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A Walk In Heaven


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Angela Buck










Books about angels. Books about heaven. Heartwarming stories of visions, miracles, spiritual experience, hope and faith in Angela Buck's books of inspiration about walking with angels on earth and in heaven. Angels Walk With Me and A Walk In Heaven


























































































































































































































"A Beam Of Light"

An Excerpt From "A Walk In Heaven"


A beam of light came down toward me, moving me upward into the heavens. Suddenly the most wonderful feeling of being loved swept all through me, surrounding me in its powerful arms. All my disappointments, hurts, sorrows and trials seemed to fade away instantly like sunshine after a storm. A white veil parted revealing images whose faces beamed with extreme happiness. I could hardly look at them for their brightness; there was no stress, worry, anxiety, pain or discomfort about them whatsoever. How I wished right then that this wondrous scene might never pass from me.

Suddenly a Voice said, "Soon the joy of this moment will be yours forever."

On earth, happiness, shadowed with burdens, disappointments and apprehensions of unseen tomorrows are no more lasting than a rainbow fading before our eyes while we hurriedly gaze upon it. Its beauty was only meant for a moment in time, but beyond the imperfections of this life, lies the glories of Heaven.

Passing white clouds, we came to the pure river of life, as clear as crystal. (Revelation 22:1) An angel stood there with a bright robe in his arms. He reminded me of the angel I saw twenty years before while on a bus coming back from a revival in Arkansas.

Right then I could vividly recall the harsh trial I went through, and how I fell under its cruel whip. Hot tears of humiliation fell on my cheeks, and like a whipped puppy, I fled back to Kansas City in defeat. But the God of the discouraged and downcast, reached down His big hand to me.

The Greyhound Bus I was on stopped in the middle of nowhere and a strange man got on. Suddenly an unseen hand pulled my head upward and I was looking into a face that shined brighter than the noonday sun and a window opened into my soul letting in all the light of heaven, lifting my spirit into a glorious Presence. His Voice was soothing, like the voice of many waters, and He said to me, "Everything will be alright." And, dear reader, when God says everything will be alright, we can be sure, everything will be alright.

But, what was this robe the angel held in his arms? It was so bright I couldn’t look directly upon it? "It is your robe." the angel said with kindness in his voice.

"Mine?" I questioned, "But, I cannot wear it. It’s too glorious." Sensing that the robe’s worth had not so much to do with earthly value but with how faithful I’d been while in my trials on earth, I felt unworthy to wear such a robe.

"You cannot wear it now," the angel said,"Your trials are purifying you and when they have completed their work in you, you shall wear it. Look," he said, "It has your name on it."

The angel held up one corner of the robe and I could see letters etched in pure gold. But the letters didn’t make any sense, and I said, "That‘s not my name."

The angel smiled reassuringly, "It is your new name, you cannot understand it‘s meaning now. Wait until God is finished with you, then you will be able to understand the meaning of your new name, and you will wear it with great joy. (Revelation 2:17) And as you go from place to place in this eternal glory, others will greet you and say, "What is meaning of your new name," and you will know how to answer because you have been made wise through your sufferings and trials."

I reached out my hand and felt the robe with my fingers and wanted so much to wear it, but thinking back on all the trials I had gone through, and all that I might yet face, I drew back in fear, and wondered if I could ever wear it.

"Do you know why your robe is so bright?" he asked

Glancing at the angel and then at the robe, I shook my head no.

"One day, you shall know why," the angel said with a wide grin, and turning his face toward the clouds, he added, "Come, there is much for you to see.

The beam became brighter and raised me higher until we were surrounded in rich jewels, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires! And the gold, it was so smooth and shiny. I could only stare in utter amazement at the beauty. Seeing how I was making over it, the angel said, "This gold is of no value to God at all."

"But, it would probably be worth millions on earth," I argued.

"This gold is of no worth to God at all," he repeated.

"You’re right," I thought. "God could speak solid gold planets into existence if He wanted to."

Looking at me with piercing eyes, the angel said, "You are worth far more than all this gold and all these jewels."

"Me?" I shouted.

"Yes, you and all who love Him and have stayed true to Him through fierce trials. For the trial of your faith is much more precious to God than Gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire." (1Peter 1:7)









Books about angels. Books about heaven. Heartwarming stories of visions, miracles, spiritual experience, hope and faith in Angela Buck's books of inspiration about walking with angels on earth and in heaven. Angels Walk With Me and A Walk In Heaven.




