Ms. Buck Replies To Christian County Attorney



Angela Buck
April 21, 2012

John W. Housley (LOWTHER JOHNSON   attorneys at law, LLC)

In regards to your letter dated April 17, 2012

 Concerning the "unidentified engineers" who spent an unspecified amount of time on the roof and grounds of the Christian County Jail Complex in Ozark, MO.  measuring "Ambient Sound" and "audible vibrations".

The offending noise is neither of the above, but "VLF" (very low frequency noise). VLF is very dangerous and invasive and cannot be measured by "A-weighted analyzers" .

And HAVC units are not as likely to produce VLF as the high powered industrial grade high wind exhaust fans used by the county on the complex. And the larger the fan the more likely it is to create VLF and such are the high powered industrial grade fans on top of the Christian County Jail Complex.

And if the county's "engineers" were bonafide VLF experts they would have known the above. Plus they would have known that VLF travels through the air beyond the distance that "audible" sound travels and becomes more forceful and invasive the farther it travels.

And they would also have known that a true measurement of the invasive force and danger to a community cannot be accurately determined except inside a closed building into which VLF has penetrated and is rebounding off ceiling, floor and walls and has turned homes in this residential area into a living hell.

And if Christian County and City of Ozark would take the time to actually read the information given them they would know that prolonged exposure to VLF causes a myriad of afflictions in humans, including the following: cardiovascular disease, vasoconstriction (narrowing of the blood vessels) which can result in increased blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.

It also causes migraines, seizures, ulcers, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), dizziness, fatigue, pain or pressure in the ear, panic attack, loss of concentration and memory, vertigo, blurred vision, nausea, and induces personality changes and drives people to suicide.

If Christian County and the City of Ozark were serious about investigating these substantial complaints of the afflicted citizens, many of whom can be verified by physicians, ER etc, and truly concerned about the health environment of the City of Ozark, they would have sent qualified independent engineers into our homes looking for VLF. But why haven't they?  The answer is obvious! They know what they will find!! 

And since this problem was 1st brought to County and City's attention in February, they have ignored these complaints, blatantly disregarding the safety and well being of the residents of Ozark, and have maligned those who are ready to defend the safety and well being of the residents of Ozark. And we will pursue this terrible injustice until the very end and those responsible for this terrible injustice upon the residents of Ozark get their just due:

Criminal negligence
  "conduct which is such a departure from what would be that of an ordinary prudent or careful person in the same circumstance as to be incompatible with a proper regard for human life or an indifference to consequences".

 Be advised that the letter you sent me, along with this reply, has already been added to previous correspondence concerning this matter, for all to see at:                 Regards, Ms. Buck





















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