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Harry Potter and the Castle of Past, Part 1
By: *~Cassandra Morninglory~*

Night settled over Hogwarts as Harry Potter sat in the Common Room doing his Transfiguration homework, that Professor McGonagall had assigned. Harry heard soft footsteps, followed by regular ones. He looked up to see Fred and George walking towards him, grinning ear to ear. Harry guessed they had found another secret passage that they could sneak into and from Hogwarts.
"Hello, Harry ole chap!" Fred said, smirking, while doing his best Percy imitation.
"Yes, Yes, how are you old boy? Has it been that long? Well, you look absolutely splendid!" George remarked, grabbing Harry's arm, shaking it vigorously.
"All right. The show's over. What have you guys found?" Harry asked, looking from George to Fred, a questioning look on his face.
"Well, the question is not what we found. It's who we found." Fred replied.
Who? Did they find a person? wondered Harry. "Okay. Who did you find?" Harry questioned. Fred and George exchanged looks, then grabbed Harry's arm.
"Where are you taking me?" he asked, as they dragged him out of the Common Room. Fred turned around, giving him a "You'll see" look. The twins led him to the end of the hall of the dungeons.
Harry looked around. "Yeah. I see it everyday. What's so special about it?"
"Go through the wall Harry," George said, pushing him forward. Harry gave the twins a quizzical look, but stopped when he remembered that this was Hogwarts; almost anything could happen here. Shrugging his shoulders, Harry walked through the wall. He closed his eyes, expecting it to be like Floo Powder, but he reached a big shock when he opened his eyes. He was in a medieval castle. A young woman, with red hair, who was dressed in a blue robe, stood in front of him.
"Greetings. I am Rowena Ravenclaw. Welcome to the Castle of Past," she said, moving closer to Harry. "You must be Harry Potter. Godric has talked of your achievements many times. Your defeat of Voldemort two times. Very impressive."
"Rowena? Who's there?" came a female voice. A young woman, with short blond hair and a yellow robe on strode into the room. "Is that Harry Potter? I'd better get Godric, he'd probably want to meet his most prized student. Godric!!!!" she yelled. A young man, dressed in a green robe, with brown hair entered the room, confused.
"What is it, Helga?! I was almost beating Salazar at Wizard Chess. Knowing him, he's probably cheating! Whose this- Harry? Harry Potter?" He walked forward and shook Harry's hand. "What an honor! I knew once you put that hat on, that you'd be in Gryffindor. I had to fight Salazar for you to be in my house!" Another young man, with a red robe, and raven hair, who much resembled Snape, not to Harry's surprise walked in.
"And I almost won, if hadn't been for your stupid foot!" Salazar said bitterly.
"Now, now, we must not dwell on the past! Just because my foot tripped you, does not mean you should be sour about it! It is past history!" Godric said.
"Um...Godric may I remind you, you still bring up what happened when Salazar told you about his idea about just having Pure Bloods....." Helga informed him cautiously and Godric instantly dropped his broad smile, his eyes narrowing at Helga.
"Well, it's true!" she insisted.
"Godric, she is right. We mustn't fight. We have company for the first time in fifteen years!" Rowena said, gesturing at Harry, who hadn't spoken at all. "That would be your father," she remarked to Harry. As Harry's eyes grew wide, Rowena gave him a grin, with her eyebrows up.
"Rowena's right!" Helga said.
"As usual," a sour Salazar mumbled. Helga and Godric gave him a look and Salazar shut up.
"Be quiet, Salazar or else," Rowena threatened, giving him a cold look.
"Well, Harry, what would you like to see? We-We?" questioned Salazar and Rowena gave him another cold look. Snape changed his mind.
"As I was saying, we could show you the Hall of Years to Come or the Hall of Forgotten Years or even better The Hall of Past Records! So, which one would you like to see?" Snape asked.
"Umm......" Harry looked around at all their faces. What should he do? "I guess I'd like to see the Hall of Past Records. Maybe I can see my mum and dad." Rowena gave Harry a grin while Salazar stared coldly at him.
"Right then. Let's go!" Rowena said, producing a wand from her robes. She muttered a few words, they weren't loud enough for Harry to hear them. Like a flash, Rowena, Harry, Helga, Godric, and Salazar stood in a huge hall with pictures on them. On the archway was a sigh that said "The Hall of Past Records". Rowena put a comforting hand on his back and steered him towards a small picture of his parents, Professor Lupin, Sirius, and Peter sitting in, as Harry finally recognized it as, the Gryffindor Common Room. They all looked happy from what Harry could tell. It was as if they were celebrating something.
"Would you like to see it?" Rowena asked, looking at him. Harry nodded, too stunned to speak. "Just walk through the painting." Harry gave her an alarmed look. "Tap the painting and say 'domonicus praltralus' and the painting will open wide enough for you to walk through. My own little invention, you see." Harry took out his wand, then tapped the painting, reciting Rowena's words. The painting did as Rowena said it would; opening wide for him to slip through. He gulped and walked through the painting.
Harry opened his eyes to a happy scene. His parents were snuggled in a chair together, and Sirius was sitting next to Professor Lupin and Peter, who were in chairs themselves, but Professor Lupin was sitting next to a girl, who strangely resembled Professor Sinistria, the astronomy teacher. In fact, it was Professor Sinistria, younger though, still excited and loud like normal, talking quickly to Professor Lupin, who had his arm around her. She laughed and so did his mum, at a remark his father made.
Harry decided to join in, but then a voice in his ear warned him. Rowena's voice said, "Sorry Harry. Not possible. It could alter the future! Something I'm sure that you don't want to do! Besides, they can't hear or see you."
Still, Harry decided to get closer. He sat in an empty chair next to his parents, watching them with awe. It was a natural thing to do if you, had you never known your parents.
"Okay, okay. Settle down! Settle down!" Professor Lupin said, shushing the crowd. "I just want to say, before all you get loud again, that I wish James and Lily a happy life together and may your life be long and joyous!" The little crowd cheered, Harry's parents thanking Professor Lupin and Professor Sinistria commenting on how nice Professor Lupin's little speech was. So that's what they were celebrating! Harry realized. Their engagement. Harry had seen enough of it. He felt on the verge of tears. It was painful to watch his parents, people he'd never really known, but always knowing that they were actually his parents.
"How do I leave?" he asked open air, standing up and walking to the spot he'd come through.
"Say, 'Tortousum Patritisum'. That should do it." Rowena's small voice in his ear said. He said the words and reappeared next to Rowena, facing the painting.
"I should go." Harry said quietly.
"Okay. Godric can you take us back to the entrance?" Rowena asked Godric, who nodded and took out his wand, making them appear in the entrance hall again.
"Good bye, Harry. Do make sure you'll visit us again. We do like the company. Just turn and go through that archway." Godric told him. Harry turned, mumbling a good-bye at everyone, then he walked through the archway, appearing in an empty dungeon hall. George and Fred were gone. Harry walked back to the Gryffindor Common Room, all the while musing over what he had seen. George and Fred rushed over to see him as soon as he went into the Common Room.
"So what was it? We just poked our heads in and saw a lady in blue. So what happened?" Fred asked, quickly.
Too tired to go into full explanation, Harry simply said, "Rowena, Godric, Helga, and Salazar and Castle of the Past," He walked past George and Fred's shocked faces to the Dormitory, where Ron was doing his homework.
"Where have you been?" Ron asked.
Harry plopped on the bed and closed his eyes, muttering, "Tomorrow." Ron shrugged. Harry could be so weird at times. He went back to his homework once and awhile mumbling spell ingredients.

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