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The Story of Merlin, Part 1
By: *~Sirius Merlin~*

Once 700 years ago a man named Michael Merlin lived in the land of England he served King Arthur the mightiest King England ever had. Michael was the King's personal assistant. He followed the King to every place that the King went to. One day Michael married a lovely lady called Lavander Jertio. Lavander was a gypsy , but she wasn't a crazy gypsy; she sometimes really predicted the future . Michael paid little attention to that fact . King Arthur didn't like Lavander too much but since Michael had picked her, he respected her. One day Michael and Lavander had a son. They named him Sirius Merlin.
When he was born, they saw something strange about this baby. He had the name "Merlin" flashing in his hand every now and then. Soon little Sirius started showing more strange things; he could make sparks fly from his fingers. One day a traveler from Greenland heard the news. He traveled from Greenland to England just to see the little boy. Sirius was 8 when the traveler reached England . Sirius could now make water and sand appear from his hand if he needed them . The traveler reached the king's castle. He said " My name is Alexander Dumbledore."

That was Part 1 in this new series! Watch for number 2!