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Indianapolis Colts VS Jacksonville Jaguars at The RCA Dome Setember 24, 2006 Colts win 21 to 14

Game 3

 November 24, 2006


After a Jaguar's statistical, dominating, unsportsmanlike roughing defense in the first half - Colts prevail and win it 21 to 14



















Date: 9/24/2006 Jacksonville Jaguars
At Indianapolis Colts at RCA Dome
Start Time: 1:02 PM EST

Game Day Weather
Played Indoor on Turf: FieldTurf
Outdoor Weather: Mostly Cloudy, 64 Degrees


Referee: Peter Morelli (135)
Line Judge: Charles Stewart (62)
Field Judge: Jim Saracino (58) Umpire: Darrell Jenkins (76)
Side Judge: Jeff Lamberth (103)
Replay Official: Hendi Ancich () Head Linesman: George Hayward (54)
Back Judge: Don Dorkowski (113)

In a game where the Jacksonville Jaguars acknowledged to prevail over their rivalry opponent and end the Colts' four-year domination of the AFC South, by out scoring them as they did to their first week contender, Dallas Cowboys 24-17 and their second week hounding of the Super Bowl champion Steelers 9-0. The Jacksonville Jaguars started the game giving the impression of accomplishing such a feat.

With The Colts playing without a number of key injured players; Pro Bowl safety Bob Sanders, kicker Adam Vinatieri, wide receiver Brandon Stokley and defensive tackle Corey Simon.

The Jacksonville Jaguars commenced to dominate the Colts offensively and defensively in the first half Sunday. In the opening 30 minutes. The Jaguars ran for 157 yards on 29 carries. Backup Maurice Jones-Drew had 87 on eight carries. Fred Taylor added 67 on 17 carries. The Colts were being crushed on the same plays over and over.  The Jaguars scored on a 4-yard touchdown run by quarterback Byron Leftwich after an opening possession that used nearly half the first quarter. The Colts and Jags began to trade the ball back and forth through the first and second quarter while neither team were able to score until Colts Terrance Wilkins returns a punt 82 yards for a touchdown late in the second quarter!

After half time The Colts regrouped, adapted, improvised and overcame!

The Jaguars self-destructed as they did not score again until 3:32 remaining in the game; Jaguars missed out on six points after Josh Scobee missed a pair of field-goal attempts, the first from 24 yards. This is from a club that scored all its points during last week's win over Pittsburgh through the kicking game. The Colts on the other hand scored a touchdown on an 82-yard punt return by Terrence Wilkins early in the second quarter; being the third longest punt return for a TD in franchise history.

In the third quarter; as a result of Dallas Clark being left alone in the endzone and Peyton to connect on a 30-yard touchdown pass. Colts in the fourth quarter scored again as Peyton Manning posted his first rushing touchdown since the 2002 season, taking a naked bootleg around the right side for a 2-yard score! Instead of handing off to Addai, Manning faked the handoff. With safety Donovin Darius blitzing from the right side of the Colts' line and committed to going after Addai, Manning tucked the ball and rolled untouched into the end zone.

Colts coach, Tony Dungy instructed offensive coordinator Tom Moore to relay to Manning to keep the football and run the bootleg. No other player was clued in.

As I have noted many a times before, it's a real shame when you have to play against blind idiotic Officials. The Colts took issue with several rulings and non-rulings by the officials in Sunday's game.

A 51-yard reception by wide receiver Reggie Wayne in the second quarter was negated when Jacksonville coach Jack Del Rio successfully challenged. On the play, Wayne made a diving catch, seemed to secure the ball in his right hand, put his left hand down to cushion his fall and rolled onto the FieldTurf with his right elbow hitting the ground. Then the ball came out.

According to referee Pete Morelli, " . . . the receiver could not maintain complete control of the ball. The ball came out and hit the ground.''

Dungy noted Wayne's "non-catch'' was identical to an apparent interception by Pittsburgh safety Troy Polomalu in the Steelers' playoff win over the Colts last season. It was ruled an interception on the field but overruled by replay. A few days later, the NFL admitted the officials were wrong for overturning the interception.

"It's the same thing,'' Dungy said.

The officials also seemed to give Jacksonville cornerback Rashean Mathis a lot of leeway. He twice appeared to interfere with Marvin Harrison on passes that could have been touchdowns.

"I guess I'm not sure what pass interference is anymore,'' Dungy said.

Regardless, The Colts won and are now 3 - 0 and, as usual, The Jags left with an "L" in the ledger book.

"I guess they've got the bragging rights now," Jags quarterback Byron Leftwich said.



