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Indianapolis Colts VS Tennessee Titans  at The RCA Dome October 8, 2006 Colts win 21 to 14

Game 5

 October 8, 2006




















Date: 10/8/2006
Tennessee Titans At Indianapolis Colts 
at RCA Dome
Start Time: 1:02 PM EST

Game Day Weather

Played Indoor on Turf: FieldTurf
Outdoor Weather: Sunny, 64 Degrees

Referee: Mike Carey (94)
Line Judge: Mark Perlman (9)
Field Judge: Buddy Horton (82) Umpire: Dan Ferrell (64)
Side Judge: Tom Fincken (47)
Replay Official: Tommy Moore () Head Linesman: Steve Stelljes (22)
Back Judge: Bill Schmitz (122)
Video Operator: 

It's a "W"

That's about all that one can say about this game. Indianapolis Colts beat Tennessee 14 - 13 before a sell out crowd of 57,011 at the RCA Dome. The first half, Titans held the game 10 - 0. Colts couldn't connect anywhere as the Titans were doing just the opposite. Even without defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, who was serving the first game of his five-game suspension, for kicking Dallas center Andre Gurode in the head twice in Sunday's 45-to-14 victory by the Cowboys, running back Chris Brown, who was inactive and a makeshift offensive line, the Titans looked like they would pull off one of the most shocking upsets in the NFL. With rookie quarterback Vince Young making his second career start, Coach Jeff Fisher decided to play it safe by attacking the Colts' porous defense the same way every opponent has this season . . .

 . . .running inside.

As usual, it worked.

It was nearly perfect. The Titans rushed for 152 yards where the Colts offense couldn't get any traction and were incapable of staying on the field, spending much of the game on the sideline. Manning simply appeared out of sync. He couldn't even complete a pass to his favorite target, Marvin Harrison. He hit 9-of-17 passes for only 56 yards

During the halftime break, The Colts regrouped, examined their tribulations and made the necessary fine-tuning as things turned around during the second half. The Colts defense yielded 86 yards and three points. The offense accumulated 201 yards and 14 points. Colts were making plays. Peyton was connecting with Harrison and Wayne, both.

"We came in at halftime and nobody panicked," Wayne said. "Nobody was blaming anybody. We came in, made some corrections and got going in the second half."

The game concluded with a 3 yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Reggie Wayne on third-and-goal as the Colts moved to 5-0 and won their 12th consecutive AFC South game.


On With The Show

1st Quarter

Colts win the toss and elects to receive as Titans elects to defend the West goal.

Colts started out at their 20 yard line as Titans kicker, Rob Bironas kicked it into the endzone for a touchback.

It started off looking real good as Peyton hit Dallas Clark for a quick 9 yards and then Dominic Rhodes ran 4 plays for 2, 9, 8 and 6 yards, spinning and pounding down the field. On a 2nd and 4, Addai ran it for 5 yards getting the first down and then ran another play for 4 yards. Then Peyton took to the unfriendly skies as he fell incomplete twice. Once, deep to Fletcher and the other to Reggie Wayne; which was just inches to high for Wayne to snag. Colts bring out Hunter Smith to punt.

 Tennessee took control of the field as they hustled 88 yards to a 7-0 lead on Young's 19-yard touchdown run on its first possession. All seven plays were runs. The Colts missed tackles and got caught out of position.
The home crowd actually booed.
That's encouragement!

Again Colts take down the field with Dominic Rhodes for a gain of 5 yards then 11 and another 7 after a loss of 4 on the previous play. On 3rd and 7, Peyton hit Stokley for 5 yards falling 2 yards short of a first and again Hunter Smith takes to the field.

Titan's rookie Quarterback, Vince Young was unable to do anything but a gain of 3 yards on their next possession as they were forced to punt.

I love you Tarik as I'm sure the rest of The Colts Fans do, however the penalties you bring forth as the holding call on this drive set the Colts back for 10 yards. Colts were unable to move more than 1 yard by Addai as Peyton again threw incomplete passes and again Colts bring out Hunter "The Punter".

Titans take possession of the ball going into the 2nd Quarter as they are also forced to punt.

