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About My Caprice

Please be patient as there are a lot of photos on this page and I apologize for the long story, but it is very interesting (at least I think so) and has a few twists you couldn't imagine! This is my 1985 Caprice Landau Coupe I bought this car off Ebay in may of 2002 and in the short amount of time I had the car it has lived quite a wild life, as you shall soon find out! I am the second owner of this car, at the time I purchased her, she had 28k actual miles. The photo is kinda bad, but the odometer reading is 28433 The car was originally owned by an elderly couple from washington state, during the time they had the car was nver driven in rain or snow and it was always stored indoors and covered with quilts! Needless to say there is not one drop of rust anywhere on this puppy! After the original owners husband passed away around 1997 the car was driven rarely, The lady who owned the car passed away in 2000 and the was inherited by her son who put the car in climate controlled storage and was only driven once a month, other than a good amount of dust from setting almost 2 years, the engine compartment is without any flaws. I know its hard to tell from the photo above, but even the exhaust manifolds and other bare metal surfaces under the hood are free of even the slightest rust, I have always wanted a Caprice and had searched all over the internet and in magazines and newspapers all over the country, I know it doesn't sound like a difficult task to find an older Caprice, but I had high expectations of the car I was going to buy, It had to be a coupe, It had to be a Landau, It had to be original, and above all it had to be nice, this baby filled the ticket and the low miles were the icing on the cake! It was even the color I wanted! The photos here are just the way the car came out of storage, dusty! Again, other than being dusty, the interior is perfect, the seats still have that shine as if it just rolled off the showrrom floor, One of the first places in the interior that shows any wear is the radio and AC/Heater controls, And as you can see the radio and AC controls are as new, Even the door panels and door jambs showed no signs of wear, The inside of the trunk looks as if it was never used, the spare has never touched the ground The front header panel had only 2 very small rock chips and the bumper rub strip is free of any cracking or scrapes, the spots you see here on the hood are pools of dust from shipping the rear of the car is also in perfect shape, not a scratch to be found! To sum it up, I have found my dream car!! I know it may be silly to some of you that I consider a Chevy Caprice my dream car, But there is just something about the the looks of the Caprice, especially the coupes, When driving around I would get more compliments on my Caprice than I would get on my Corvette, And to tell the truth, I enjoy driving the caprice more than any of my newer cars The car was delivered to me on May 29th 2002, after 7 days and nearly 1700 miles riding on a truck in shipment (did I fail to mention the car was that far away?) The first thing I did was to give my new baby a good bath, A fresh oil change, New belts and hoses and a complete tune-up, The tires were brand new michelins so they needed no attention, I discretly wired in a McIntosh 6 channel amplifier the the stock stereo I used the stock radio so I wouldn't have to do any cutting to the dash, I custom built a subwoofer encloser for 2 10 inch eclipse titainium subs, and I installed upgraded speakers in all the stock locations June 19th 2002, I decided to take a trip to visit my parents who lived about 200 miles away in Kansas City, So I grab my 2 daughters and fill up the Caprice and head down the road, After 2 1/2 hours of driving I arrived in town, made it to my parents house without a hitch, The next day we visited some friends and went out to dinner (in my car of course, LoL) My friends and my dad were all in love with my Caprice by now, Or at least they said they loved it, June 21st, the day I will never forget, It started out nice enough, I took my daughters out to do some shopping around town, got a bunch of nice compliments on my baby and I was feeling pretty proud, we returned to my parents house around 5pm, my parents had a friend in the hospital they wanted to visit, so they went out to visit him and me and my daughters stayed behind to pack for our trip home the next morning, We loaded up the trunk with things we didnt need that night, and I locked my baby up and left her in the driveway not 6 feet from the rear door of the house, With my baby locked up and safly in the drive, me and my girls settled down in front of the tube, About 8pm we decided to go out for some kansas city BBQ, so I grabbed my keys and headed out the Back door, Hmmmm something wrong here....Something missing, Then it hit me.....MY CAR IS GONE!!! (I did hear tires screaching about 30 mins before, but since we were on a busy corner I didn't think anything of it) My heart climbed into my throat, My blood started to boil, the only words that could come out my mouth would make a sailor sound like a preacher! I grab the phone, Dial 911, tell them my car was stolen, they didn't even want to take the report until I give them the VIN number and license number, I tell the dimwit on the phone i just bought the car havent comitted the license number to memory yet, and I dont have the VIN since I dont carry the cars title with me, he then asks "do you have your registration and insurance card"? HELLO!!!! McFly!!!! There in the glove compartment where they belong!!! He then tells me he cant enter it in "the system" with out that info because there are thousands of white Chevy caprices in Kansas City, So then I ask him "well how many white 2 door caprices are in Kansas City with Iowa plates"? So then i ask him if he can get the info needed by running my drivers license number, He tells me that they are "not allowed" to do that, So I had to call my hometown police department and tell them what happend, in 2 mins she gave me the info I needed, I call back to KCPD and talk to the same officer, I got the VIN and license number for him and he tells me me that he already got that info! I thought they were not allowed to do that? Anyway, after driving around some of the nastiest parts of kansas city all night I finally gave in and rented a car to go home, Believe it or not the only stupid radio station that car would get is some country station that was playing nothing but songs about losing loved ones and friends, gee why don't they just twist that knife in my heart a little more! I finally find another radio station, an oldies station, and what comes on? BLUE VELVET!!! My car had blue velvet interior!!! can you believe it? I get home and there is a message from my insurance company waiting, I call them up and explain what happend and they tell me that unless the car is recovered I would have to wait 30 days before they can do anything, sounds reasonable to me, I was hoping they would recover