Letter To Angela Buck From Christian CountyAttorney


April 17, 2012

Ms. Angela Buck
P.O. Box 571
Ozark, MO. 65721

RE: Low Frequency Noise

Dear Ms. Buck,

 You recently left a flyer at Lou Lapaglia's residence, as well as his neighbors. You have also distributed a handout at Mr. Lapaglia's church. These documents accuse Commissioner Lapaglio of refusing to acknowledge that the HVAC units on the top of the Christian County jail are producing low level vibration or noise which you contend has caused a variety of health problems for yourself and other citizens in Ozark.

 When you first voiced your complaints about excessive noise or vibration emanating from the rooftop of the Christion County Jail, the County Commission requested the County engineer to investigate your claims and conduct tests of the noise and vibration emanating from the HVAC units on the jail. An outside engineer conducted sound pressure and vibration testing using a frequency and vibration analyzer at various locations in the City of Ozark, including the roof and immediate area around the courthouse and jail. The findings of these tests did not reflect anything but ordinary, everyday ambient noise, which does not affect the quality of life in the area around the Ozark County Jail. All tests results showed that the noise and vibration was within normal limits and the manufacturer specifications.

Based upon the objective findings and test results we have accumulated, the County Commission's position is that the HVAC units on the top of the Christian County Jail are not emitting noise or low level vibrations which wpold cause any health effects or symptoms you contend are occurring.

In the flyer you passed out on Sunday, you state, "With the help of engineers we have traced the source of this pollution to the industrial grade units on top of the Christian County Jail." At this point, you have produced no objective evidence based upon an expert's testing of the noise or vibration you claim is emanating from the roof of the Jail to support your claims. Please provide me with the names, addresses and contact information of the engineers whose opinions you are relying upon.

If your engineers have conducted any tests or issued a written report regarding the results of any noise or vibration tests they have performed regarding theHVAC units on the top of the Christian County Jail, please provide me a copy.

I look forward to hearing from you.
     Very Truly Yours



     John W. Housley






















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