1st Quarter

Jacksonville wins the toss and elects to receive while The Colts elects to defend the East goal.

The Jags took control of the first half using 11 plays to run 78 yards on a 7:29 drive to make it 7 - 0.

On Colts first series, they moved the chains once and ended up having Hunter Smith punt it away.

On Jags next series, Leftwich used 8 plays to move the ball 51 yards only to wind up throwing an interception to cornerback, Jason David on the Colts nine yard line. On the fourth play of this Jaguars possession, Reggie Williams committed his first Personal Foul.

Dominick Rhodes ran two carries; one for no gain and one for seven yards as they went into the second quarter . . .

2nd Quarter

. . . The Colts were unable score on the turnover and ended up having to punt again.

Jaguars now with possession moved the chains once and failed to move them again as Vincent Manuwai is called for Unnecessary Roughness for shoving Colts linebacker Cato June and penalized 13 yards making it 4th and 22.

That's when Terence Wilkins pumped life into the sellout crowd and his teammates. He gathered in Chris Hanson's punt at his own 18-yard line and found a seam in Jacksonville's coverage.

Colts wide receiver Terrence Wilkins leaps into the endzone after running back a punt for a touchdown in the second quarter.

"I wanted to run laterally for five or six yards until I saw a little seam,'' Wilkins said. "Holes are never going to be that big, so you've got to hit it.''

He juked tight end Kyle Brady and long-snapper Joe Zelenka and stepped out of a tackle attempt by linebacker Tony Gilbert.

"Then it was me and Hanson,'' Wilkins said.

Cornerback Jason David took care of Jacksonville's punter with a devastating block, clearing Wilkins' path to the end zone making it a tied ballgame, 7 - 7.

The 82-yard punt return was the Colts' first for a touchdown since Wilkins' 78-yarder against the New York Jets in 2001. It also was the third-longest punt return for a touchdown in club history.

On Jaguars next possession, they drove 58 yards on 11 plays to the Colts five yard line. With a 1st and 5, running back, Fred Taylor ran for two yards before being brought down by Gibert Gardner. 2nd and 3 and Taylor tries to run up the middle as Robert Mathis and Jason David hit him for a loss of two yards. 3rd and 5 and Leftwich must have thought he could run in another touchdown as Robert Mathis thought differently and brought him down for a loss of 1 yard.


 Jaguars realizing Colts are not going to give up a touchdown they would have to settle for a field goal. The ball is snapped, Hanson the ball holder positions the ball as Scobee kicks it and sends it soaring into the left upright bouncing off leaving their exceptional drive scoreless.

The Florida Times-Union, Rick Wilson
RICK WILSON/The Times-Union--9/24/06--Jacksonville Jaguars kicker #10 Josh Scobee sits dejected on the bench after missing a 24 yard field goal attempt with 2:53 to play in the second quarter during the Jags 21-14 defeat to the Indianapolis Colts Sunday afternoon September 24, 2006 at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana.

 It was Scobee's first miss from under 30 yards since he joined the Jaguars in 2004. Over the past two years, he was a perfect 19-for-19.

On Colts first play of their possession, Peyton Manning fires a 51 yard pass to Reggie Wayne as he brings it in while taking more than two steps with the ball in hand, falls to the ground. Upon hitting the ground the ball is forced out of his hands. Yet, after a Jack Del Rio challenge of the catch, supposedly there was no doubt after all the footage given him, referee Pete Morelli indicated the receiver could not maintain complete control of the ball. The ball came out and hit the ground.


AP Photo/Darron Cummings

A. J. Macht

I don't know how The Colts do it, week after week of idiotic Officiating calls, but they do and they did.

Later on the drive, Manning threw deep to Harrison near the goal line. Harrison barely missed the pass, and although Jaguars cornerback Rashean Mathis touched the back of Harrison's shoulder pads, no interference call was made. The Colts proceeded to move down the field advancing the chains twice with a 22 yard completion to Wayne and a 20 yarder to Marvin only ending up having to punt in the last minutes of the half.

Jaguars finished out the second quarter with Leftwich taking a knee as time ran out.

3rd Quarter

The Colts receive the kickoff in the second half of the game as Peyton moved the ball 80 yards in 7 plays in a little over 3 minutes which include a 38-yard pass from Manning to Harrison giving the Colts a first down at the Jaguars 31.
 On 3rd and 9, Peyton found Dallas Clark sitting pretty and all alone on the right side of the field near the goal line. Peyton fired it 30 yards to Dallas as Colts picks up another touchdown making it 14 - 7.




