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Ruff Ryders is a family owned business and our mission is to promote the community inclusion of Rap/R&B music and to assist in attaining a more productive, self-sufficient role in the entertainment industry. 

Chivon Dean is a key player in the rap game traditionally dominated by men. She is one third of the triumvirate that composes Ruff Ryders Entertainment, a company which manages the platinum selling DMX and the Lox while maintaining it's own record label distributed by Interscope Records. Her lifelong dedication to helping her siblings and community, along with comprehensive experience in the field of health care has allowed her to create a new formula for success in the recording industry. This formula: Faith, Family, Fortitude; has made Ruff Ryders a driving force in Hip Hop. 

As the black stallion and creative force in entertainment, Joaquin "Waah" Dean is making heads turn quickly in the industry. Once considered a long shot in entertainment, Dean has managed to speed by the fastest competition -- only to leave them in the dust looking on through their binoculars. Dean was born and raised in New York City. This Ruff Ryder started off in the music industry as an independent tape salesman for DJ Kid Capri (who now has his own multi-platinum album on the airwaves). While working the streets, Dean decided to manufacture and sell his own tapes. Have him tell it, the tapes were of his first artist, multi-platinum rapper DMX. Selling over 15,000 units locally, industry executives caught wind of what Dean was accomplishing and Columbia/Ruffhouse Records signed DMX for a single deal. After nine months on the Columbia label, Dean then set his sights on bigger deals and later had DMX signed to Russell Simmons' Def Jam Recordings and the rest is history. DMX has since moved on to become the #1 all time seller to have two albums on the charts simultaneously ranked among the top ten within a one-year time span. 

Dean's secret to success: "Give it to people like it is." And giving it to them he is...Dean's multi-million dollar selling artist has led Dean to a huge joint venture deal with Interscope and the development of Ruff Ryder Entertainment. 

Darrin "D" Dean, the other half of Ruff Ryder Entertainment is the glue to the company. As the herdsman and driving force of the posse, D manages to keep things at a smooth and steady winning pace. D understands, accurately envisions, and carries out the family's visions. His understanding and implementation of ideas makes him a critical part of the Ruff Ryder team. 

Hard-working, staying true to the streets and quietly building an empire, Dean and company won't be satisfied until they control their own destiny. "In the future, we hope to become more independent and create and distribute our own product," Chivon reveals. "But no matter how much we grow, we know it's important to stay in close contact with your artists and producers. We are a family and that's how we function in business." Now you know, that's how the Ruff Ryder's roll.

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