2nd Quarter

With Colts next possession things were looking quite promising as Rhodes ran for 4 yards and Peyton connecting with Wayne for 10 yards making it 1st and 10. Peyton then hits Rhodes for a 9 yarder and then Rhodes runs it for 4 for another 1st down. Rhodes then ran for 2 yards as Peyton tried to Marvin on a short pass up the middle but fell incomplete.  Then the bad Officiating began as Rhodes supposedly fumbled a ball he never had possession of and was recovered by Titans linebacker, Keith Bullock at the Colts 49.

Titan's possession as they used six plays to move the ball 45 yards, 2 of them on runs by running back, Travis Henry for 17 yards each. However, on a Titan's 1st and Goal, The Colts defense came through as they prevented Tennessee from getting into the endzone. Titans settled for a 22 yard field goal making it Titans 10 - Colts 0.

Colts ended up punting again on their next possession, but not until after Peyton made a nice 8 yard scramble and was then clothes lined by turncoat David Thornton as Peyton was already in the slide.
Yet no call . . .

 With very little over 4 minutes left in the first half of the game, Titans used up 3 of those minutes to get nowhere ending up having to punt as where Colts were forced to punt on their next possession in less than 1 minute leaving 3 seconds on the clock.

As Titans snap the ball, Young throws deep to Drew Bennett who was picked off by Colts Mike Doss who ran it back for 31 yards before being tackled.

End of the First Half.

3rd Quarter

Titans receive the kickoff and on their first play Travis Henry runs another 17 yarder. However, Young then went 3 and out and was forced to punt.

Addai started the Colts drive on the ground and totaled 42 yards on five runs mixed around three completions by Manning. Rhodes then reeled off three runs for 19 yards before Manning hit Harrison on a slant route for a 13-yard touchdown pass, pulling the Colts to within 10-7 with 6:09 remaining in the third quarter.
Robert Scheer
Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison scores a third quarter touchdown.

The Titans responded with a 10-play, 38-yard drive that resulted in a 47-yard field goal by Rob Bironas to make it 13-7.

Tennessee nearly scored on the play before Bironas' kick as Young twirled a perfect pass to Bobby Wade in front of the Colts' end zone that went through the hands of the wide out before he was hit by Indianapolis defensive back Mike Doss.

Closing out the 3rd quarter with 3 plays simply resulting in 6 yards made by Brandon Stokley, The Colts proceeded to drive all the way to the Titans 10 yard line on their drive in the 4th quarter with the help of an 18 yard connection from Peyton to Brandon Stokley and then another Peyton/Stokley connection for 23 yards.

Sam Riche
 Stokley limped to the sidelines with a leg injury after this play. Matters went unpleasant as on second-and-8 from the Tennessee 10, a Manning pass came in hot, went through Wayne's hands and was intercepted by safety Chris Hope.

"A missile," Wayne called it.

4th Quarter

The Titans went three and out on the resulting drive and had to punt from deep within their own territory as the Colts took over on Tennessee's 43.

Manning still had too much time to work his magic as he threw incomplete on 1st down and Addai ran for a mere 2 yards on the 2nd down. The Colts are faced 3rd-and-8 at the Titans 41.

Wayne lined up in the slot, ran an out and made a laid-out, diving catch while well-covered for a 12-yard gain and a first down.

"Probably the pivotal play in the game," Manning called it. "The guy had pretty tight coverage, but Reggie's made that diving catch a lot. Obviously, my confidence is high in going to him."

Addai ran for another 2 ion the next play and then caught a short pass for 7 after that. After Rhodes ran it for 3, Peyton Manning hit Marvin Harrison for 13 yards putting them on the Jets 3 yard line.

Resilient: Colts receiver Marvin Harrison (left) caroms off Tennessee defensive back Pacman Jones after making a fourth-quarter reception.

Now 1st and Goal, Peyton fired it over the middle to Wayne, however fell incomplete as Rhodes ran it up the middle for a gain of 1 on the next play. Now third-and-goal at the Titans 2, the Titans lined up in a familiar scheme to stop a run. "It's Peyton Manning, man," Titans outside linebacker Keith Bulluck said.
Was Peyton about to make his third touchdown of the 2006 season?
Reggie Wayne was lined up on the left side. The ball was snapped and as Keith Bulluck put it. "All he did was a Pop Warner play. He just turned around." Manning threw a high pass to Wayne, who caught it just over the goal line for the winning touchdown - before being knocked out of the end zone by a defender. Colts 14-13

Robert Scheer
The Colts Reggie Wayne scores a fourth quarter touchdown as Lamont Thompson defends for the Titans.

