike Pagel (9/12/82 vs. NE 24-13 L) and George (9/9/90 at Buf., 26-10 L) as the club's only opening-day rookie starting QBs

Manning (22 years, 5 months, 13 days) was 7th-youngest opening-day rookie starter in NFL history, just behind father, Archie, the NFL's 6th-youngest in that category (22 years, 4 months, New Orleans, 1971)

attempted every pass by Colts over 1st 15 games and finished with 575 of club's 576 atts. (WR-Torrance Small was 0-1 vs. Carolina 12/27)

ranked 1st in AFC, 3rd in NFL with 3,739 passing yards (4,212, Favre, GB; 4,170, Young, SF)

575 attempts ranked 1st in NFL

joined Unitas (1957, 1959, 1960, 1961) as only Colts to lead NFL in attempts

ranked 1st in AFC, 2nd in NFL, in completions (347, Favre)

ranked 2nd in AFC, 5th in NFL, with 26 TD passes (36, Young; 34, Randall Cunningham, Min.; 31, Favre; 29, Vinny Testaverde, NYJ) and fell just shy of joining QBs-Harry Newman (11, NYG, 1933) and Bob Waterfield (14, LA, 1945) as only rookies to tie or lead conference or league in TD passes

set NFL rookie record and Colts' seasonal marks with TD passes in 15 different games (missing only 9/20 at NYJ)

the previous club record was 13 different games by Morrall in 1968

TD passes in 13 cons. games ranked 2nd-best in Colts history (47, Unitas, G10-1956 to G10-1960, the NFL record)

produced 3rd 300+ opening-day yardage outing in club history with 21-37-302, 1 TD/3 ints. outing vs. Miami

joined Unitas (401 vs. Atl. 9/17/67) and George (301 vs. NE 9/1/91) as only Colts 300+ opening-day passers

posted only 4th 300+ game by a Colts rookie (359, Trudeau at NYJ 11/16/86; 315, Trudeau vs. NO 10/12/86; 314, Unitas at Det. 11/18/56)

was 19-32-309, 1 TD/3 ints. vs. NO 9/27 to tie Trudeau as only Colts rookie QBs with multiple 300+ games as a rookie

hit Faulk on a 78t pass vs. NO, the 2nd-longest TD pass by Colts rookie (84t, Trudeau to WR-Bill Brooks at SF 10/5/86)

was 12-23-137, 1 TD/int. vs. SD 10/4 to notch 1st career starting victory

was 21-40-235, 2 TDs/ints. vs. Buf. 10/11

was 18-30-231, 3 TDs, 117.5 rating at SF 10/18 to tie club rookie record for most TD passes in game (Unitas vs. Rams 11/25/56; George at Cin. 11/25/90 and vs. Wash. 12/22/90)

was 30-52-278, 2 TDs/ints. vs. NE 11/1 to post then the 5th 30+ comp. day in club history, the 1st by Colts rookie

was 26-44-276, 3 TDs/2 ints. vs. NYJ 11/15 to join George as only Colts rookie QBs to post multiple 3-TD games

directed late 15-play, 80-yard drive that culminated with 14t strike to Pollard with :24 left to notch 1st career 4th-qtr. comeback win

earned AFC Offensive Player-of-the-Week honors for game vs. NYJ, making him only 6th rookie QB to gain the award since its inception in 1984

was 27-42-357, 3 TDs/1 int. at Balt. 11/29 to set club rookie records with 3rd 300+ game (2 yards shy of Trudeau's rookie-best 359 yards) and 3rd 3-TD game (2 by George in 1990)

was 17-26-210, 3 TDs, 128.7 rating vs. Cin. 12/13

was 23-39-335, 1 TD/int. at Sea. 12/20 for 4th 300+ game

ended season vs. Car. with 17-34-225, 1 TD/2 ints. and had TD passes in 13 cons. games, extending his NFL rookie record for most cons. games with a scoring pass

set record by passing 19-27-159, 2 TDs/ints. at Atl. 12/6

had shared mark with Conerly (9, NYG, 1948)

surpassed NFL rookie mark since 1970 in that category with 14-29-164, 1 TD/2 ints. at Buf. 11/22 - he had shared that mark at 7 cons. games with QBs-Jim Plunkett (NE, 1971), David Woodley (Miami, 1980) and Dan Marino (Miami, 1983).ecord fifth consecutive season with 3,000+ yards and fifth consecutive season with 20+ touc

In 2004, Manning became the highest-paid player in NFL history, signing a US $99.2m contract for seven years with a $34.5m signing bonus, which averages out to $14.17m annually. Under the contract, Manning is also eligible to earn an extra $19m in incentives.

