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Indianapolis Colts At Dallas Cowboys  at Texas Novemver 19, 2006 score 14 - 21 Cowboys

Game 11

 November 19, 2006




















Date: 11/19/2006
Indianapolis Colts At Dallas Cowboys 
at Texas
Start Time: 3:15 PM CST

Game Day Weather

Game Weather: Clear skies
Played Outdoor on Turf: Artificial
Temp: 63° F (17.36° C), Humidity: 17%, Wind: Northeast 10 mph


Referee: Bill Vinovich (52)
Line Judge: John Hussey (35)
Field Judge: Gary Cavaletto (60) Umpire: Tony Michalek (115)
Side Judge: Laird Hayes (125)
Replay Official: Peters and Blandino Head Linesman: Derick Bowers (74)
Back Judge: Keith Ferguson (61)

The Kicker to this whole ball game
The Kicker!!!!

The Indianapolis Colts' nine-game undefeated streak ended Sunday at Texas Stadium thanks to Colts Administration, and as always - piss poor officiating. wire reports

IRVING, Texas (Nov. 19, 2006) -- Maybe the burden of an unbeaten season was becoming too much for the Indianapolis Colts. They sure played like it.

Horseshit! Colts played a great game as did The Cowboys who got a free touchdown when Colts Management FAILED to throw a red flag on a should've been a down by contact call.

Colts Administration: should have thrown the red flag and challenge what was a down by contact when Manning threw into coverage to Harrison and the football was knocked loose by linebacker Kevin Burnett and cornerback Aaron Glenn. Marvin Harrison had made contact with Burnett as he hit the ground and got up returned it 39 yards for a touchdown. That's 7 points the Colts Management simply handed to The Dallas Cowboys.

Piss poor officiating: Manning's pass to Clark was dead on the money. "I got hit in the back. I don't know how it wasn't a call," Clark said. "It was a good ball. He knocked me down and took my place.

"That was a big one."

The Cowboy's defense outdid The Colts Offense as The Colts Defense outdid The Cowboys Offense.

Mistakes -

- turnovers

and lost opportunities.

The teams had traded turnovers throughout much of the first half, with the Colts committing a season-high three turnovers before halftime and the Cowboys committing two.

The Cowboys couldn't take advantage of the Colts early turnovers because Indianapolis forced Dallas into mistakes, too. On the Cowboys' first series, Indianapolis defensive end Dwight Freeney sacked Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, forcing a fumble that linebacker Cato June recovered.

Later in the quarter, Colts cornerback Nick Harper intercepted a deep pass from Romo at the Cowboys 9.

(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)
Indianapolis Colts cornerback Nick Harper (25) intercepts a pass in the first quarter thrown by Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) in their football game in Irving, Texas., Sunday, Nov. 19, 2006.

On With The Show

1st Quarter

Dallas wins toss and elects to receive as The Colts elects to defend the South goal.

Cowboy's Ball

Colts kicker, Adam Vinatieri kicks 67 yards to Cowboy's 3 as Dallas Wide Receiver, Miles Austin returns the kick and is pushed out of bounds by Colts Defensive Tackle, Dexter.Reid at the Dallas 34.

Cowboy's moved the chains once before Dwight Freeney FINALLY got his first unassisted sack and causing Dallas's Quarterback, Romo to fumble as Colts, Cato June fell on the ball for a Colts recovery.

Colt's Ball

Rhodes ran for a loss of 5 yards as Marvin fumbled a 4 yard pass on their next drive and was recovered by Dallas, Jeremiah Ratliff.

Cowboy's Ball

"Booger" McFarland stopped Julius Jones for a loss of yardage on Cowboy's first play as Romo threw incomplete and a mere 2 yards on the next 2 plays forcing Dallas to punt.

Mat McBriar punts 36 yards to Colts 11 as Terrance Wilkins signals for a fair catch.

Colt's Ball

Peyton and The Colts seem to find some rhythm as they marched down the field manufacturing 4 First Downs with Rhodes having a run for 9 yards, a Manning sack for a loss of 10 with a fumble yet recovered by Terrick Glenn. Peyton also did some scrambling and ran for 8 yards to get one those First Downs.

Sam Riche
Colts QB Peyton Manning runs for a first down in first quarter action.

A 13 yarder to Reggie Wayne before Peyton is sacked again in the same series for a loss of 7 and again a fumble yet this time recovered by Dallas. The Colts challenged the play however the call was upheld.

Cowboy's Ball

Julius Jones ran for 2 as Romo hit Jason Witten for 10 to pick up the First. Julius Jones then ran for 9 yards. First and Ten as Romo threw deep to Terry Glenn as Colts Left Corner Back Nick Harpers intercepts.