Ensuing plays, the Colts and Jaguars went back and forth coming up scoreless. However, Scobee got his second chance to put some more points on the board as he missed again, this time wide right from 49 yards.

The Florida Times-Union, Rick Wilson
Jacksonville Jaguars kicker #10 Josh Scobee reacts after missing a 49 yard field goal attempt with :49 to play in the third quarter during the Jags 21-14 defeat to the Indianapolis Colts Sunday afternoon September 24, 2006 at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana.
 The Colts had possession of the ball to end the third quarter.

4th Quarter

Although another controversial no call pass interference when Peyton's pass fell incomplete on a deep route to Marvin Harrison, the Colts turned over the ball as Hunter Smith punted away.

Jaguars couldn't do anything as Leftwich went three and out.

On Colts next possession of the ball, Rashean Mathis was finally called for pass interference although Colts declined as Peyton hit Marvin for 19 yards. However, later in the series another controversial pass interference on Harrison by Rashean Mathis went uncalled.

Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison gets tangled with Jacksonville cornerback Rashean Mathis in a play that ended in a lot of questions and controversy but no flag was thrown for pass interference in the fourth quarter.

 The RCA Dome crowd was in an uproar, booing the officials. Peyton actually got upset with their fans and ended up using a time out for he could not hear over the crowd noise.

Indy's Peyton Manning reacts, while watching the replay screen, to a non-call on a Marvin Harrison pass that was broken up in the 4th quarter by Rashean Mathis.

Even Colts, Coach Dungy was a bit stunned!

Colts head coach Tony Dungy questions Side Judge Jeff Lamberth about a pass interference call on Marvin Harrison late in the fourth quarter.

On the Colts next play, Peyton hit Wayne for 22 yards putting them within 3 yards of the goal line.

AP Photo/Michael Conroy


 Addai lost a yard on the next play trying to rush up the middle for the touchdown. Second down and 2 yards to the endzone, Jeff Saturday snaps the ball as Peyton fakes a hand off to Addai and instead he rolls out and runs it into the endzone himself making it 21 - 7, Colts.


AP Photo/Michael Conroy

On Jaguars next possession, Leftwich moved the ball 49 yards in 12 plays using up a little over 11 minutes to cap it off with a 7 yard touchdown pass to Maurice Jones-Drew to make it 21 - 14, still the Colts lead.

On Colts next possession, they tried to run the clock down with ap;oodes, Rhodes, Rhodes, Rhodes yet ending up punting the ball away.

Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images


Jaguars ball and on their first down Leftwich throws incomplete. On 2nd-and-10 from the Jaguars 42, Leftwich threw deep to wide receiver Reggie Williams, but safety Mike Doss cut in front of the pass for the game-securing interception.

Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images
Mike Doss #20 of the Indianapolis Colts runs with the ball after he intercepted it on the last drive of the game by the Jacksonville Jaguars September 24, 2006 at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana.

44 seconds left in the game as Peyton takes a knee in the first 2 downs to run down the clock as Colts win 21 to 14.

RICK WILSON/The Times-Union

Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images
INDIANAPOLIS - SEPTEMBER 24: Byron Leftwich #7 of the Jacksonville Jaguars hangs his head as he sits on the turf against the Indianapolis Colts September 24, 2006 at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Colts won 21-14.

(The Florida Times-Union, Rick Wilson)
Jacksonville Jaguars receiver #19 Ernest Wilford (left) and guard #65 Chris Naeole react to the Jags 21-14 loss to the Indianapolis Colts after the final second ticked off the clock Sunday afternoon September 24, 2006 at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Once again, the Jacksonville Jaguars followed a loss to the Indianapolis Colts with accusations of dirty play. This time it came straight from the coach.

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio accused them Monday of illegally vaulting to try to block field goal attempts and said his offensive linemen were repeatedly hit in the head by pass rushers.

Del Rio responded to a postgame comment by Colts punter Hunter Smith, who said the Jaguars are "like the stand-up comic who can only use vulgarity and curse words because he lacks intelligence and lacks class. . . . A team that gets personal fouls the way they do, the roughing penalties, they just don't have any material."

Shot back Del Rio: "It must be something with the kickers over there," referring to ex-Colt Mike Vanderjagt, who once said quarterback Peyton Manning and coach Tony Dungy lacked intensity. "If Smith starts talking about Peyton, let me know."

Speaking to a Jacksonville reporter, Del Rio added,
"What did the punter say? They play clean? They don't vault? They don't do anything that's dirty?"

"I alerted the officials before the game about the clubbing of linemen, the vaulting on field goals. Both occurred. We'll put it in the game report like we always do."