Peyton Manning has started every game in his NFL career and has missed only one snap due to injury. He's missed many other snaps due to large leads.

Manning went on to break Dan Marino's record of throwing five touchdown passes in four different games in less than twelve months. Manning is also on pace to break Marino's record of 48 touchdown passes in a season. On November 25, 2004, Manning broke another NFL record, throwing at least four touchdown passes in five straight games.

Manning, with wide receiver Marvin Harrison, has the record for QB/WR completions in the history of the NFL. They topped the tandem of Jim Kelly and Andre Reed at 664 completions in 2004.


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Peyton Manning was the 2003 NFL co-MVP according to the Associated Press. He shared the honor with Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair. After many football insiders criticized Manning for being 0-3 in the playoffs, he won his first NFL playoff game against the Denver Broncos on January 4, 2004. Manning's Passer Rating in the Colts' playoff games against the Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs was a perfect 158.3. However, he had a difficult AFC championship game against a cheating New England Patriots, throwing four interceptions in a 24-14 loss.


Because of his father's legacy at Ole Miss, as well as his own status as the most highly recruited high school quarterback of his class, Peyton Manning stunned many when he chose to attend and play for the University of Tennessee. Manning would become Tennessee's all-time leading passer with 11,201 yards, 863 completions and 89 touchdowns, while compiling a 39-6 record as a starter. In his college career, he threw only 33 interceptions in 1,381 attempts, an NCAA record for best all-time interception percentage.

Although he completed his degree, a BA in speech communication with a 3.61 GPA, in three years, and was projected to be the top overall pick in the NFL Draft, Manning returned to Tennessee for his senior year. He put up even more impressive numbers in his last season (3,819 yards, 36 touchdowns) and finished second in Heisman Trophy voting to The University of Michigan's Charles Woodson, although he was unable to beat arch rival University of Florida for the fourth consecutive time.

