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A Love So Strong and Deep, Part 1
By: *~Jedrek Dineros~*

It was happening again. Harry was dreaming about his parents' death. He saw a green flash and at that moment, he woke up. He went to the common room to find Hermione tutoring Neville and Ron on charms. Harry had forgotten it was the third week of winter break. Right now, he was relieved he didn't have to join them because he worked on his homework during the past two weeks all week with Hermione. They all went to breakfast and headed to the great hall.
When they were finished, they went back to work. Harry helped Hermione teach Neville and Ron. When they were finished, they all fell asleep... except for Harry that is.
Harry wrote a note for Ron, Neville, and Hermione just incase something happens to him while he gets everyone's Christmas presents. He wanted to buy Hermione a beautiful, precious gift that would show her that he truly loved her. Just then, he took his Firebolt to Gringotts by flying out the window. Harry got the thousand galleons he had won for winning the triwizard cup in his fourth year. When he got his money, he took his Firebolt to Hogsmeade.
When Hogsmeade finally got visible, his Firebolt started to try to jerk him off and after a while of this, he almost fell off. Harry knew Voldemort was behind this so he landed his broom and decided to walk.
It was 4:00 PM when he finally reached Hogsmeade. He bought Ron a bag full of candy, joke supplies, and butterbeer. He got Neville a ball that is much like an eight ball but tells the truth and doesn't randomly choose words. After finishing buying Ron and Neville's gift, he still had nine hundred forty-two galleons, ten sickles, and 2 knuts. Harry then walked over to "Great Gifts for all occasions." As he entered, he met Stan Stunpike once again. They first encountered on the knight bus in Harry's third year.
"Well what do you know! It's Harry Potter! Stan shouted.
"Nice to see you again, Stan" answered Harry.
"So, how can I help you, Harry? asked Stan.
"What's the most precious thing and something that also says I love you? asked Harry.
"Love someone do you!? asked Stan curiously. "Well I guess that would be our "Magic Necklace" he answered. He opened a cabinet at the very back of the store. Then he grabbed a little box and pulled a key out of his pocket. He showed Harry a beautiful 24karat gold necklace and in the middle was a beautiful emerald jewel.
He started to explain the powers of the necklace. "The first thing you do is you give me a DNA sample of both you and the pardon you're giving it to. Harry searched his book bag for a DNA sample of Hermione. He found a piece of hair in his transfiguration book. He gave it to Stan and then gave one of his own hair.
Harry followed Stan to a room where they took the DNA and turned it into a small piece of stone and fused it with magic necklace. Then Stan continued to tell how the necklace works. "Then you give it to this person you love and when she wears it, your love will protect her. The stronger your love, the better she will be protected."
When the necklace was done ,Harry paid nine hundred galleons, thirty-two sickles, and two knuts. Harry said good bye to Stan, then exited the store. He was very excited to give Hermione the pendant and to tell her how it works and to tell her he loves her. To tell her that he loves her with all his heart and soul and would follow her to the ends of the earth just to be with her.
As Harry walked out of Hogsmeade, he heard a high pitched voice say "Avada Kedvera" (a spell that causes death). Harry knew at once who it was. It was the dark lord, Voldemort.

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