Heartwarming and inspiring books filled with stories about walking with angels on earth and in heaven.

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Hebron Books was established in 1996 for the express purpose of publishing and dirtributing the inspirational books of Angela Buck. Current books available are Angels Walk With Me and a Walk in Heaven.


      Buck, Angela.jpg (857978 bytes)           Angela knelt at an altar in a small church holding a revival in Eugene, Oregon in 1966 and surrendered her life to Jesus Christ. A life of neglect, abuse, street life, alcoholism, prostitution and confinement in jail, juvenile home and mental institution. But at that altar all these "old things" passed away and she left that church a twenty year old "new creation". God had healed her mind and delivered her from the alcohol addiction that had so controlled her life. This was but the beginning of a "new life" that eventually propelled her into a ministry that still blesses thousands of souls across America. And the books of inspiration that came from her experiences bless thousands more around the world.   

    NewAngelCover.jpg (136360 bytes)          " Angels Walk With Me " A miraculous, uplifting, true story of one woman’s struggle from child abuse, street life, alcoholism and mental institution to a glorious encounter with God, followed by a powerful ministry, blessing lives all across America. The miracles and signs are told in such a way as to bring the reader into the very heart of these phenomenal happenings. Her personal encounters with Angels, the real and intimate Voice of God and her victories in spite of overwhelming odds will truly inspire you to look upward for hope, faith and peace in this present world.

        NewHeavenCover.jpg (121097 bytes)          " a Walk in Heaven "  Caught up in a beam of light into the very portals of heaven, guided by an angel on a glorious journey through streets of gold, spectacular mansions and glorious sights.Meeting with believers who have gone on before, hearing their moving testimonies of faith, what they might have said in their last moments on earth and what they felt as they crossed over into the eternities. You will meet the one who carried the cross of Jesus, and the one who nailed Him to that cross. Laughing and smiling with the angel, stopping at the River of Life feeling as if you too were drinking water from the everlasting fountain and learning words of comfort and hope, you will truly be inspired to finish your earthly journey and walk on streets of gold through everlasting glories of Heaven.

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