Four-year starter - saw action in 48 games with 45 starts - set 33 school records, 8 SEC records and two NCAA marks - set SEC career records for wins as starting quarterback (39-6), completions (863), passing yards (11,201), total offense (11,020), completion percentage (62.49%), interception percentage (2.39%) and 300+ outings (18) - set NCAA records for lowest career int. pct. (2.39%; 33 of 1,381 atts.) and lowest single-season int. pct. (1.05%; 4 of 380 atts. in 1995) - ranked 3rd in NCAA history in passing yards and total offense, 5th in completions 4th in TDs (89), 8th in attempts (1,381) and 11th in career QB rating (147.11) - posted 26-4 record as starter in SEC games - was three-time Academic All-America honoree - started 13 games as senior and helped team to SEC Championship, and 11-2 record - set SEC seasonal record for total offense (3,789) while setting school marks for seasonal completions (287), attempts (477), yards (3,819) and TDs (36) - posted nine 300+ outings - named MVP of SEC Championship Game after totaling 25-43-373, 4 TDs/2 ints., with 73t and 46t passes, in 30-29 win over Auburn - named CNN/SI National Player-of-the-Week and SEC Offensive Player-of-the-Week after 25-35-523, 5 TDs, with 66t, 59t and 50t strikes, in 59-31 win at Kentucky - set school record with 12 consecutive completions - was 35-53-399, 4 TDs passing with 1t rush vs. Southern Miss - .won Sullivan Award for nation's top amateur athlete based on character, leadership, athletic ability and the ideals of amateurism, only 4th collegiate football player honored in award's then 69-year history - won Maxwell Award for College Football Player-of-the-Year - was Heisman Trophy runner-up - was Football News National Offensive Player-of-the-Year - won Davey O'Brien Award for top QB - won Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award for top senior QB - AP, Football News, Walter Camp, FWAA, and AFCA All-America 1st-team - AP and Football News SEC Player-of-the-Year - AP, Football News and Coaches All-SEC - National Football Foundation, NASDAQ and American Honda National Scholar-Athlete of the Year - GTE Academic All-America 1st-team - SEC and AFCA "Football Good Works Team" for community service - Academic All-SEC - started 12 games as junior and helped team to 10-2 record - was 243-380-3,287, 20 TDs/12 ints - had five 300+ outings - named MVP of 48-28 Citrus Bowl win over Northwestern after posting 27-39-408, 4 TDs passing - set school single-game records for completions and attempts with 37-65-492, 4 TDs vs. Florida - named SEC Offensive Player-of-the-Week twice: 31-41-371, 2 TDs at Georgia and 27-36-362, 2 TDs at South Carolina - AP, Football News All-America 3rd-team - AP, Football News, Coaches All-SEC 2nd-team - .GTE Academic All-America 2nd-team - American Honda and CFA Scholar-Athlete Team - Academic All-SEC - started 12 games as sophomore and led team to 11-1 record - was 244-380-2,954, 22 TDs/4 ints. passing - added five rushing TDs - had four 300+ outings - named Sporting News National Player-of-the-Week and SEC Offensive Player-of-the-Week after 35-46-384, 4 TDs/1 int., with 55t pass, at Arkansas - had 70t pass, 1t rush and had school record streak of 132 consecutive passes without int. end at Kentucky - was 20-35-182, 1 TD, with 47t strike, in 20-14 Citrus Bowl win over Ohio State - AP All-America third-team - Coaches All-SEC first-team - AP All-SEC secnd-team - GTE Academic All-America secnd-team - Academic All-SEC - saw action in 11 games as freshman with eight starts - started final eight games - totaled 89-144-1,141, 11 TDs/6 ints. passing with one rushing TD - posted 7-1 record as starter - was 12-19-189, 1 TD in 45-23 Gator Bowl victory over Virginia Tech - named SEC Freshman-of-the-Year - graduated cum laude in three years (3.61 GPA) with major in speech communication.

Peyton Manning wore No. 16 in College at Tennessee, but he'll be No. 18,  as was his dad, for The Indianapolis Colts.

A former female trainer at the University of Tennessee filed a defamation lawsuit against Peyton Manning in 1999 for a 1996 encounter during which Manning, at the time a quarterback at Tennessee, dropped his pants in front of the trainer. The lawsuit was later resolved in December 2003.



Full name is Peyton Williams Manning, born in New Orleans, La.

Peyton Manning is the son of New Orleans Saints quarterback, Archie Manning and the older brother of New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning.

For twelve years, Archie Manning was the field leader of the New Orleans Saints and still holds team passing records. He also served with the Houston Oilers (1982-1983) before being traded to the Minnesota Vikings where he played until retirement in 1985. Archie was the League's Most Valuable Player in 1978 and participated in two Pro Bowls. He is the only player in the history of the New Orleans Saints franchise to be inducted into the "Wall of Fame" in the Louisiana Superdome. Archie Manning was voted quarterback of the 25 Year All Saints Team and voted Most Popular Saint in franchise history. Archie has been inducted into numerous Halls of fame including the Louisiana and Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and the National Football Foundation College Hall of Fame. In 1992 he was voted Mississippi's All-time Greatest Athlete. Recently, Archie Manning was named the quarterback for The Team of the Century at the University of Mississippi.

