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Flopagone, Part 1
By: *~Lavendar Abnali~*

One fine summer day I was walking with Herimone in the garden on our way to class and we stumbled upon a little girl about 2 or 3. Her body was draped across a huge metal covered book. When we approached the girl we saw that her body was so mangled that she would die within the hour, that is if she stayed out here. So I reached for the girl to carry her off and yelled to Herimone, "Pick up the book!"
Herimone replied very quietly, "Lavender drop the girl, its to late, this book is the book of Flopagone, remember in History of Magic class. This book belongs to You-Know-Who, anyone who touches it will be bombarded with invisible dragons and snakes ,except for someone who is part You-Know-Who, or powerful enough to withstand the curse."
"Shouldn't Dumbledore know?" I asked warily. "He's strong enough, isn't he?"
"No" she said "The only one strong enough is…is Voldemort!"

That was Number One in the Series! Look for the next story continuing these series: Flopagone, Part 2