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Corn Cam.

*CAUTION* For the easily addicted, skip this page!!!*LOL

Corn cam is a video camera placed in the corn fields of Iowa. The purpose is to watch the corn grow. In Iowa this is a highly addictive thing to do. LOL
I hope that all my friends at Africam don't become to addicted to this site. I would hate to have you not visit us on the Boma from time to time. : )
Before you go to Corn Cam, you have to see the picture I took.
A little background first.
Van, my good friend, on the Boma, told me that she would lasso a hippo and send it to Corn Cam. Little did I know she would get a mother and a baby! Good work Van!!!
I got up one morning, eagerly awaiting watching Corn Cam to see how much it grew in the night and this is what I saw!!!

I was soo surprised!!! Now Judy/BC waters them when she is there, and people are watching for them every day!!!!
Take a look for yourself and see if you can find the hippos in the Iowa corn.

Corn Cam.