After officials' signaled touchdown, Wayne ran back into the end zone, and knelt for a brief celebration/prayer.

Later, Wayne admitted that he might have brought a little greater depth of sentiment than usual on Sunday. His brother, Rashad, 32, was killed in a traffic accident Sept. 24. Rashad was buried Tuesday in New Orleans.

After his touchdown catch, Reggie was knocked out of the end zone by Titans safety Lamont Thompson. Wayne gathered himself and walked back into the end zone. He knelt on one knee and raised his index finger toward the sky.

It was the most private of moments, amidst 57,000 in full scream.

"He knocked me out of the end zone," Wayne said. "I had to get back into the end zone. I just wanted to score and I finally got in there. I hadn't gotten in there since last year."

The Titans still had 5:10 on the clock. They had great field position after Bobby Wade returned the ensuing kickoff 48 yards to the Colts 46. On their first play, Colts fan were excited as Vincent Young threw a deep pass to Wide Receiver, Bobby Wade as Colts rookie Defensive Back, Antoine Bethea intervened - almost making the pick, preventing Young from connecting on probably a Titans promising play. But did anybody notice who Bethea really intervened with? Cornerback Nick Harper was poised to make his second interception of the season when rookie safety Antoine Bethea intervened.

Harper had settled under a badly under thrown pass from Titans quarterback Vince Young late in the fourth quarter, only to have Bethea run into him and jar the ball loose.

"I know he was a little upset because that was his pick,'' Bethea said."I was just trying to make a play.''

Harper had visions of making a really big play.

"I was looking downfield,'' he said, smiling broadly."I was plotting my course. I had already picked out my lane, then Bethea came flying by. I was like, 'Who is this?'

Nonetheless the Titans lost 3 yards in the next two plays as Titans were forced to punt with 3 1/2 minutes remaining.

The Colts were able to run the clock all the way down to 26 seconds before punting to seal the win.

It wasn't over until Tennessee's final desperation pass was knocked down near the Colts 10 on a day that sent practically everyone home drained.

(AP Photo/Tom Strattman)
Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher walks off the field after the Indianapolis Colts beat the Titans 14-13 in an NFL football game in Indianapolis, Sunday, Oct. 8, 2006.

Commercial Break:

The Tennessee Titans lost a heartbreaking game to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday after Peyton Manning engineered a fourth quarter touchdown drive to give his team a one-point victory. Adding to the humiliation, the Titans were unaware that the final drive was engineered as part of a new Sprint commercial featuring Manning watching a highlight of himself on his new Sprint mobile phone.

"When my favorite player scores a game-winning touchdown, I always want to check out the highlight right away," said Manning, sporting a fake mustache and wig. "With Sprint Mobile NFL, I can see it instantly at the push of a button."

Manning then jogged to the sidelines and celebrated with his teammates. Afterward, he credited Sprint for coming up with the idea for the live, in-game commercial.

"The folks from Sprint just asked me if we could film an ad during the game." he said. "I said that's no problem. They wanted me to embark on a late-game touchdown drive, something really dramatic, and then use that as a jumping off point for the commercial. It was a roaring success."

When informed they just starred in a new Peyton Manning commercial, Titans players were shocked and embarrassed. None of them suspected a thing at the time, said linebacker Keith Bulluck.

"Wow, that's surprising and embarrassing," said Bulluck. "I didn't realize we were being used like that. It seemed like a perfectly normal drive. We played tough, but they scored. I didn't see Peyton running into the end zone talking into any cameras or anything. I mean, I did see someone standing in the end zone with a Colts uniform holding up a phone and talking to the camera, but he had a mustache. Wait a minute . . .f*%!!"

The commercial will hit the airwaves next month and run approximately 35,000 times until the end of the football season. For the Titans, that means 35,000 reminders of their gut wrenching loss.

"That's a joke, man. There's just something wrong with that," said Bulluck. "Not only did we lose the game, we lost our dignity as well. It's going to be shown over and over again for the whole season and we're never going to forget it."




The Colts are on the bye next week while the Titans travel to play the Redskins.

Manning finished with 20 completions in 31 attempts for 166 yards with one interception.

