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Enchanted Room, Part 3
By: *~RPG Owner~*

Hermione fumbled, then found the edge of the cloak. She yanked it off and silently walked out of the room. No one was in the corridor. She sighed. Hermione hoped her friends wouldn't get in too much trouble. Then she walked again to the brick wall and tried to figure out the puzzle Harry had wished her good luck on.
They were sitting in Snape's office. Harry looked around. As usual, the slimy body parts were floating in their brown jars. Harry gulped, then tried to focus on Snape- trying to forget about what surrounded them.
Snape growled. "What were you doing on the sixth floor?" Eyeing them suspiciously, Snape had a sudden nasty thought. "In that particular hallway?"
Aha… Harry thought. He's getting worried. Ron looked at Harry. They agreed, silently, that Harry would do the talking.
Harry cleared his throat. "Well, sir, it's such a very-" He paused a moment for dramatic effect. "Interesting hallway… if you know what I mean…"
Snape studied them carefully. "No, Potter, I don't know what you mean. Explain."
Harry looked at his hands, trying to buy Hermione more time. "Well sir- I think you do." He looked into Snape's angry face. Whoa… Harry thought. He looks mad. Thinking about how many detentions he might receive for his impertinence, Harry changed his mind. "I mean… it's just a corridor."
Snape stood frozen, glaring at Harry. Snape tried to clear his head of anger, trying to think. He knew what that hallway held within its walls… and Potter and Weasley seemed to know this as well. Snape sat down behind his desk. This was a dilemma…

Meanwhile, Hermione had not yet solved the entrance to the Enchanted Room. She had tried every enchanted spell she had ever heard of- and for Hermione, this was a lot. Hermione sighed in exasperation and sat down. Crossing her arms, she racked her brains. There had to be someway in there. Suddenly, Hermione had an idea. She put the Invisibility Cloak on again and sat down, leaning against the wall, to wait.

That was Number Three in the Series! Look for the next story continuing these series: The Enchanted Room, Part 4!