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The Escape, Part 5
By: *~Rivina Granger~*

When Ron had sat down on the train, Neville decided to stand up.
"Uh, Hi guys!"
"Neville! What are you doing here? I mean, how nice to see you!" Hermione gasped.
"I, uh was looking for Trevor, my toad! Do you mind?" Neville stammered.
"No! Just don't tell any one about our conversation! Okay?"
"What conversation? See? I already forgot it! Plus, I didn't really hear you. I just heard voices, you were whispering!"
Suddenly the train slowed down, then stopped.
"We're here!" Hermione sang.
"Hermione sure is happy!" mumbled Harry to Ron.
"I'm not surprised!" Ron grumbled back. Harry spotted Hagrid above the many heads.
"Firs' Years! This way! Firs' years!" Hagrid boomed to the crowd. "Harry! Got's to talk to you's three later!" Hagrid yelled to Harry. The three just waved, for they were being pushed along towards the invisible-horse drawn carriages which would take them to the school.
Once in a carriage, Hermione asked, "What do you think Hagrid wants to talk to us about?"
Ron sighed. "We haven't gotten in trouble yet, have we?"
Harry laughed. "No! We won't get in trouble either! We've broken rules loads of times, and all we've gotten is a detention or two!"
Hermione scowled, and put her nose in the air. "You say that so casually......" Hermione said the last word as she were sitting by a pool on a lawn chair. "Detention! Who needs it?" Hermione pretended to laugh, Harry and Ron just stared. Then Hermione's laugh turned into a scowl again. She looked out the window to avoid eye contact. The three didn't talk on the way to the castle. When the carriage stopped, Hermione got out and stomped up the stone steps. Harry just shrugged, and motioned for Ron to follow him up the steps. As soon as everyone was seated at their tables, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin, the first years walked in. Professor McGonagall took out a stool, and set in front of the line of first years. Then she placed a tattered old black hat on the stool, and took out a scroll. She started calling names.
"Angus, Lisa!" became a Hufflepuff, "Bernan, Terry!" became a Ravenclaw, "Begald, Sienan!" "Connel, Angy!" and "Ciplet, Erin!" all became Slytherins. Many more names were called, and they mostly went to Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, except when Professor McGonagall called the M's. "Milter, Jonathan!" was a Gryffindor. Hermione clapped the loudest at the Gryffindor table, but she didn't know why. "Mert, Chris!" was a Hufflepuff, and then Professor McGonagall paused, and gasped. She held the scroll up for the other teachers to see, and they all gasped too, except, Professor Snape. He smiled and coolly sat back in his chair. Professor McGonagall stuttered the next name. "M-M-A-L-F-F-OY, Leal." The whole room gasped. Professor McGonagall stared at the crowd, and said the name again. "Malfoy, Leal!" Again, everyone gasped. A pale faced girl, resembling Draco Malfoy, walked forward, looking the least bit frightened. She sat on the stool and waited. Harry noticed Malfoy sitting at the Slytherin table, looking quite red in the face, and he could tell he was whispering "Slytherin! Slytherin!" very quietly. Leal Malfoy could hear the hat talking to her.
"Well, let's see! I see a long line of Slytherins! You don't look as if you belong in Slytherin! Leal held her breath, and said to herself, "Slytherin! Slytherin!" The hat spoke again, You want to be in Slytherin, eh? Why is that my dear? Leal thought for a minute, then said in her mind, "Because Draco's in Slytherin!" Oh, I see! Well, it looks as if the chain of Slytherins will be broken! Because you're in GRYFFINDOR!!!" The hat said the last word to the whole room. Malfoy looked terrified. So did Harry, Ron and Hermione. Leal strode over to the Gryffindor table, with a faint smile on her face.
"Welcome!" Percy hissed. Leal sat down next to Harry. Harry noticed she looked sweeter than Malfoy, she had a soft look to her.
"Hi! I'm Harry Potter!"
Leal gasped, and closed her eyes. "Are you really?" She had a American accent. "I'm Leal Malfoy! Draco's sister!" She held out her hand to Harry. Harry, remembering when Malfoy had held out his hand on their first train ride to Hogwarts, and Harry had refused. Harry smiled. He shook Leal's hand. It was warm, and smooth, and she had a firm grip.
Ron butted in. " You're, not like Malfoy, are you?" Harry glared at him.
Leal smiled. "Malfoy is a bit rude, I've noticed! I'm not though, I don't understand his rudeness! My mom's sweet as candy, but my dad's..... well, let's just say he gets up on the wrong side of the bed, every day!" Harry and Ron stared at her. Mom? That must be American, thought Harry, but
Ron wanted to ask. "How come....." Harry punched him in the ribs. "Ow!" Ron squealed, and backed away from Harry. Luckily, Leal hadn't heard, she was staring at Malfoy, and making rude faces. Malfoy sneered, and kept on talking with his friends. Dumbledore cleared his throat. The room went silent.
"As you all know, we have had a shortage on Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers!" the students laughed. "And last year, we had quite a teacher, some think he was the best, well he's coming back!" The whole room cheered, except maybe the Slytherins. Harry, Ron and Hermione cheered the loudest. Professor Lupin had been Harry's favorite teacher, but he had turned out to be a werewolf, and he left. Now he was coming back. Professor Lupin walked out from the shadows of the exit, and everyone cheered again. He waved, but Hermione could see that he was blushing.
Hermione had forgiven Harry, and turned to him. " I think Leal's going to be OK! She seems pretty nice!" Harry agreed, and thought, if Leal's friends with us, maybe Malfoy would lay off his back. Leal was smiling, and clapping.
"Hey Leal, how come Malfoy's so rude?" Ron was starting to annoy Harry, and Harry looked angrily at him.
Leal changed the subject, "I'm starved! When's the food coming?"
Hermione looked at her with soft eyes, "In a moment!" suddenly, the platters filled with food, and their goblets filled with a sweet liquid. Leal wasn't kidding, she was hungry! She gobbled down a plate full of boiled potatoes, roast turkey and gravy, a bowl of steaming soup, lamb chops, a plate of salad, and a glob of some kind of green stuff Ron wouldn't touch. The meal disappeared, and was replaced by deserts of all kinds! There was treacle tart, Rice pudding, Jell-O, pies of every flavor ice cream, and mounds of doughnuts. Again, Leal grabbed a bit of everything.
"Are you getting tired Harry, cause I am!" Ron yawned. They pulled their chairs away from the table to leave, but Dumbledore stopped them.
"One thing students! Kwikspell will not be held here at Hogwarts! Please see your head teacher for information!" Harry looked at Ron, and Hermione looked at both of them, Harry mouthed, "Tomorrow!" and Ron and Hermione nodded. Harry looked at Leal, she was blushing, for some reason, and was trying to gather the last bit of her doughnut into her bag. Harry stepped towards Leal, wanting to explain about the houses and such, but when he began, she said she already knew all about that, and she hurried towards the front of the Gryffindors.
Hermione smiled at Harry. "You know, she is a girl, and I am a girl, so leave it to me, okay?" Harry didn't answer. He liked Leal, as a friend, and thought she might need a few pointers about the school, but it seemed as if Leal didn't want any help, or at least, not from him.

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