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"I think I saw a doggie!!"


Well as you can see I am one heck of a nice looking dog! I am very friendly and my buddy's grandchildren love me alot.I love to eat and will beg for table scraps from anyone who happens to be eating.

I like people, am a real people dog!

When I sleep well boy do I sleep. I am also very independent and will do things when I get good and ready to do them.


But you know I am very loving and well just a pat on my head will make me a friend for life! Well that's about it for now...oh hey I did forget something! My buddy well he rescued me from a fate well that a dog would definitely not like. You see I have an injured front leg. But you know that my buddy well when I have trouble walking will spend hours giving me a leg massage.

So you see I guess I am one lucky dog too!

Gee I suppose my story is not so unique but in some ways perhaps it is. You see when I was a puppy I got my right front leg injured and so as I grew up I have had alot of problems with it. The family I was with well my former master and his wife separated and went their own ways. So I was kind of left in a "limbo" because I became a tug-of-war between the two. I ended up with my former mistress and well she kind of didn't have time to take care of me and I was put into a kennel in the backyard and never got to leave it. After awhile I guess I just got to be to much of a problem for her. You see she was moving and that left me without a family or friend. I was just about to be shipped off into doggieland when for some reason my buddy showed up. Oh I know he answered an ad in the paper but from the moment we meet well we just hit it off.

I can remember my buddy had his wife along and to be quite honest I don't think she was so overjoyed to have me but I gave her that look, you know the one we Basset are so good at, and just waddled over to her and nosed her hand. That must have done the trick because within fifteen minutes I was on my way to my new home. I think it was the best thing ever for me! My buddy is devoted to my well being and he cares what happens to me and how I feel.

I hope that well maybe some of my relatives will be lucky enough to find good homes...ones with love and caring! Afterall owning a Basset Hound is really all about love!

What is a basset hound?

The Basset Hound is a hunting dog. He was bred for hunting small game. He is a scent hound. He follows ground-held scent or that of trodden foliage that has been bruised by the game in retreat.

The Basset Hound is used primarily for hunting rabbit although he is successful in hunting other small game. The Basset's long ears were developed to stir up the scent for his large nose to smell. The folds of skin under the chin, called the dewlap, are for trapping and holding the scent.

His large feet give him steadiness and his heavy bone is to make him sturdy. His short legs enable the hunter to follow him apace on foot. The Basset Hound must have a great lung capacity and large, strong heart so that he can track game for long periods of time.

Basset Hounds were historically hunted in large packs. They are expected to have the endurance and stamina to hunt day after day in widely varying terrain, often with dense undergrowth and in all weather conditions that permit hunting small game.

The Basset Hound, as you can readily see, is a very different sort of dog. While he is so often referred to as the clown of the canine world, the reasons for this strange, distorted frame are the very reasons why soundness is so important to his very survival.

Please be sure to check back now and then as I know I will be updating my homepages and adding to them.

Thanks alot for visiting and reading about my story...I look forward to seeing you again!.....THURSTON!

"Come here you dang dog and fights likes sa man!"

"AHHHHH!!!!! "Leave the poor dog alone!"

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