"Entertaining Angels"

An excerpt from "A Walk In Heaven"

As we journeyed further, I kept looking at the angel, and each time I did, he smiled. Then I realized there was something about him I couldn’t quite figure out. Twice before, I met an angel with that same penetrating smile that could lift up, even the most downcast soul.

"Should I know you?" I asked him.

"You were just twenty." he answered, with a kind look in his eyes.

Suddenly I shouted, "You were the angel that came to my house on Patterson street. At church, the night before, I heard a sermon on entertaining angels unaware, and all that morning, I thought on what it would be like to see an angel. And when I heard a knock at my door, I had this feeling like something wonderful was going to happen to me. I’ll never forget when I opened the door and saw you standing there."

Right then he looked at me with that same penetrating smile, and said "And I asked you for something to eat, remember?"

"Yes I remember," I said. "And I quickly went into the kitchen and fixed you a sandwich and a cup of coffee and sat with you on the porch while you ate it, just so I could tell you about my experience with God only a few days before. But all the while I talked, you just kept smiling as if you already knew. And when I reached down to pick up your empty plate, suddenly I looked up and you were gone and I never saw you again."

"Are you sure you never saw me again?" He said with a wide grin.

Just then I thought, "That same smile, that same look of kindness that lit up my whole being." And suddenly I shouted, "You were the angel on that bus, when I was coming back from a revival in Arkansas, too." By now, I was so excited, I was nearly out of breath.

"I remember it so well," I said. "The enemy had been attacking me for days, almost convincing me God wasn’t with me," I continued. "And I thought of giving up, when suddenly at four a.m. in the morning, the darkest time of the night, the bus stopped in the middle of no where, and you got on. I’ll never forget what happened when you turned your face toward me. It was as if I was looking through a window into heaven, and all the glory of heaven poured out from that window into my soul, flooding me with it’s peace and joy."

Suddenly, looking at the angel, I realized who he was, and I started to bow down and kiss his feet. But the angel quickly stopped me saying, "It is God that you felt on that bus, and that made you so happy."

How I wanted at that very moment not to go back to earth, where often I couldn’t feel God’s Presence, and had to walk by faith through desert places. Oh Lord, I cried in my soul, "How long must I wait until I come here to stay, and be in thy Presence forever?"

We came to a river bed full of gold nuggets the size of soccer balls. Their deep yellow, glistened in Heaven’s light, while a stream of pure water steadily washed over them. "You know," the angel said, "The memory of things here is much deeper than you can understand now.

"What do you mean," I begged.

"Remember, on earth, how you use only a portion of your brain, well here you will use it all," he said. It was impossible for me, in my present state, to grasp the depth of those words, and I was afraid to ask the angel to explain more.






Books about angels. Books about heaven. Heartwarming stories of visions, miracles, spiritual experience, hope and faith in Angela Buck's books of inspiration about walking with angels on earth and in heaven. Angels Walk With Me and A Walk In Heaven.






"I Walk Through Mansions"

 "An excerpt from "a Walk in Heaven"

The angel took my hand, and we journeyed further. Clouds parted, and I could see many mansions off in the distance. Drawing closer I had an overwhelming desire to see my mansion. "Could it be possible to see just a tiny glimpse of the one that’s for me?" I begged.

The angel seemed to ignore my pleadings, and moved on in silence. "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love Him," he finally said. Feeling a twinge of selfishness, I said nothing more. Yet somehow, I could feel God understood me, and loved me very much, in spite of me.

We then came to a wide river in which the waters were very swift, and it seemed while crossing I was being emptied of something, causing me to feel unworthy and undeserving of what God had prepared for me. Then suddenly, on the other side of the river, stood a huge mansion made of pure gold as bright as if it were the sun itself.

Trembling, I drew near, and could see a door made of pure gold. Just then, the door partially opened, letting out a glow that penetrated through my whole being, comforting, and reassuring me. I wasn’t sure which was greater, the joy I felt or the beauty I saw. It all seemed to fill me physically, mentally and spiritually at the same time. Like the warmth of a family close together by a blazing fire on a cold winter night or a cool July morning surrounded by the smell of flowers, or coming home to the sweet aroma of food, and laughter, after a long day in the field.

We drew closer and joy poured into my soul like torrents of water from a thousand rivers. Oh how earth’s grandeurs dwindle into nothingness in the light of even one drop of heaven’s glory. Just then I dared to look inside, and it seemed almost as vast as the oceans, yet filled with warmth and fullness, as if one could never be unhappy again. The jewels, the gold, the rich beauty related more to the inner senses, the mind, heart and soul, rather than the outward senses of the body.

