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Other Stuff You Wanna Know


One of the biggest interests in my life is music. I love music, all kinds. Whether it be pop, rock, oldies, country, even a little rap, I'll listen to it. I tend to stray towards pop and country, but that doesn't mean I won't try other stuff. As long as I can dance to it, it's good music.

I also like to read and write. A lot of my time is spent reading, writing, and listening to music. Of course, television and movies are cool too! I'm a big fan of cops and cowboys and scary movies. I like the action!

I spend a lot of time on the internet, too. Some people say too much time, but hey, can I help it if I keep finding cool sites to surf? I'm an email fanatic too. So send me some!



Food:  anything Chinese

Snack Food:  popcorn, chips, anything salty

Candy:  Skittles

Color:  dark green

Car:  SUV's, Ford Mustangs, and VW Bugs

Musical Act:  Backstreet Boys

Song:  It changes on a daily basis. For now, The Answer To Our Life, by BSB.

Book:  Hands down, it's Remembrance by Jude Deveraux

TV Show:  ER, but I'm a big fan of anything that has Chris Potter in it!

Movie:  Mulan, or Titanic

Actor:  Hehe, Chris Potter for television, and Mel Gibson for movies.

Actress:  Ming-Na Wen for both television and movies.



I like lots of different things, I guess you could say I'm a little weird, but sometimes weird is good!

Anyway, I like cheese, horses, the ocean, Florida, clearance sales, jade, payday, books, cds, movies, talking on the phone, Beanie Babies, Scooby Doo, animals, (especially cats!) and teddy bears.



Oooh, I have a long list of dislikes. But I'll only name a few, otherwise we'd be here all day!

Let's see. . . I dislike racists, close-minded people, snow, valley girls, television reruns, cottage cheese, Ticketmaster, (because of all their stupid extra charges!), getting up in the morning, personal wellness classes, black licorice, and Lou Pearlman.