ELI MANNING - Fine athlete who will follow his father, Archie, and brother, Peyton, into the NFL - Only the 5th quarterback in Southeastern Conference history to throw for more than 10,000 yards in a career - Holder of 47 school game, season and career records - A big-play specialist, known for rallying the team for 4th quarter victories, he completed 829 of 1363 passes (60.8%) for 10,119 yards, 81 touchdowns and 35 interceptions, topping the previous marks of 566 completions of 981 passes by Kent Austin (1981-85), 6311 yards and 43 scores by Romaro Miller (1997-2000) - Only Bobby Garner (63.2%, 1975-78) and Paul Head (61.5%, 1993-96) had a higher pass completion percentage among the school’s all-time quarterbacks - Averaged a school-record 7.42 yards per attempt - Scored five times on 128 carries - Totaled 9,984 yards and accounted for 86 touchdowns, breaking the previous Ole Miss career-records of 6413 yards by Miller and 56 scores by his father, Archie Manning (1968-70) - His passing yards and total offensive yardage rank 5th in SEC history, while his pass attempts and completions rank 4th - Eli Manning’s 81 touchdown tosses rank 3rd and his 86 total scores (81 passing, 5 rushing) rank 4th in SEC history - Set an Ole Miss career mark for average yards per offensive play (rush or pass), 6.70 - His 1,491 career offensive plays rank 1st in school history - Set school career marks for 300-yard games of total offense (9) and 350-yard games of total offense (6) - Also set Ole Miss career records for consecutive games with a touchdown pass (16), consecutive 200-yard passing games (11) and consecutive 250-yard passing games (7) - Was the 1st choice of the 2004 NFL draft, by the San Diego Chargers, the highest an Ole Miss player has ever been picked. Soon after his selection, Eli was traded to the Giants for quarterback Philip Rivers (the No. 4 overall pick), a third-round draft choice in 2004 and first and fifth-round choices in 2005.

GOING INTO CAMP: Few quarterbacks in history have entered the league facing the kind of controversy Manning endured. He told the Chargers he didn't want to play for them, forced them to make a draft day trade, then arrived in Gotham just weeks before Kurt Warner was signed as a tutor and potential rival. It's only a matter of time before Eli is starting, but he'll have to wrest the job away from a former Super Bowl champion and MVP.

Manning attended Newman High School in New Orleans and went on to excel as quarterback. Peyton left high school with a 34-5 career record as a starter. Despite some urging from his father's alma mater in Mississippi, Peyton chose to attend the University of Tennessee, majoring in speech communications.

While playing for the Volunteers, Manning caught the football nation's attention, racking up impressive offensive numbers and becoming an All-American. After his junior season, there was pressure on Manning to leave school early and enter the NFL. But, ever the cerebral person that he is, Manning decided to finish his education, much to the relief of the Volunteers.

In his senior year, Peyton finished runner-up in the Heisman Memorial Trophy voting. He is the only man in Tennessee history to have his number retired by the school.

Peyton was named Gatorade Circle of Champions National Player-of-the-Year and Columbus (Ohio) Touchdown Club.