I started to step inside, but a strong, yet gentle hand held me back. Strange, as I stood on that threshold of immense glory, joy flooding my whole being, I experienced the same unworthiness I felt earlier while crossing the river, and right then I wanted so much to please the One who made it possible for me to be here.

Suddenly like a veil taken off my heart, I could see that much of my earthly labors for Him were mixed with bits of selfishness, envy and other self like things, and feeling hopeless I vowed to do better. Just then a comforting Voice said, "I understand your struggles, and the sincere intents of your heart and I know that you love Me."

Suddenly, glancing up, I saw a figure of a man standing inside the door almost within arm’s reach. His robe was blinding bright like snow when the sun shines on it. His face was radiant with love, unknown on earth. His eyes penetrated my heart and seemed to know everything about me, yet He did not judge me as men would judge me. His expression was full of understanding and kindness. His hands, big and secure, as if to lift the weight of the whole world off the shoulders of some wounded and bent soul, were stretched toward me.

And the wounds, still so vivid in His hands, seemed to wash away every sorrow, and deep inside me I heard the words, "A bruised and bent soul I will not break, for I desire to heal the broken hearted." Right then, I could just picture Peter in a storm, walking on the sea to Jesus, when suddenly, he saw the violent waves, and as fear gripped his heart, he began to sink. But Jesus reached out His big hand, and said to him, "Oh thou of little faith, why did you doubt me?"

Just then His hand was so close to me. "If only I could touch Him." Then, I felt the tips of His fingers touching my hand, and suddenly, like electricity, strength and joy surged all through me. I could say time stood still, but in Heaven there is no time. Then suddenly, it was all gone. I tried hard to hold on to what I saw, not fully grasping that someday, this would all be mine forever.







Books about angels. Books about heaven. Heartwarming stories of visions, miracles, spiritual experience, hope and faith in Angela Buck's books of inspiration about walking with angels on earth and in heaven. Angels Walk With Me and A Walk In Heaven





"Diamonds In Heaven"

An excerpt from "A Walk In Heaven

A saint was standing near by, of what age I couldn’t tell, for age has no part now. Angels were gathered around her with studied expressions.

"Are you wondering why the angels look so intently on this woman?" the angel said. "She has gone through much suffering. Her husband beat her every time she went to church. Her children grew up, and some of them turned away from God, leaving her with nights of sorrow and worry. She watched many in her church grow cold, and fall into a form of worship, and satan said to her repeatedly, "What’s the use, You might as well give up."

But with each attack, she looked toward heaven, and boldly proclaimed her faith in God, and He would whisper back to her, "Cast not away your confidence which has great recompense of reward." (Hebrews 10:35) Each passing year, she grew weaker, still, she held on to her savior, knowing the day was soon coming when she would at last see Him face to face. How many times had she thought on that scripture, "Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord," and tears of joy would stream down her face as she anticipated that moment when He would actually say those words to her.

How she tried to picture it, yet it was impossible to even imagine such a wondrous scene. For our eyes have not seen, nor our ears heard, nor can we even begin to imagine what He has prepared for those who love Him. (1Corinthians 2:9) Finally, the long awaited time for her had come. She had endured until the end. What eternity of glory would be hers now, what eternal Voice she would hear, so full of love and compassion for this worn and bent soul.

She had born well His marks, now He stood by her as He always had, knowing every mark she bore for Him, not one of them escaped His eyes. He had not forgotten even a whisper from her lips, not one prayer, not one groan or tear, it was all there before Him. He had written it down in His eternal book of remembrance, He understood every intent of her heart for Him. Even when she was accused of having wrong intentions, causing her much hurt, and trying to convince her that she didn’t really love Him.

What tactics satan used! What wrenchings of the heart. She couldn’t understand it all then. It was too deep for her. But He understood, and He wrote down every detail in His eternal book. Standing before Him now, seeing the nail prints in His hands, looking into His piercing but loving eyes, which seemed to be an open book into all that she suffered for Him. And at that moment, she understood why she suffered as she did.

It all seemed to make sense now, yet none of her past sufferings mattered anymore. The pain and sorrows of years past, were now like a flicker in the night, like a brief winter day cut short by the early darkness. And now, this eternal morning washed away every tear, the painful thorns have at last changed to bright flowers, dark sunless hours have turned to eternal days of light."


