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Can I Save You, Part 3
By: *~Amanda~*

Herimone came down the big stair case leading off the great hall and took a deep breath. Will he speak to me? Will he look at me? Will he ever look at me again? Does he even love me? Questions exploded inside Herimone's head like fireworks. She pushed open the doors to the Great Hall. The hall hushed. Everyone looked up-that is everyone except Harry. Herimone was quick to notice this and looked at the ground. Rosa got up and walked over to her. Herimone noticed a red mark on her face and she looked at Cho who was sneering. Cho is like Draco to me. Herimone thought.
"All he's done is talk about you-that is-when he does talk." Rosa whispered.
"Huh?" Herimone was surprised.
"Well, he's all pale and shaking and he hardly says anything; I'm worried about him, Herimone! Either he's dying without you, or somebody's got a really advanced curse no him." Rosa whispered this all. Herimone quickly looked at Harry. Rosa was right. Harry was white as a ghost and shaking as if he'd seen one. Herimone ran over to him. He looked up into her face. His face wore a very frightened look. Herimone stared. Harry relaxed a little as he realized she wasn't going to slap him. She placed her hand on Harry's forehead-right against his scar. Cold! Right against his scar-Voldemort! This hit Herimone hard. Voldemort! She grabbed Harry by the arm and he nearly fell down-his legs had given out but Herimone caught him.
"C'mon Harry. You'll be okay. It's going to be okay." Herimone soothed when they were out on the stairs. Herimone stopped and asked, frightened.
"What's wrong!?"
"It's-it's you." Harry lied. "I was scared without you."
"Don't lie." Herimone knew Harry too good. After all, she'd been going to school with him for six years.
"It-It's-It's him." Harry stuttered.
"Voldemort." Herimone had guessed right. Herimone's legs gave way and she crumpled in a heap on the floor. She cried. She cried, and cried, and cried. Harry knelt down beside her. He looked deep into her brown eyes.
"What is he doing to you?" Herimone asked.
"He put a curse on me." Harry managed to say. Herimone realized what could happen if she left Harry's side for even a day.
"A curse that will waste me away and I will eventually die." Harry continued.
Herimone was horrified. "Can anybody cure it?" She asked anxiously.
"Dumbledore and-and-" Harry muttered.
"WHO!?" She fairly yelled it.
"Snape." Harry looked at the ground.
"Snape? What can he do?"
Harry, still looking down, muttered. "Make a potion that will prevent my death for a while."
"Tell Dumbledore! Harry, please! Tell Dumbledore!"
"I can't!" Harry argued.
"Why?" Herimone was confused.
"Because he's got enough on his plate already." Herimone shut up, threw her arms around Harry, and sobbed into his shirt.
"NO! NO! Your n-not going to die. Please don't d-" She cried.
"Herimone-calm down! What's wrong?" Someone interrupted. Herimone looked up into Albus Dumbledore's twinkling diamond blue eyes. Dumbledore reached down, pulled Herimone up, and surprised Harry and Herimone.
"Follow me. Both of you."

That was Number Three in the Series! Look for the next story continuing these series: Can I save you? Part 2