The game-winning drive was the second in as many weeks for quarterback Peyton Manning and the 26th of his career

Manning had a career-best streak of 132 passes without an interception end when safety Chris Hope intercepted a pass in the fourth quarter

*The Colts, who went into the game leading the NFL in third-down conversions at 62.3 percent, went 0-for-6 on third down during the opening half.
*They were 5-for-6 in the second half.

Indy has won seven straight in this series, 12 straight over division teams and completed another sweep of its three home division games.

Rhodes ran 20 times for 84 yards
Joseph Addai carried 13 times for 62 yards.

Linebacker Cato June led the Colts with 11 tackles

The win tied Colts head coach Tony Dungy with Hall of Fame coach John Madden in career victories with 112

Wayne has a TD catch in five straight games against the Titans

Marvin Harrison set a new record with his three-catch, 29-yard performance. Harrison now has a catch in his first 159 career games, surpassing former Colt Marshall Faulk for the longest streak of games with a catch to begin a career.

Marvin Harrison's first catch Sunday against the Tennessee Titans gave him a reception in his 159th consecutive game, an NFL record to start a career.

Harrison broke the previous mark of 158 established by former Colts and St. Louis Rams running back Marshall Faulk.

Harrison broke Faulk's record with a 3-yard reception with 11:33 left in the third quarter. In the last two weeks, Harrison moved from sixth on the career receptions list to fourth.

He also entered Sunday's game needing 41 yards to pass Irving Fryar (12,785) for eighth on the career list in yards receiving.

Harrison and Wayne each caught their first TDs of the season

Brandon Stokley left the game in the second half with a sprained left knee.

Brandon Stokley's return to the Indianapolis Colts' offense after a two-game hiatus turned out to be a mixture of pleasure and pain.

The veteran wide receiver had five receptions for a team-high 57 yards in Sunday's 14-13 win over Tennessee but didn't play after spraining his left knee early in the fourth quarter.

"It was good to be back in the game and making some catches,'' Stokley said.

The injury occurred on a 23-yard reception. Stokley limped to the sideline.

"Hopefully it's just a sprained (posterior cruciate ligament),'' he said. "We'll get an MRI on it."

Colts' kicker Adam Vinatieri missed his third straight game because of a groin injury. Safety Bob Sanders was also out for Indianapolis.

 Colts -- offense 5th overall (20th rushing, 3rd passing), defense 20th overall (30th rushing, 10th passing).
Titans -- offense 27th overall (tied-30th rushing, 17th passing), defense 30th overall (32nd rushing, 16th passing).


Injury report:
Colts -- Questionable, K Adam Vinatieri (groin), DE Bo Schobel (heart), DT Raheem Brock (elbow), OT Ryan Diem (groin), DE Dwight Freeney (shoulder), CB Nick Harper (groin), CB Kelvin Hayden (ankle), CB Marlin Jackson (concussion), OT Charlie Johnson (ankle), DT Dan Klecko (low back), DE Ryan LaCasse (quadricep), G Ryan Lilja (knee), DT Montae Reagor (knee), S Bob Sanders (knee), C Jeff Saturday (low back), WR Brandon Stokley (ankle), DE Josh Thomas (ankle), TE Ben Utecht (low back), WR Terrence Wilkins (concussion); probable.

 Titans -- Out, WR David Givens (hand), TE Erron Kinney (knee), G Zach Piller (ankle); questionable, OL Eugene Amato (ankle), WR Drew Bennett (quad), DT Jesse Mahelona (knee), LB Robert Reynolds (thigh).

Medical update

Along with losing Stokley, the Colts lost the services of Marlin Jackson on Sunday. The second-year cornerback suffered an undisclosed injury when he was "leg-whipped'' while covering a punt in the first quarter.

Also, the team decided to keep place-kicker Adam Vinatieri inactive for a third straight game. He still isn't fully recovered from a strained groin. Martin Gramatica was re-signed and handled the kicking chores.


Former Colts linebacker David Thornton was credited with 13 tackles.

Titans running back Travis Henry rushed 19 times for 123 yards as Tennessee piled up 214 yards on the ground.

Wide receiver David Givens were among those inactive for the Titans

Henry had his first 100-yard game since Dec. 7, 2003 while with Buffalo

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