We met a saint in our journey who seemed almost ashamed to be here. I started to ask him why, when suddenly I was looking downward into a blazing fire. I could see a man reaching his arms out of the flames, waving them desperately and screaming for help. Lifting my eyes and looking at this saint, he said, "That was me you saw in the fire. I grew up in church but became very disillusioned by what I saw, and vowed that I would never darken a church door again, and that’s just what the devil wanted to hear me say. Soon, I was drinking and doing just about everything.

One day, going ninety miles an hour, I lost control of my car and suddenly I started over a cliff, when the car stopped with the front wheels in mid air. I could actually see God’s big Hands holding the car up, still I wouldn’t give in to Him. Another time, while drinking at a bus stop with some buddies, we got into an argument, and someone pulled out a gun and shot me. Laying there with blood spilling out of my chest, I heard a Voice say, "How long will you go your way and not listen to me." Even though I trembled, I thought of my experience as a child, and my vow never to darken a church again, and I said to myself, "I won’t go back to church." The doctors said it was a miracle I lived but I soon forgot about it.

Later, I married and had a beautiful little girl, but my wife and I fought continually. Often, I stayed out all night. At times, God would talk to me but I wouldn’t listen. Our daughter grew up, and took up drinking too, and got hooked up with some guy who ruined her life. But sometimes when I was alone, I’d seem to hear God say to me, "Why didn’t you take her to church when she was little." Tormented over that, I drank all the more. One day, I came home and my wife was gone. After that, I took a walk across the bridge and said to myself, "Jake, you blew it, there’s nothing left for you to do."

All I remember is climbing over the edge and falling into the river below, and the weight of my clothes instantly pulled me into darkness. Suddenly, remembering as a boy in Sunday School how Jonah in the whale’s belly, prayed to God, I cried out to Him to save me. But dark waters quickly engulfed me, and I couldn’t breathe. Suddenly, I seemed to be at the edge of a great lake of fire, and the flames were pulling at me, eager to draw me into them, but I felt strongly that if I let God have His way, and mean it in my heart, I could be saved from the torment that lay right before me. Yet I still shuddered at the thought of going back to church after my childhood experiences.

Then all at once a Voice, forceful and clear spoke to me, "It is people who have failed you, not Me." Just then, I remembered reading where God said to Moses, "Tell them the great I AM has sent you. (Exodus 3:14) And suddenly I realized it! He’s always been the great I AM. It’s people that change, but He has forever remained the same, and with all my heart I vowed to trust Him, and at that instant I opened my eyes in a hospital bed."

Listening to him, and thinking of some of my own experiences with church people, I asked him, "Did you ever have any trouble with people after that?"

"Oh yes," he said. "But, God would say to me, "Jake, keep your eyes on me, not on people." And when I did that, I was alright. One day, my wife came back to me, and my daughter started coming to church too. Shortly after that I got sick, and went to the doctor and he said I only had a little time left. I went home and prayed, and God said, "You finally did what I meant for you to do on earth, so be at peace, fear not." And, five months later, I came up here and you know the best part?" he added.

"What?" I asked, anxiously.

"I’m waiting for my wife and daughter to join me!" he answered.


Traveling further, I could see gold colored mansions off in the distance with a rainbow over the top of each one. Right then a saint came to us wearing a gold crown with many gems on it. "On earth I was a cripple," he explained. "Almost my entire life I laid at the gate of a very rich man begging for crumbs from his table. My body was covered in sores and dogs came and licked them. I had nothing, my only comfort was knowing that one day I would go to Paradise. To have such hope in God was precious to me, especially since it was all I had. (Luke 16:19-31) The rich man had everything, except the one thing I had, and each time he passed by me, I desperately tried talking to him about God, but he wouldn’t even look at me. After all what did a poor beggar have that a rich man would want anyway.

One day, it seemed God said to me, "I put you at this man’s gate for a purpose. After that I tried even harder to get his attention, yet he wouldn’t listen. Then, one day God whispered to me, "Lazarus, your earthly suffering is over," and the angels came and carried me to paradise.

"You know," he then said to us, "All those years I suffered, God would often whisper to me, "I will make it up to you some day, just you wait and see. And when I came up here, He more than made it up to me." Then with a bright gleam on his face, Lazarus suddenly disappeared right before our eyes.

Oh truly the sufferings of this present world are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us." (Romans 8:18)