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Marquette Boys' Baseball

* Due to missing stats records these may only be accurate from 1996.

* If you know any corrections needed, send a copy of the newspaper article or the end of year stats where it is documented.

Record Name Stat Year

Most Hits in Season T.J. Bishop 45 2005
Most Hits Career Jared Heim 107 1996-2000
Most Doubles in Season Pete Bonifas 11 1999
Most Doubles in Career Tom Sieverding 18 1997-2001
Most Triples in Season Phill Cloos 5 1999
Most Triples in Career Phill Cloos  8 1996-1999
Most Home Runs in Season Rob Sieverding 7 1997
Most Home Runs in Career Pete Bonifas 15 1996-1999
Batting Avg. in Season 
(min. 25 AB)
Lynn Schwager .615 1987
Batting Avg. in Career Jared Heim .497 1996-2000
Most RBI's in Season Brandon Richman 44 2005
Most RBI's in Career

Most Runs in Season  Collin Kilburg 42 2005
Most Runs in Career Tom Sieverding 75 1997-2001
Most Walks in Season Collin Kilbrug 24 2001
Most Walks in Career

Most Stolen Bases in Season Rich Michel 
Tom Sieverding
28 1987 
Most Stolen Bases in Career Tom Sieverding 93 1997-2001
Lowest ERA  in Season 
(min. 7 starts)
Jamie Meier 0.84 1990
Lowest ERA in Career

Most Strikeouts by a Pitcher in Season Pete Bonifas 91 1999
Most Strikeouts by Pitcher in Career Pete Bonifas 243 1996-1999
Most Wins by Pitcher in Season Rick Keil 22 1974
Most Wins by Pitcher in Career

Most Innings Pitched in Season Pete Bonifas 61 1999
Most Innings Pitched in Career

Best Record in Season by Team Summer 2005 & 2006 22-6 2005
State Tournament Participant


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