the car and it was just some joy rider and my baby would still be in one piece (I know, wishful thinking) 1 week......2 weeks......NOTHING!!! I am calling the KCPD stolen auto unit 3 times a day, they knew my voice when I would call already! They finally tell me "Please stop calling us!!!" another week...I am still calling them everyday, lol, my hopes are fading fast, Then out of the blue, I get a letter from the KCPD, they found my car!! And I had just talked to them before I checked the mail and they said they still haven't found it! I call the number on the letter, they me the condition of my car and that it was found 3 days after it was stolen....28 days before they notify me that they found it! (can you say "insane storage bill"?) My poor baby had been stripped of it's motor and driveline, it was wrecked, wheel and tires were gone, stereo equipment gone, it was a total loss, Since I was home and the car was 200 miles away, I sent my dad to the impound lot to inspect the car to see how bad it really was, Well I think the photos below speak for themselves, As you can see, the right fender is bashed in, The engine compartment is now a wasteland, The inside closely resembles a pig pen, Well now the only hope I have to recover anything is the insurance, I called the insurance company and informed them that the car had been recovered, My adjuster told me that she would have to do some research on what the car is woth before she can make me any offer of settlement, she also asked me if I wouldnt mind maybe looking around on the internet for cars simular to mine and get an idea of how much it would cost to replace my car, she said this would help speed up the claims process, Anything I can do to speed this up and get it over with is fine with me! The first twist Meanwhile about 3 weeks after my car was stolen I happend to stumble on a very nice 1986 landau coupe, since I already had a feeling that I would never see my 85 again, and the price was right on the 86, I went ahead and snagged it, It's not quite as nice as my 85, and it had just barely over 100k miles on it, but it was still a very nice rust free Caprice here are some photos of my 86 landau, About the only flaw on the car is that the seats are a little sun faded, but I have already talked to a few interior shops and they tell me that they can dyed and look like new, Back to the 85 story About two weeks later I took all the info I could find on Caprice coupes to my adjuster, she was kinda shocked when she saw that the only other low mileage landau coupe for sale was an 85 with 26k miles, and they were asking $15000.00!! and they wouldn't take a nickle less than $13000.00! the rest of the cars for sale were nice, but none of them were in the ball park as my car, Again she said that she will have to some more research and she will call me in 2-3 days with an offer, 2 days.....1 week.....2 weeks....Still no call from her, I call her, she says she is still looking at the market for prices and will get back to me in 3-4 days for sure, 4 days.......10 days......3 weeks.....Nothing!!! Well I am getting a little steamed with my adjuster to say the least, so I call the company and ask for her supervisor, I tell him my story, he was shocked to hear that my adjuster would leave me hanging like that, he assured me he will look into the matter and call me back the next day, Next week.....12 days go by and he never calls me either, Since they are both in town I decide to visit them in person, they refused to see me!! I am furious! I ask to speak to some who is over them, This nice lady comes out to see me and I explain everything to her, she seemed nice and told me she will make sure one of them gets back to me the same day, Well I did get a call that day, my adjuster told me she still doing research and would have an offer to me in 2-3 days at the most, Well I waited and I got nothing, i made several requests to have my claim transferred to another adjuster or another office and the company refused my request, it was only after a threat of involving the insurance commision did I get any results, by now it was late september, over 3 months had passed, I get a call one morning from my adjuster and she told me she was ready to make me an offer, I thought, okay, she done her research, she checked the market, its finally gonna be over with... WRONG!! She offers me $1200.00! thats about 1/5 what I paid for the car alone! not to mention the money I spent on the stereo equipment! As much as I tried not to, I blew a gasket!!! after about another month of dealing with these idiots, I finally reached a settlement, nowhere near what I paid for the car alone, but it was as good as it was gonna get, I did however manage to get them to let me keep the salvage, I had them deliver the car to my dads house in kansas city, the very next day the car arrived at my dads house, he had the tow truck driver put it next to his garage, since my dad has a large yard it would not be in his way till I can get a trailer and tow her home, end of story.....right? WRONG!!!! (Here comes another twist) The day after the car was delivered to my dad, he calls me up and says "your not gonna believe this but somebody stole the car again" You have got to be kidding me? well that was in october, I figured thats the end of it, that car is chopped in a million pieces now, Not so fast!!! in jan i get another from the KCPD, she tells me that they recovered my car and they have the 2 guys that were DRIVING IT! it had no motor when they stole it, right? well that call came in at 6pm, I left that night at 3am for kansas city, This I had to see! I get to the impound lot at 6am, the lot man takes out to the car and to my surprise the car was totally repaired!!! they had installed a 350 TPI out of an 97 trans am, complete new dual exhaust, they replaced the interior with factory Caprice leather interior, A 87 up Caprice header with the euro headlamps was installed, they also replaced the tail light with 86 up pieces, all the body damage was totally repaired, and they did a very nice job! and they put 20 inch triple gold dayton wire wheels with brand new tires! I was in total shock! I called the police to ask about all the stuff that was on the car and they told me that it now all belongs to me! I got in the car turned the key and she fired right up, the motor sounded healthy, I drove it around the lot and it seemed to be solid, I took it out on the road and she ran like new, very tight, and very fast! I ended up driving it all the way home 200 miles that same day without a problem! Now as if all that isnt enough, they guy they arrested in the car gets out on bail, and goes to my dads house and has the nerve to ask for his wheels back! People, I cant make up a story this crazy, I will post pics of the car as soon as I get my Digicam back from the friend I loaned it to, In case some of you are wondering what insurance company this was, I will not mention the name on the page, but if you email me I will be glad to tell you, Again, I am sorry for rambling on, but I feel this story has to be told!