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The Escape, Part 3
By: *~Rivina Granger~*

Mr. Weasley's reason for having Harry around, was quite silly. He said he'd have another hand to help him!
"Oh Arthur! Don't you go making him work! He's our guest! And don't try Hermione either!" Mrs. Weasley had said.
A few days later, the nine of them decided they would go to Diagon Alley the next day to buy school supplies.
"Harry! Pst, Harry!" Hermione motioned for Harry to come to her.
"What?" asked Harry quietly, in case Hermione had a secret.
"I- I don't know if I have any more gold at Gringotts!" she blurted out, still quietly.
"Oh!" Harry laughed "That's all? Ok, I'll give you some money! You should have come plain out and asked me! I don't mind!"
"Thank you so very much Harry!" Hermione said. Then she flung her arms around him and thanked him over and over again. Ron came by and looked at Harry tiredly but didn't say a word. Harry shrugged.
Later that night, Ron asked Harry about Hermione.
"She wanted to borrow some money!" Harry whispered, because it was late.
"Why'd she hug you then?" Ron asked.
"I don't know! She bought Crookshanks last year with the rest of her money, so she must not have any more left!"Harry answered angrily, because Ron was shaking his head.
"Ok, maybe we don't have as much money as you, but we usually save A LITTLE for next year, you'd think someone as smart as her would too!"
Harry shrugged again and told Ron good-night, and pulled up the covers to sleep. But he couldn't sleep, there was something wrong.
"Ron! Wake up! Ron? wake up!" Harry demanded as he shook Ron.
"Huh? What's going on?" Ron had already fallen asleep.
"You know how Ginny is always embarrassed when she sees me, right?"
"Right, but I don't see........"
Harry cut him off. "When she saw me earlier, she didn't do anything, she didn't even say hello!"
"So her manners need improving, big deal!" yawned Ron.
"No! We came inside, and Hermione was outside, so she ran outside to say hi to Hermione, then they came inside, we were in the kitchen, and she ran in the kitchen, and ran upstairs!" Harry screamed quietly.
"So? Who cares? I certainly don't! You shouldn't either! She didn't get embarrassed! You should feel good!"
"Why should I feel good? No, that's not the point! There's something going on!" Harry finished.
"OK, well, you can solve the case at school, and even better, I'll help! But as long as You-Know-Who's involved!" Ron yawned again.
"Who, Voldemort? What could Voldemort have to do with Ginny? No, what I'm talking about is something different! But I don't know what..............."
"Harry, go to bed!" Ron screamed, and he buried his head under a pillow.
"Ok, maybe you're right. See you tomorrow!" Harry said. Ron rolled his eyes.
Harry laughed, "I saw that!" and they both started laughing. They fell asleep, until Ron woke Harry up and said "Plus, Ginny was involved in that Chamber of Secrets thing a couple years ago, you would think she'd be really careful now, don't you think?" But Harry wasn't listening, he was snoring loudly, and laughing at the same time.
As soon as the Weasley's plus two set foot in Diagon Alley, Hermione leapt in front of Harry and put on a puppy face and said "Remember?" and held out her hands.
"OK! OK! First I need to go to Gringotts! Stop looking at me like that!" Harry laughed. Mr. Weasley had heard him.
"Ok troops, first stop, Gringotts!!!" He started marching toward Gringotts, and every one followed. When they entered Gringotts, a goblin bowed to greet them. Harry decided to bow back. The goblin laughed, but then another goblin came by and the laughing goblin stood up strait and puffed out his chest.
"Sort of like Percy seeing Penelope!" mumbled Ron to Harry as they passed the goblin.
"Uh, Mr. Weasley? I just remembered, Hagrid has the key to my...."
"Your heart?" Ron joked, and Hermione giggled.
"No!" Harry yelled back, "My vault! I can't get in without the key!"
"I'm pretty sure he's someplace in Diagon Alley!" Hermione said as she looked outside. Harry looked confused, and Ron did too.
"Why?" they asked.
Hermione laughed, "Look! Outside! Look at the people move away from the steps! Hagrid must be coming in!" Just as Hermione predicted, Hagrid came marching through the doors in three large steps.
"Hermione, you shouldn't have quit Divination! You're pretty good!" Ron kidded.
"Hey you's three! How's you been doin? Here to get you money I 'spect? "
"Yeah, how'd you know?" asked Ron.
"Why else you'd be in a bank? Need the key eh Harry?" Hagrid smiled.
"Ok, well, here you are. Now don't go taken more then you need! You'll need some firs next year!" Hagrid handed Harry the key.
"I'm letting Hermione borrow a bit, she out." Harry said quickly, but then wanting to take it back. Hermione nudged him "Sorry." he whispered. Hagrid looked shocked at the news of Hermione being out of money. "
Have you gots any muggle money, Hermione?"
"Yes, I do, but what could I use that for?" Hermione said, taking money out of her pockets.
"Give it to me, and I'll trade it in." Hagrid took the money from Hermione and marched up to a goblin and asked for as much wizard money as muggle money was worth.
"Five Sickles and a handful of Galleons, and I'll give you a few Knuts for the change." the goblin said as he handed Hagrid the coins. Hagrid was beaming.
"That should buy you a bit! I noticed you don't need much for school this year! Just a few books and such!"
"Wow Hermione! That's a lot,! Come with me and I'll get my money!" Harry motioned the Weasley's towards another goblin, and the goblin took them away on a cart. They went deeper and deeper under Diagon Alley to the vaults. "I wish the Weasley's hadn't come on the cart!" Harry said to himself.
"Why?" Hermione whispered. Harry looked surprised, he had said that inside, hadn't he?
"Well, they're so, so, poor! And my mum and dad left lots of gold for me! You'll see!" Harry whispered back. When they got to Harry's vault, Harry gave the goblin the key, and the door opened. Inside, gold Galleons glimmered and the silver Sickles shined.
"I see what you mean!" Hermione mumbled. Harry had piles of gold and bronze and silver. Harry walked over to a pile, and started scooping money into his bag, then he picked up a handful, and handed it to Hermione. The Weasley's and Hermione turned around to go, but Harry stayed. He picked up another handful, and gave it to Ron. Ron just stared at him open mouthed.
"F-F-For me?" Ron asked quietly.
Harry nodded and said "Why are you looking at me like that? Let's go spend it!" Ron laughed, and they both ran to get on the cart. The cart swerved in and out of corners, and the Weasley's stopped at their vault to pick up a bit of money for themselves, then the cart drove back up to the inside of Gringotts.
"Thank you Harry!" both Ron and Hermione squealed, as soon as they were outside Gringotts. Harry laughed.
"You are welcome!"
Mr. and Mrs. Weasley smiled, and both Fred and George said, "Oh, how sweet! But where's our gold?" they laughed, and Mr. Weasley handed them each a few Galleons, and Sickles.
Mr. and Mrs. Weasley decided to go into the Leaky Cauldron, an old pub, and the children wandered Diagon Alley.
"We should go buy our books, and stuff!" Hermione suggested.
"Oh, do we have to?" laughed Ron. The six of them walked towards Flourish and Blotts, the book store.
"Hey, did Percy stay home?" asked Ron.
"No, he went to Penelope's house!" Fred said.
"No really! Where is he?"
"I think, he did go to Penelope's house!" said George.
"Are you sure?" Ron demanded. The Weasley twins looked at each other and said "Yes!"
"Lets see, what books do we need?" Harry said, while looking at his school supplies list that the school had mailed him. The list said:

Unfogging the Future (Book 2)
A Lot of Potions (Level 4)
Transforming (Advanced)
A Guide to Magical Creatures
Herbs and More, but Mostly Herbs! (Book 4)
DADA For Advanced Students

"Wow, not many books, but wait, what's this?" Hermione asked, pointing to DADA For Advanced Students.
"It's obvious! Defense Against The Dark Arts For Advanced!" Ron said foolishly, thinking Hermione didn't know. "I know what it means, but this means we have ANOTHER Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher! Do you think Snape finally got the job? " asked Hermione.
"No, I don't think he'll ever get the job! He's too rude!" Ron said firmly.
"How could rudeness effect your chance against being a teacher? He is a Potions teacher , and he's still rude!" Harry laughed under his breath.
"I don't think here's the best place to talk about this!" Hermione whispered, tilting her head towards an elderly couple who were staring at them.
"On the train!" Harry mumbled, as they went to buy new robes for Ron.
"Why are you doing this Harry? You don't need to buy me anything! " Ron argued. "You need new robes, so you are getting them! I really want to be helpful this year!" Harry said back.
As soon as they had entered Madam Malkin's Robes For all Occasions, Madam Malkin said "Hogwarts?"
Ron started to answer, but Harry stepped in front of him. "He needs new robes! His old ones are too short!" "Oh," said Madam Malkin.
"Follow me." she seemed upset that Ron wasn't new to Hogwarts. Ron got fitted again, and Harry bought his robes, and they walked off to the Leaky Cauldron to show Ron's parents.
"Harry, how sweet of you! Ron needed new robes so much, I'm delighted to see him all set for another few years!" Mrs. Weasley exclaimed when Ron showed her his new robes.
"Harry! You didn't need to do that! He's OK with the robes he has, isn't he?" Mr. Weasley stared at Ron, and Ron shook his head fast.
"No dad, they were too short!" Ron sighed, he had told him so many times before. Harry, Ron and Hermione left the Leaky Cauldron, and Fred and George stayed.
"Ron, you need a new pet don't you?" asked Harry.
"No, your godfather sent me a tiny owl! I named him Leimo!" Ron answered. Harry looked disappointed. "Oh."
"Let's get back, we might have to go soon!" Hermione said while walking back into the Leaky Cauldron.
"We must be going now! Come along Ginny, Ron, Harry, Hermione, Fred, George!" Mrs. Weasley said Fred and George's name with a slight "I'm watching you," type of voice. The Weasley's plus two left Diagon Alley.

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