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The Genie's Bottle, Part 3
By: *~Theodozia Des~*

Harry wasn't nervous about giving the bottle to Dumbledore. No, Dumbledore was a nice man, and Harry had accidentally found the bottle. What he was worried about was that Dumbledore knew that Harry didn't want to give it back, and he would give any thing to be able to keep it.
As Harry made that step onto the escalator going to Dumbledore's office, he realized how silly he was being. It was just a bottle, there wasn't even a real genie inside. Yes, Harry certainly didn't want that ridiculous bottle cluttering his room.
"This is a genie's bottle, correct?" Said the headmaster when Harry finally reached his office. "It's very rare and wonderful."
"Well, yes sir, but why would a man of your, knowledge- er, I mean, why would you buy a piece for your private collection if it wasn't rare and wonderful?"
"Pardon? The things in my collection, as far as my knowledge goes, are neither rare nor wonderful. In fact, as you would probably know from growing up with a muggle family, the muggle children sometimes collect bottlecaps as well."
"But-but- I thought you collected rare items!"
"I find bottlecaps very amusing. And as for rare, well, we must have 10 of these in the history of magic classroom."
"But- Hermione said that-"
"If Hermione said that they were rare, than, for once, Mr. Potter, Hermione is wrong. Yes, they stopped making them, but they had made billions of them before, all magically preserved. In fact, we have over 900,000,00 in the History of Magic Museum, and the rest still in circulation. And it is not for my personal collection, and I have not had a report of a missing bottle from the history of magic room, so it is yours to keep, if you so desire."
Harry's heart leaped for joy. His own genie bottle! The fact that he didn't want the bottle, was, of course, a very terrible lie. There was nothing that he had wanted more than that.
"How many genie bottles still have genies in them, would you suppose?" asked Harry.
"Well, probably about 12. With genies that still have to obey their masters about 6, and with the access for humans to enter, about 3."
"So, basically, there's no chance of this one having a genie that has to obey me inside here?" "You'll never know until you try, Mr. Potter." And with that he winked.