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Shawnee Reservation Mound

The Shawnee Reservation Mound, also known as the Institute Fairgrounds Mound and the Poorhouse Mound, is located in Shawnee Regional Park and lies immediately was of the clubhouse. This mound is presently about 20 high and 80 in basal diameter, but was originally 25 high and greater then 80 in diameter. The Bureau of Ethnology partially excavated this mound during the 1880s, at which time at least 3 burials or cremations were found. The mound is attributed to the late Adena period. This is one of three mounds that remain of the once extensive Adena mound and earthworks complex (which contained about 50 mounds and 10 earthworks) that centered upon Charleston area of the Kanawha Valley. The others are in the South Charleston, or Criel, Mound and a privately owned mound.

Directions: Exit interstate 64 in Institute, West Virginia, onto West Virginia rote 25, go E about .8 miles on route 25 to Shawnee Regional Park on S side of highway, Mound is about 800 SW of route 25. Parking is available at park.

For more information contact: General Manager, Shawnee Regional Park, P.O. Box 267, Institute, West Virginia 25112, 304-768-7600

Map pictured below:

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