The Jaguars missed two field goals, with no penalties called on the Colts. Nor were there any Colts penalties for striking blockers in the head. The Jaguars were flagged for two personal fouls; the Colts had one on a late hit to Jaguars quarterback Byron Leftwich.

The Colts had no comment on Del Rio's accusations.

After a loss to the Colts in Week 2 last season, some Jaguars accused the Colts' defensive linemen of going after quarterbacks' knees, which the Colts vehemently denied.

Colts punter Hunter Smith is apologizing for adding fuel to a growing trash-talking rivalry between Indianapolis and Jacksonville.

After Indy beat Jacksonville 21-to-14 on Sunday, Smith likened the Jaguars to a standup comic who uses vulgarity and lacks class.

Smith said what set him off were the personal fouls called against the Jaguars. It was the second straight games between the AFC South foes in which Jacksonville drew multiple penalties for personal fouls.

Smith says football players should be models of sportsmanship and he apologizes for the remark.

Regards to The Wayne Family

The brother of Indianapolis Colts receiver Reggie Wayne was killed Sunday when the delivery truck he was driving crashed into a highway guardrail.

Rashad Wayne was pronounced dead at the scene, said James Gallagher, a spokesman for the Kenner Police Department.

Police responded to a call at 10:15 a.m. Sunday about a wreck on westbound Interstate 10. Officers found a Capital City Produce Company truck stopped in the highway's right lane and found the 32-year-old Wayne in the cab with a severe head injury.

A preliminary investigation determined that the truck was traveling in the left lane on the upramp of the interstate bridge, but crossed three lanes as it started fishtailing and then hit the right retaining wall, Gallagher said.

"It slid along the top of the wall on its side a short distance before landing back on its wheels across the lanes leading to Interstate 310," he said.

Rashad Wayne is from Baker, a bedroom community north of Baton Rouge. An autopsy will be performed later to determine the exact cause of his death.

His brother, Reggie Wayne, a New Orleans native, is in his sixth year with the NFL. The Colts played in Indianapolis on Sunday, but the team did not address the accident and told The Associated Press after the game that a statement was pending.



Coaches: Tony Dungy (53-20 in fifth year with Colts and 109-66 in 11 years overall).
Dungy improved to 7-3 against Jacksonville
 Jack Del Rio (26-23 in fourth year with Jaguars).

Overall series: Colts lead 8-2.

Last regular-season meeting: Colts won 26-18 on Dec. 11 in Jacksonville.

Colts -- offense 2nd overall (20th rushing, 1st passing),
 defense 25th overall (27th rushing, 20th passing).
Jaguars -- offense 14th overall (19th rushing, 9th passing),
 defense 3rd overall (4th rushing, 12th passing).

Injury report:
Out, K Adam Vinatieri (groin),
Colts Kicker Adam Vinatieri was inactive with a groin injury. Martin Gramatica was signed on Sunday to serve as his replacement.
Gramatica hit all three of his extra point attempts
S Bob Sanders (knee), WR Brandon Stokley (ankle), DT Corey Simon (knee), DE Josh Thomas (hip), TE Ben Hartsock (hamstring);
questionable, OT Ryan Diem (hamstring), RB DeDe Dorsey (ankle), DE Dwight Freeney (buttock), CB Kelvin Hayden (groin), LB Freddie Keiaho (knee), G Ryan Lilja (knee), DT Montae Reagor (knee), DT Darrell Reid (elbow), G Jake Scott (knee), CB Tim Jennings (knee);
probable, LB Gary Brackett (calf), RB Ran Carthon (finger), LB Gilbert Gardner (hand), DE Ryan LaCasse (foot), QB Jim Sorgi (shoulder), TE Bryan Fletcher (knee), CB Nick Harper (ankle), TE Ben Utecht (concussion).
Out, LB Patrick Thomas (ankle);
doubtful, DE Marcellus Wiley (groin), RB Derrick Wimbush (knee);
questionable, S Donovin Darius (back), WR Matt Jones (groin), TE Marcedes Lewis (ankle), CB Rashean Mathis (knee), G Chris Naeole (knee), WR Chad Owens (ribs), LB Mike Peterson (knee), S Gerald Sensabaugh (ankle), DE Paul Spicer (groin), DT Marcus Stroud (ankle).


Peyton Manning needs one more touchdown pass for 250 in his career.

Terrance Wilkins' return was the first for Indy since he last did it September 2001 against the New York Jets

Cornerback Nick Harper left the game with a strained groin


Matt Jones failed to catch a pass for the Jaguars, but did play

Guard Chris Naeole also was injured in the fourth quarter when Leftwich ran into him.

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