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We are a small church of about 75 members in an area that was rural but is becoming surrounded by the flood of expansion from the metro Des Moines. We have retained our rural, small church character, with what we hope is the same friendly hospitality that has marked us for 100 years.

Our average attendance on Sunday morning is about 50 which we consider to be remarkable. It is seldom that any church can boast of 2/3 of its members being present as a regular event. We are marked by informality in our worship services, but with an enthusiasm that is contagious. A choir of 10 to 13 out of a congregation of 50 is one example of the enthusiasm of our church. It feels more like a family gathering with lots of visiting and good fellowship between the formal worship at 9:00 and Sunday School at 10:30. Visitors are always welcome and expected to join right in.

An active United Methodist Women's group and United Methodist Men provides for the care of historic, 80 year old church structure and the many mission activities in which we are engaged. We join with other churches in the area by providing one of the evening meals each month for Trinity United Methodist Church's efforts to feed the needy. We are active in supporting Bidwell-Riverside Mission in Des Moines with our prayers, volunteer efforts as well as financially

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