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"A Walk In Heaven" is a source of peace for those nearing the end of this life and comfort for those left behind.



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Caught up in a vision

Angela steps into the portals of heaven and is Guided by an angel on a glorious journey!! In this exciting book you will join her and the angel as they walk through streets of gold, viewing spectacular mansions and seeing the glorious sights of heaven. Meeting with believers and hearing their moving testimonies. What they said in their last moments on earth and what they felt as they crossed over into Eternal Heaven. You will meet the one who carried the cross of Jesus, and the one who nailed Him to that cross. You will laugh and smile with the angel as you stop at the River of Life, feeling as if you too were drinking from that everlasting fountain. Through the angel you will receive words of comfort and hope that will truly inspire you to faithfully finish your earthly journey so that you too may walk on streets of gold through everlasting glories of Heaven.


About Angela:

Angela was born in Oregon in 1945 and as a child suffered poverty, abuse, street life, alcoholism and the horrors of a mental institution. While in a Nazi concentration camp, Corrie Ten Boom said, "No pit is so deep that God is not deeper still. In her darkest hour, God came to Angela and lifted her out of the deepest pit. Soon after a glorious and miraculous spiritual transformatio took place, followed by visitations of angels, visions and a ministry that still continues after thirty plus years. Which proves when God gives you something He never takes it back and His power and glory never diminishes, neither shall His power diminish from off the earth, for His kingdom reigneth forever and ever.


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"Five Little Angels" an excerpt from Angela Buck's book "A Walk In Heaven"

We came to a field full of  lilies. their whiteness  reminded me of Easter, and the resurrection, and the whole surroundings seemed charged with a feeling of youth, vibrance, and new beginnings. A saint was there whose manner was sweet and gentle and told us she once had five beautiful girls.

            “Prettiest little darlings you ever saw,” she said. “Sarah, our ten year old, was tall and slender  like her daddy. Hard headed like him too, and smart as a whip. Whenever there was a problem, she could figure it out before we could.

            And Rachel, our eight year old loved animals, especially cats. She would sit with Fluffy, the orange one, holding it in her little arms, hugging and playing with it for hours.

            Hannah, our five year old, was a gentle little thing, but liked helping mommy in the kitchen. I would always say to her, “You’ll make a good wife someday, the way you like to cook and all.” And she would smile and say, “I’m going to have five girls like you mommy.”

            And three year old Abigail. She liked to make up poems about Jesus and Heaven and would say, “Mommy, Jesus loves me, doesn’t He?” And I would nod my head and smile. Then she would always add, “And I’m going to be with Him in Heaven.” When we knelt by the bed at night and prayed, “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take,” she would always say, “A flash of light before I die.”

            And I would say to her, “No Abigail, it says, “If I should die before I wake.” But she still would say, “A flash of light before I die.” But after she was gone, I knew she said it right after all. The night Jesus took her, she laid on her bed sick with the fever, and suddenly she sat up in bed and said, “Mommy I see a flash of light,” and then she was gone.

            And there was eight month old Susan. The doctor said I couldn’t have any more, and we called her our little angel.

            When the 1918 influenza epidemic hit, Hannah was the first to be taken, then Sarah, followed by Rachel, and then our dear little Abigail. And when Susan showed signs of the fever, I prayed and pleaded with tears, “Please God, spare our little angel.” Yet that night, she was gone too.

            It was a cold grey  morning, and there was a chill at the cemetery where we laid our last angel to rest beside her four sisters. Rain kept dropping on my face, as if trying to wash my tears. I didn’t want to leave them in that dark dismal place, surrounded by tombstones and death. That evening the house seemed so empty and lifeless without them.

            Late that night while sitting in the rocker in Rachel and Sarah’s room darning socks and singing Abigail’s favorite, ‘Jesus loves me, this I know’, suddenly a light appeared, and became brighter and brighter, until it filled the whole room. I could hardly believe my eyes at what happened next. All five of my little girls were standing there in white gowns, with gold letters on them and halos around their heads. Their little faces looked so radiant.

            I remember reaching my hand out to touch them. They seemed very near, yet strangely they were too far away to touch. Sarah, our oldest said to me, “Don’t wish us back mommy, and please don’t cry, we’re so happy in Heaven.” And then they were gone. But the bright light stayed in that room all night until the sun rose the next morning. Years went by, but what happened in that room remained real in my heart.

            We watched our neighbor’s children, the ones who survived the plague, grow up, marry, and have their own children. Holidays were lonely, especially Christmas, every year we still hung five stockings on the mantel with their names on them, starting with the oldest. Sarah, Rachel, Hannah, Abigail and Susan.

            Years later while I laid on my bed dying, that same bright light came into my room, and five angels appeared, and said to me, “Come on mommy, it’s time to be with us now.” And taking my hand, they brought me up here.”

            Right then, while listening to her, five little angels came and gathered around her. I had no doubt who they were, watching them smiling at her and holding her hands and I can only imagine the happiness they now share.

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