National Offensive Player-of-the-Year as senior - named 1997 NCAA Top VIII for Outstanding Senior Student-Athlete in Athletics, Academics and Community Service - named one of 10 outstanding young Americans by the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce on January 9, 1999, in Washington, D.C - in 2000, the Indianapolis Business Journal named Manning one of the area's Top 40 leaders under 40 years of age and NUVO Magazine named Manning the Best Professional Athlete in Indianapolis. Peyton has been honorary chairman of Indiana CASA's annual fund drive and has contributed a flag football game the last five years pitching "Peyton's Pals," a team of CASA foster children, against another team of youth from Indianapolis area community centers -  formed the PeyBack Foundation in 1999 to promote the future success of disadvantaged youth by helping programs that provide the necessary leadership and growth opportunities for youth at risk - as the foundation's first major event, Peyton launched the inaugural PeyBack Classic in 2000, enabling five inner-city Indianapolis high school football teams to play for the first time in the RCA Dome - the school's struggling athletic programs have received more than $150,000 in proceeds the past three years - in 2002, the PeyBack Foundation gave more than $100,000 in grants to community agencies in Indiana, Tennessee and New Orleans - the foundation committed $25,000 to a restoration project for the Dryades Street YMCA in New Orleans in 2001 - Peyton has hosted a special holiday celebration the past three years for Indianapolis children - in 2002, the PeyBack Foundation hosted more than 700 disadvantaged Indianapolis children from 25 different community agencies for the PeyBack Christmas Celebration at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis - the PeyBack Foundation instituted the Peyton's Pals Ticket Incentive Program in 2002, which makes it possible for disadvantaged children to attend Indianapolis Colts home games - each organization receives 50 tickets, a PeyBack Foundation T-shirt, and a voucher for a free meal at the RCA Dome concession stands - through his PeyBack Foundation, Manning established the PeyBack Award in 2002 to recognize an individual associated with football who achieved a high level of success in the sport and distinguished himself through philanthropic deeds, and the first recipient was Dallas Cowboys Hall-of-Fame quarterback Roger Staubach - former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino was the recipient in 2003 - for the last two years, Peyton has participated in the Marsh Holiday Handoff for Hunger, a community-based food drive that benefited local food pantries - the program has generated more than 400,000 pounds of food for those in need - each Indiana school that participated entered a drawing to win a visit from Peyton and tickets to a Colts game - in 2003, Peyton joined forces with Caps for Kids, a non-profit organization that provides caps for children undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer or other life-threatening illnesses - St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis is one of 70 hospitals and treatment centers throughout the United States that participate in the program - Peyton, in conjunction with Marsh, holds an annual event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to raise money for the PeyBack Foundation - the Marsh Kids' Club Walk, "Peyton's Rally at Gasoline Alley," gives kids an opportunity to walk around the track with Peyton - more than 700 people participated in the event in 2002 - Peyton was named to the NCAA Foundation Board of Directors in 2000 (now the NCAA Leadership Advistory Board), and is its youngest-ever member and first active professional athlete - in addition to his board responsibilities, Peyton has become the national spokesperson for the NCAA's major character education program to be instituted in elementary schools across the nation - Peyton is involved with the NCAA's 'Stay in Bounds' program, a character development initiative committed to teaching citizenship through sports and the acceptance of a set of guiding principles of sportsmanship - along with his father, Archie, Peyton is actively involved with the Play it Smart organization, a school-based program primarily funded by the National Football Foundation - the program seeks to use the power of the football experience as a vehicle to enhance the academic, athletic, career and personal development of high school student-athletes - the PeyBack Foundation expanded the program in Indianapolis in 2002 by sponsoring two IPS schools - all five football-playing Indianapolis public high schools now have the benefit of an academic coach - Peyton also serves on the Board of Visitors of the College of Art and Sciences at the University of Tennessee and the Board of Advocates for the Indiana Golf Foundation - Peyton serves on the American Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet - Manning was honored in May, 2002 as the male recipient of the Henry P. Iba Citizen Athlete Award, given annually to America's premier male and female athletes who excelled in their sport and through their actions have helped others - Manning was selected the 2001 Walter Payton/Indianapolis Colts NFL Man-of-the-Year for participation in community affairs - he was honored by his teammates as the 2001 Ed Block Courage Award nominee - in 2002, Peyton earned the USA Weekend's Most Caring Athlete Award for his ongoing community service activities - his teammates have nominated him for the Byron "Whizzer" White Humanitarian Award the last two years  - the award is named for Supreme Court Justice and former NFL star Byron White, the award goes to the player who best personifies the spirit of Justice White's service to team, community and country - The Sporting News selected Peyton as one of the Good Guys in professional sports in 2002 - Manning was awarded the 2001 American Dream Award by the Hudson Institute for his work with the PeyBack Foundation - he helped promote the I.S.T.E.P. exam for the Indiana Department of Education - a portion of the Manning Passing Academy is donated to Special Olympics of Louisiana and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes - along with St. Vincent Hospitals and Health Services in Indianapolis, he helped create "Peyton's Playbook," a kid's guide to healthy living and the importance of making the right decisions - his father, Archie, was an All-America choice at Ole Miss in 1969 and 1970, and had a 14-year NFL career with New Orleans (1971-82), Houston (1982-83) and Minnesota (1983-84 -
On March 17, 2001 Married His College Girlfriend Ashley Thompson In Memphis, Tennessee.
- Manning and his wife, Ashley, reside in Indianapolis, In.

Peyton's Favorite Quote Is From Pro Football Hall Of Fame Coach Chuck Noll:
"Pressure Is Something You Feel Only When You Don't Know What The Hell You're Doing".

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