Colt's Ball

Addai was placed into the lineup to only get a run of 1 yard, as Peyton threw incomplete on the next play. Peyton then connected with Marvin Harrison for 8 yards, short 1 yard for the First as Hunter Smith punts it away for 36 yards to The Colts 49 and Terrance Newman is hit by Marlin Jackson for no gain.

Cowboy's Ball

With 45 seconds left in the 1st quarter Julius Jones ran for 3 yards to go into the 2nd quarter . . .


2nd quarter

Cowboy's Ball

Romo threw for 6, 11 and 4 yards moving the chains once ending up on The Colts 25 yard line on a 4th and 6. Cowboys bring out their newly acquired, former Colts Kicker, Mike Vanderjagt to kick a 43 yard field goal. The ball is snapped and Mike kicks it away . . .

(AP Photo/L.M. Otero)

Klunk . . .

The ball hits the right upright!

Field goal is No Good!

Colt's Ball

Peyton moved The Colts from their 33 yard line all the way down to Cowboys 4 yard line with runs by Joseph Addai of 17, 3, 6 and 4 yards topped with a 16 yard pass to Marvin Harrison. On 3rd down and 4 to go for a touchdown, Peyton fires it over the middle to Dallas Clark until he was pushed away and knocked down by Dallas Roy Williams for the ball to fall right into Williams arms for an interception and NO PASS INTERFERENCE CALL on the play.

Sam Riche
Cowboys S Roy Williams picked of this pass intended for Colts TE Dallas Clark in the first half.

Cowboy's Ball

The Cowboys were able to move the chains twice before they were forced to punt. Wilkins signaled for a fair catch at their own 12 yard line.

Colt's Ball

From their own 12 yard line, Peyton and The Indianapolis Colts advanced down the field for 88 yards using 14 plays in a little under 3 minutes. With Rhodes making a run of  9 yards and Addai running for 2 and 7 yards. Peyton connecting with Marvin for 19 and 9 yard gains and Reggie Wayne for 19 yards before finding Reggie this time in the end zone with a 23-yard strike leaving 10 seconds left in the half.

Robert Scheer
Colts WR Reggie Wayne scores a second quarter touchdown.

Colts 7 - Cowboys 0

Cowboy's Ball

Dallas starts from their 44 yard line as Romo hits Terrell Owens for a 28 yard gain putting them at The Colts 28 yard line. With 3 seconds left in the first half, Cowboys bring out Mike Vanderjagt for a 46 yard field goal attempt. A familiar sight, as he booted it WIDE right - Field Goal is NO GOOD!

Sam Riche
The Colts DT Darrell Reid (95) and DE Raheem Brock jaw at ex-Colt Mike Vanderjagt after he missed a 46-yard field goal attempt in the first half.
Edited by Webmaster - Jon Anderson

 A sellout crowd lustily booed the Dallas Cowboys' place-kicker after he missed 43- and 46-yard field-goal attempts.

After his second miss sailed wide right on the final play of the first half, Vanderjagt lingered, by himself, near the 30-yard line before slowly walking to the locker room.


3rd Quarter

Vanderjagt kicks 63 yards to Colts 7 while Terrance Wilkins runs it back to their 27 for 20 yards.

Colt's Ball

On Colts 3rd down of this series, Peyton threw to Marvin Harrison when it was intercepted by Dallas's Kevin Burnett who ran it back for a touchdown.

Colts 7 - Cowboys 7

Colt's Ball

Colts moved the chains once before they were forced to punt.

Cowboy's Ball

. . . as the Cowboys did the same on their series.

Colt's Ball

Peyton started from his own 20 yard line and used 10 plays to move The Colts 80 yards down the field finishing it when Manning found Dallas Clark in the end zone from four yards to make it a Colts 14-Cowboys 7 contest.

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Cowboy's Ball

The Cowboys moved the chains 4 times before going into the 4th quarter of the game . . .

4th Quarter

Cowboy's Ball

Trailing by seven, Romo engineered a 15-play, 68-yard march that bridged the third and fourth quarters and knotted the game at 14 - 14. Prior to the touchdown when Cowboys were facing a 3rd-and-10 from the Colts' 10, Colts, Jason David couldn't keep up with Terry Glenn and grabs his shirt. The penalty gives the Cowboys a fresh set of downs from the 5, and Barber took it in from there.

Colt's Ball

Colts went 3 and out and were forced to punt.

Cowboy's Ball

Romo and Terry Glenn hooked up for a 33-yard reception to key the seven-play, 80- yard drive, which was capped by a one-yard touchdown run by Barber.

Colts 14 - Cowboys 21

Colt's Ball

Manning moved his club right down the field in response, and had two chances to tie the game from the Dallas eight-yard line. Both of his pass attempts sailed out of the end zone, however, and the Cowboys took over and ran out the clock.

Colts 14 - Cowboys 21

Sam Riche
The famous Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders entertain the crowd.


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